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How to Balance Blogging Along With A Day Job & Family?

Do you struggle to do blogging along with your day job and family?

If you nod your head for my above question, then this beneficial post is for you.

It’s never easy being a blogger trying to juggle a full-time job with a family! Getting time to carry out the blogging tasks can be a challenge for the one with a day job and kiddo at home.

Blogging from home can be a wonderful blessing but it is easier to be distracted and tougher to stay focused and disciplined. As I have been work from home since 2010, I’ve really struggled a lot with my time management but I’ve learned a lot that has helped me to become more efficient and productive.

Thus, I’d like to share some helpful tips to manage blogging together with your day job and family.

Balance Blogging Along With A Day Job and Family

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6 Effective Tips To Balance Blogging Along With Family & Work

Here are six of my effectual time management tips to supervise blogging along with day job and family:

1. Arrange designated area to work

Creating a designated place to blog is more important to stay organized. If you work in a distracting medium, your valuable time will be worn out for sure. So, arrange a peaceful work area to let your creative juice flowing in your blog posts.

Arranging a distraction-free workspace is the preliminary step in time management for blogging.

2. Identify your productive time

You need to figure out what time of the day you open the ingenious mind of yours. It might be of early morning or pleasurable evening as you have a day job; anytime it may be! But I’d advise you to schedule your important tasks when you feel most productive.

Recognizing your most dynamic time would let you complete the complicated blogging errands without delay.

3. Make a prioritized list

Whether you’re earning a steady income with your blog or not, treat your blog like a regular job and set an easy to follow schedule. Write down exactly what you plan to do for your blog and arrange the responsibilities on priority basis.

Making a prioritized list for blogging is one of the best time managing strategies which would allow you to spend quality time with your family.

4. Use Timer and Productivity app

When you begin to do the blogging task, set and start the timer. Setting a time limit to finish the blogging undertakings would help to your to get the job done with more focus.  Also, you may install a list manager like Wunderlist to manage your time while working from home.

Keeping up the time by eliminating the productive killing (unessential social and email checking) activities is the most excellent way to balance blogging with the regular job and family.

 5. Implement batch processing

The top time management method for blogging is to focus to do one particular task at a time. If you wander one task to another task on the priority list, you’d lost your train of thought. So, follow a set of process in blogging like researching & keywords selection on Monday, writing and publishing post on Tuesday, commenting other blogs on Wednesday, Promoting blog posts Thursday and help other bloggers and practice methods to avoid blogging burnout on Friday.

Implementing the batch process in blogging would assist you to allocate time to do household tasks.

6. Work less on weekends

If you want to gain the balancing authority to control your blogging activities together with a usual job and busy family, really be your with family & friends and take the vacation. This is relatively a new time management strategy for me which lend a hand to stay fruitful at my blogging chores.

Working less on weekends would let you get support from your family and keep blogging forever.

Final Words

“We have to balance the many hats we wear in our lives”

Whether you’re a full-time blogger or a part-time blogger who has a day job, maintaining a healthy relationship with your family is vital as their support is indeed needed for your intense blogging career.

I’ve had a number of visitors ask me how I get time for my family when working on a day job, doing blogging and writing an insane amount of blog posts for my blogs. Hence, I thought to craft this blogging time management post for them.

I just want to say, I’m not perfect. But I’ve been getting better time to balance blogging besides my regular work and family.

I hope that my time managing blogging tips would help you to cope with your full-time job and family.

I’ve done revealing my secrets in making time for blogging and producing a ton! What are a few of your best time management tips for blogging? I’d like to get your wonderful views through comments.

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  • Hi Atish,

    Lovely post – one I can relate to, and perhaps you knew I’d hop in surely to comment on this one 🙂

    Yes, being homemakers, as a woman and mom – it’s not easy being all over, when you are also writing and blogging! But over time, we all learn to balance our lives and manage our time – I’d in-fact just recently written a post on the work-life balance tips on my blog too, if you’d read it!

    Your points are apt – having a set and quiet place to work, and deciding what times are your most productive ones, help a great deal. We all have to take up tasks based on priority and just leave the rest – take them up later, perhaps over the weekend (I still need to make mine totally free!)

    I’ve never used any timers, apps, or tools for anything – just didn’t feel the need to. I guess my Army background makes me a strict disciplinary…lol…so time management comes easy for me, but I know many bloggers need it, and if it helps us, why not used them.

