Bad Blogging Habits You Should Quit in 2015

2014 is about to end in couple of days and as bloggers, we all are set to start new ventures and implement new ideas based on our learning throughout the year. Like any other human being, Bloggers do mistakes too and have many bad habits within them.

But the thing is, all the bloggers should take this seriously and start quitting all the bad blogging habits and get a fresh start in New Year 2015.

So why not welcome the New Year 2015 with a promise to quit all the bad blogging habits?

Isn’t it a great idea?

I think it’s a very good idea to quit those bad habits and do even better blogging to provide the best to readers.

Note: I am not saying that all the bad habits are in every blogger rather I am saying that different bloggers have different bad habits! And they should quit them ASAP.

Quit bad habits

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Okay so let’s discuss about those bad blogging habits which are mentioned below:

Writing Just for the sake of filling the blog

I have noticed over the years that many newbies and even experienced bloggers keep on posting so many articles in a day without thinking about what their readers want. They are only concerned to fill the blog with a lot of content so that they can get indexed in Google fast and ranking will come up BUT that’s not true. Frenzy posting won’t help if your audiences don’t like them.

Quit this bad habit today and start publishing only those blog posts which you think your readers will love to read and most importantly, you yourself love those particular posts.


This is one of the worst blogging habits a blogger can have. Inconsistency further leads to laziness which is well enough to kill your blog gradually. I always advocate the word “Consistency” because I have self experienced what this word means. Not just only in blogging but it requires everywhere in your professional career. Only consistent blogging can take you onto the path of success.

I somehow having this bad habit in myself for few of my blogs but as far as this blog (Techtricksworld.com) is concerned I and my partner Zainil Dedhia managed to maintain consistency for more than 4 years now!

So quit this bad habit today if you have it and start working everyday rather than doing a lot of work on one day. Do a little bit of work every day and you will notice gradual improvement in yourself as well as in your blog.

Not proofreading your posts

I was having this bad habit in me a year ago. Yes, till the last year I had this bad habit of not reading my post again and again before publishing which was one of the biggest mistakes of mine. Now when I read my older posts, I find how much mistakes I did in the past but I have already quit this bad habit and now, I think my blog posts are error free and easy to read, aren’t they?

Thus from my personal experience, I would like you to quit this bad blogging habit right now because it can ruin your blogging career as not proofreading leaves many mistakes in the post.

Checking your stats (Comments, Adsense earning, Traffic etc) multiple times a day

This is one of the biggest problems in newbies and even in experienced bloggers. Many of us keep on checking out stats like comments in moderation, Adsense clicks, Traffic of blog, share counts and many things multiple times a day. This is surely a big problem in many bloggers.

I confess that I am one of them who keep on checking these stats multiple times a day and I need to quit. I am promising myself and to my readers that I would be quitting this bad habit in the New Year for sure!

If you are having this habit, please quit it right now and give a fresh start to New Year with a promise to check the stats once in a day! It saves a lot of time yours which you can invest into some productive tasks.

Not Giving Credits even when it is required

At the time of writing blog posts, we use some quotes and images from different sources but many of us forget to give credit to the original author/owner which is a bad blogging habit.

I mostly use free images but still whenever it is required, I give credit to the original source.  This bad habit cannot be seen in many bloggers but it still exists among us.

We should quit this habit in 2015 and be kind enough to link to original source/author.

Wasting your quality Time

Bloggers have to use Internet and social media to promote their blog posts, connect to fellow bloggers but while doing these, most of the bloggers start spending a lot of time in chatting, finding money making secrets and these kinds of stuff which don’t prove to beneficial and you just waste your whole day for doing nothing.

Quit this bad habit because Time is money and you should invest it wisely and effectively!

These are few bad blogging habits many bloggers do have. Let’s consider it as New Year blogging resolution in which we all will quit these bad habits and have FRESH start in the New year 2015.

Happy New Year to all of you!

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  • Atish,

    A nice eye-opening post for the bloggers for this new year.

    I’d proudly say that I’m not having any of these bad blogging habits. Do you know the reason for this? I’ve been perfectly trained by my blogging mentor 😛

    Yeah, I came across many bloggers who write pointless blog posts, expecting more comments + shares for every blog posts, constant Adsense checking, involving unessential social media discussion and much more. These awful blogging activities should be avoided to stand out from the crowd and to attain grand blogging success.

    I’d like to add one more blogging mistake here! “Often publishing paid posts/guest posts” – it would ruin the health of the blog and thus publishing own blog posts in frequent manner would be good and aid to gain loyal readers.

    No one is perfect at the beginning stage, we made mistakes and learn from them. But, keep on doing the same mistakes and develop them as practice will destruct the blog for sure.

    I’m working on similar kind of new year post to provoke the bloggers to blog flawlessly. Thanks for writing this fabulous post for us, hope it would educate the bloggers to get rid of their bad blogging habits.
    Nirmala recently posted…6 Interesting Social Media Trends For 2015My Profile

    • Hey Nirmala,

      The mistake you have mentioned here is a really big mistake. I have seen it on popular blogs also.