    #5 also, wouldn’t work for me personally, as being a home-maker we do multi-task, and work non-stop when we get the time – especially morning hours when the kids are away! I guess even you wouldn’t actually be following this because of your job and maintaining things. Oh yes…weekends or just one day needs to be totally set aside for family – no compromises on that 🙂

    I think at the end of the day, we need to work around a routine that works best for us – learning the fine art of balancing our life with work is the key, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend 🙂

    • Yes Harleena,

      Balance should be in our life. Prioritizing things can work out well. As suggested in the post, do give time to all the things but in a balanced and prioritized manner and your are good to go.

      Thanks for coming by Harleena.

  • Thanks for revealing your blogging time management secrets Atish 🙂

    For me, managing blogging along with my household works & other family commitments is a hectic job. Most of my family members doesn’t know the meaning of blogging and its really tough to explain the blogging tasks.

    Moreover, they never understand that the blogging needs consistency. I face a lot of problems to blog these days, but my passion for writing & blogging let me take the time out to proceed them.

    Good to know your practical tips to manage blogging with family and day job. I agree with you that we should schedule the difficult tasks at the time when we stay more productive. Without a proper plan, it would hard to stand out from the crowd as the Blogosphere is getting crowded.

    I really like your batch processing tip Atish, will try to implement it. Yes, of course, we need to spend quality time with family on weekends and I’m already doing it.

    Thanks again for writing your time management strategies to do better blogging, keep writing for your loyal readers.

    • Thanks for coming by Nirmala and sharing your views on this topic.

      I really like to see harleena and you reading and commenting here because you are the women who have family and kids. who else can better understand the management and balancing life along with blogging.

      Great to see you guys here.

  • Hi Atish,

    Great tips for blogging from home! I like #2 the best because we do need to recognize when we can accomplish our most difficult tasks. I’ve done it myself and found out that the first thing in the morning works for me. After that, I sort of fizzle out.

    I do have a list and keep to it, but recognizing when we have the highest energy level and clearest mind is so important.

    Everyone is different. I see my husband working at night when he has the highest focus. During the day, he is doing other tasks.

    Although we do work together and don’t have any distractions besides our dogs, a daily DMO is required to get all the work done.


    • Its great that you both work together, nothing can be better than this when your partner is in the same business because it helps each other understand the work pressure and priorities.

      Glad you came here to read the post Donna.

  • Howdy Atish,
    Loved this post. Love the style of you writing. This post made me understand that making priority list is important to do which I like the most of all the points.
    Thanx for this post .

  • Hey Atish,

    This is a post that everyone needs! There are a lot of people that are in the same boat of not having enough quality time for blogging. Yes, blogging does take a lot of time, especially if you want to write attractive, quality posts, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!

    I really like #4 and #5. I don’t have a timer, but there are times where I’m get myself stuck on Youtube LOL…there’s so much great videos on them, but at the same time, I could be commenting and reading other blogs. #5 works best for me. I try to write a little something everyday on my blog, reply to comments, as well as read blogs, comment and share them. As far as reading blogs having a smart phone has it’s advantages. I can read them while at work during my breaks and lunch time.

    Thanks Atish for sharing! Have a great day!

    • Hi Sherman,

      Glad to see you here. Yes blogging takes a lot of time if you do really serious blogging.

      I am happy that you shared you views. About reading on smartphones, its really great. I have reduced my timing checking emails and replying from laptop.

      I make use of my Samsung galaxy S4 to check emails and replies. It helps me save some good time.

  • Making a priorities list is what I struggle with most of the time.
    Mostly I get lost in internet reading other blog articles and forgetting (You can say procrastination) my to do list often.

    But now I am following some rules 🙂 where I plan my content for the entire week. This way I make sure that I’ll not be suffering with the ideas for my new blog post and I can focus my other time on daily routine work.

    Thanks for sharing your time management tips.

    • Hello Satbir,

      Good to see you here reading my post. Use internet only when you actually require because it is very addictive.

      Reading is fine but this is not the only task a blogger need to do so spend your time accordingly on every task.

  • Very informative post Atish, after i started blogging i understand how difficult balancing between blogging, work and family, the key suggestions listed by you is definitely worth trying and will try..


  • Hi Atish,
    interesting post!

    I think #2 is the most important point.
    My productive time is during the morning, as I find in those hours very easy to increase the amount of things done.

    I also believe that organization is very important when working online.
    There are so many distractions, that we need to focus to avoid them.

    Thanks for the share, have a great week, mate!

    • Thanks for reading the post Erik.

      Always great to see you on my blog.

      For me the most productive time is of Night. I love to work in late nights as I feel no distractions.

      Keep Visiting.