      Hey Atish,

      This is a really good post bro. Proofreading posts is a really hard work for me. I know that, it is really important, but most of the time I don’t do it. I try to quit from that bad habit.
      Ranuka recently posted…30+ Best WordPress Plugins for 2015My Profile

    • Author

      Thanks for the comment Nirmala! Publishing paid posts is not a habit rather a requirement of bloggers to make money thus I have not mentioned in this list.

      Moreover, I am glad that you liked the post. Keep visiting.

      • Atish,

        I haven’t mentioned that the paid posts/guest posts are bad. I’ve specified “Publishing those kind of posts in a consistent manner” would be a bad blogging fault.

        No issues to visit your blog, I love it than MMF 🙂

  • ya your right Atish Ranjan it is must to quit bad blogging habit before december 31st 2014. let us have to share nice blogs with useful stuffs from 2015. and i wish u advance happy new year….. 🙂
    SatishW.R recently posted…How can you give your business a leg up in 2015?My Profile

    • Author

      Yes Satish,

      It will be good if we start the new year after quitting these bad habits. Advance wishes of new year to you too.

  • Hello Atish,

    I also admit that checking the stats of my blog is what I do usually, may be 3-4 times a day. And that takes a lot of time. So I have planned to give just an hour a day to engage, see ups and downs etc.
    Aditya Antil recently posted…Why there is a Need For Improving Web Design?My Profile

    • Author

      Thank you for reading my post Aditya,

      Yes checking the stats is really a time wasting habit which should be avoided. I am sure you can easily quit this bad habit.

  • Hello Gentleman ,

    Checking your stats (Comments, Adsense earning, Traffic etc) multiple times a day this is also my bad habit,
    so , now i will change it from now.
    and thanks for the suggetions.
    i just really loved this article. make like this meaningful posts in future.
    thanks for the share with us.

    • Author

      Hello Parth,

      That’s really a bad habit and I am sure you are going to quit it soon. right?

      Keep visiting to my Blog.

  • Thanks for this article.
    Awesome Article
    You shared your article and in turn i shared your blog 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    Yes, I see some of my friends filling the blogs… But I guess they need to also realize not to strain away their users so much. A reader can read a post per day but there are blogs and sites which post so much. But popular news sites and other such websites can definitely do that.

    I am myself very inconsistent and I will surely work on that this new year.

    Haha I used to check my stats a lot when I was completely new to blogging but nowadays I do opposite… I don’t give a damn to it after checking it once in every Morning.

    Yes, I waste my time chatting with fellow bloggers. 🙁 But I can’t help it.

    Thanks Atish for this wonderful post. 🙂

    Rohan Chaubey.
    Rohan Chaubey recently posted…3 Steps To Plan Your New Year Resolution And Accomplish ItMy Profile

    • Author

      Hi Rohan,

      I am happy that you liked the post. We all have both good and bad habits but we need to handle them wisely. As you have quit checking blog stats multiple time which is great. Congratulations for it.

      Keep visiting to my blog Mate.

  • thanks for sharing this beautiful post.
    for a newbie blogger like me its very useful.
    i found the same in me as well. wasting time and checking stats etc.
    its become a habit for me to check the stats regularly.
    i need to change some of the things in me and thanks for pointing it out on how to manage it.
    vinayak recently posted…Top best android wallpaper appsMy Profile

    • Author


      It seems there are many blogger who has common bad habit which is checking stats multiple times a day! I am not alone!

      Glad to know that you want to quit this habit. Keep visiting to my blog mate.

  • Checking the stats frequently is a sin that I too commit on a daily almost hourly basis bro! I really need to fix this habit and I agree with you that this is a vice that most of the bloggers have! This was a really awesome post bro, and wasting quality time on social media is another one of the major vices that needs to be tackled. 4 years is a long duration of time, all the best for the future too! 😀
    Aditya Nath Jha recently posted…Android lollipop arrives for Moto G 2013 GPEMy Profile

    • Author

      Hello Aditya,

      Thanks for reading my post!

      Checking stats is one of the bad habit most bloggers do have, in fact it is an addiction. I was also wasting a lot of time on social media last year but in 2014 I have avoided a lot and I was successful in it. I am set to d a lo of change in myself in the new year 2015.

      Happy New Year Bro. Keep Visiting my Blog!

  • Hi bro,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article with us.
    In 2014, i have done a lot of mistakes but from today onwards,
    I will quit these bad habits.
    Once again, Thanks! 🙂
    Subodh Kumar Sharma recently posted…UnoTelly SmartDNS and VPN Product ReviewMy Profile

  • Hi Atish,
    Inconsistency kills readership. You have to just believe that if you’re consistent, you will succeed.

    Karan Rawat recently posted…Technical Support For Small Business and Medium Enterprises!My Profile

  • Hi Atish,

    Dude, that’s a lot of bad habits! 😉

    Not proof reading was one I was guilty of in the early blogging days. But, at about post # 43 I started editing each past post and was astounded at some of the no-brainer mistakes I’d made.

    Happy New Year, and many more…

    • Author

      Hey Edward,

      Glad you are here reading my post on the last day of the year. Cool!