  • Atish, I can say a lot about this, but I will avoid it as you’re the one who has more experience at this. You’re handling job, family and blogging all at the same time. I am not doing job, but then too managing blogging, studies and other stuff together sometimes is really very hard.

    Without proper work schedule, managing all things properly can really become very tough. Bloggers definitely need to maintain proper work-life schedule. I’m really surprise seeing some tech bloggers handling blogging, job and many other things together.

    If one wants to do multi-tasking in his life, then definitely he needs to do the right things at the right time.

    Atish, I hope that you’ll keep providing your guidance to bloggers regularly.

  • Brilliant topic you have posted here , this is very common that people maintain their blogs with jobs , this post will really help them.
    Initially it was troubling but then I had to do time management.

  • Hello Atish,

    I’m grateful that at least I’m one of the those lucky few who can claim blogging as a full time job and too young to have a child now. Hahaha!

    Thanks and please do have a great day.

  • Hello, Atish,

    What a lovely post, I couldn’t agree more.

    While I am working full time in my online business, I really resonated with your message.

    I completely agree for the need to have a designated work area because without this, it is near impossible to accomplish anything.

    I used to work in front of the TV, but it’s absolutely nothing but a distraction.

    I also agree with your mention of using timers. Having a deadline is absolutely critical for productivity, at least that’s the way I am.

    Thank you so much for sharing this excellent post. I really appreciate it.

    I hope your week is going well, and I will be talking with you soon.

    Take care,

  • I am a full time blogger, and first i must mention my parent’s name… Their supports help to to reach where i am… though i am a fulltime blogger, but i will say that anybody can easily maintain blogging with his/her day job along with family… a blogger should spend 2-3 hours per day for blogging. Its not a big time, even it helps to boost your earnings and make a better livings.

  • Hello Atish Bro, Thanks for your this Article and Really lovely and helpful for every one who are trying to do Blogging. As well you know that I am a Student of Class 10 that’s really hard for me to continue Blogging before read your This article. To be honest, Now, i get motive and got confidence that i can Continue my Blogging Carer .


  • Hey man, this is a great article.
    I recently dedicated an entire room so that I can work on my sites alone without any disturbances and am already seeing an increase in my productivity. Also working on the time of the day when you are most productive is the best advice for someone who works from home.
    Thanks for the amazing article, Atish!

  • Really you have sum up all your experience in this article. Thanks for sharing your experience. The tips number 5 I like the most. As we know human mind is capable of doing 1 work at a time. So we focus on multiple work at the same time it will be very difficult for us to maintain the efficiency in the work. Thanks again. 🙂

  • Blogging is a difficult task when you don’t have routine. How we work and maintain our family relations. i appreciate your effort and fully agree with your points.

  • Great post! Love # 3. Make a prioritized list – this may be your most important point. Treat it like brushing your teeth, an absolute priority until it becomes a part of you. When it becomes a habit it gets easier to come up with ideas and crank out material – as long as you’re blogging on a subject you know and care about.

  • This is not that easy, being a pa for a child of 3 years old who most of the time need you to play with and asks a lot from boht of us. You can’t concentrate and for suer you’re less productive. So, I prepfer to work when he is sleeping and most of te time at the weekend. Weekend? yes, which means much more fight with his mum and my mum . hhhhhhh 😉 but I am a stubborn person, I keep working doing my blogging and freelance. CHEEERS.

  • Blogger should also use schedule feature on their Dashboard to schedule their blog post which keep their blog with fresh content on a regular interval, I use this feature to automate most of my niche blog and it has being a good helping hand to my blogging career.

  • Hi Atish,

    This post made me think about my own time management. When someone has a full-time job and parental responsibilities, it is really hard to manage time efficiently for blogging.

    For managing my time efficiently, I give first preference for prioritising all the things I may have to do in a day. Then make a schedule accordingly. Since I am a part-time blogger, I may have to do some other work that have to be finished before starting to do something related to blogging.

    The bad thing about doing blogging as a part-time engagement is the availability of time for answering and following up the comments. Most of the time, we may get time to answer a comment but can’t be able to follow up in time when there are any more replies..

    Hoping to read more posts from your blog

    keep sharing.

    Have a great blogging journey ahead

    Reji Stephenson

    • Thanks for sharing your views about the time management Reji. It is always difficult to manage a lot of things at once but where there is will, everything seems easier.

  • Hi Atish,
    Its an wonderful post I have ever seen. I know its very difficult to maintain family and Blogging. It often create dilemma for writing blog. Thanks to share your post. I am a happy to read your post…..


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