      Not Proofreading is a Sin 😛

      Happy New Year to you too mate.

  • Great post, Atish.
    I think we all would like to start 2015 with a new vigor and spirit, and would love to remain productive and motivated throughout the year but there comes times when one cannot run from unfortunate situations. But remaining true to yourself and your goals is what matters the most and only those people succeed ultimately in life.
    You have laid out bad habits quite well. Inconsistency and waste of time. I agree and confess i have committed these mistakes. But i also must say that standing back and learning from mistakes should be one’s top priority. I learnt from my mistakes and hopefully i would not repeat them in 2015.
    Best of luck to all fellow bloggers and Happy New Year guys.
    Arslan Shoukat recently posted…Top 10 Tallest Buildings of The World in 2015My Profile

    • Author

      Hello Arslan,

      We all learn from our mistakes so we should not be sorry if we made mistakes because collection of mistakes called experience.

      I am glad that you liked my post. Keep visiting mate. Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

  • Hi Atish,
    Really bloggers should avoid these bad habits. many of bloggers are very good content writer but they are avoiding major factor of success and following some bogus tips to gaining fast success.
    very good advice and writing skill is awesome 🙂

    • Author

      Hi Yogesh,

      Just content writing is not the complete blogging rather you have to be expertise of many things to be a good blogger. Of course good writing is a plus point.

      Thanks for liking my writing Yogesh but I am just a start up writer. Keep coming.

  • Two mentioned bad habits that i have is – 1. Sometimes i used to write article for the sake of an article and the second most dangerous one is my inconsistancy. Hope in this year I would get rid of any one of them. Keep it up atish.
    rakesh kumar recently posted…5 Must Have Content Locking WordPress plugins for Email List BuildingMy Profile

    • Author

      Hello Rakesh bro,

      Inconsistency should not be in blogging because it kills the blog gradually. Thanks for coming by bro.

  • Atish Ranjan,
    For Do something we try to quit from bad habits of blogging
    Thanks For guide

  • Some great tips and your first point is probably my biggest concern as well. I see many bloggers, especially ones who commit to a blog post per day do this time and again. Not only does this devalue their blogs but it will probably hurt them in the long run as well.
    Nishadha recently posted…5 Common SWOT Analysis Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemMy Profile

    • Author

      Hello Nishadha,

      Thanks for reading my post. Initially I was following the same too but this is somehow true for a news blog but adding more value to each posts is the most important thing.

  • thanks for awaring about the bad habits. Bloggers should avoid such bad habits

  • Checking my stats is my biggest problem! But it feels good to see it raising:)

    And I think if you really put effort in your article you will get great responses.

    Any way, great article and advice!

  • Good blog! I know that I am definitely guilty of this one 😉

  • Hi Atish,

    One big problem for me is to maintain consistency in writing. I have tried everything but I cant write consistently. Hope this year I will be able to mention that.:)

    • Author

      Great to see you back Imran!

      No need to say, I can see you inconsistency ha ha ha but I would like you to be consistent so that we can get awesome piece of writing to read.

      Glad you liked the post.

  • Hello Atish,

    Thank you so much for this awesome post. You have discussed those habits which are actually bad for a blog and a blogger also. Consistency is an important habit for a blogger and it’s a good habit also.My personal experience says that inconsistency can destroy a blog. Thanks again for this blog post.


    Moumita Ghosh

    • Author

      Thank you for reading the post Moumita. You are very correct about consistency, it is the most important things for a blogger.

  • Hello, Atish,

    The title of this post is excellent, and I just had to find out if I had any habits to quit!

    Inconsistency is a good one, and oh my – not proofreading posts is a real pet peeve of mine. If I run into too many errors, I click off because I feel like they do NOT value me.

    I check stats weekly, and find this schedule to be good for me.

    Yeah, not giving credit when attribution is required is pretty lame. However, I’ve seen the opposite, which is so annoying to me. Someone who uses images that do not require attribution and they go overboard and give it anyway, right at the end of an article where the call to action should be. It breaks up the flow of thought, in my opinion.

    Excellent article, and I will be passing this along…

    Have a great day.
    Carol Amato recently posted…Give Yourself an Advantage in 2015 – Business Makeover VideoMy Profile

    • Author

      Hello Carol,

      I am glad that you liked this blog post. Inconsistency kills! 😛 (Kills the blog :P). I was a blogger who never proofread his posts but since past year I have been doing it and not just once but multiple time, I am happy to say that I can get many things which can be changed in the article thus proofreading is the must do for every blogger and writer.

      Thanks for all the shares you have done for this post Carol. Have a nice week!

  • HI Atish !
    Thank you for sharing good ideas for professional blogging in 2015. Most of the newbies spend a lot of time in social media and kill their time for sharing their post, however, they should quiet this bad habit and stay for research purpose for their new blog content. I appreciate for your ideas.
    Sasto Nepal recently posted…Mercedes-Benz CLA-class CarMy Profile

    • Author

      Hello Nepal,

      From the next time please use your real name otherwise I will have to spam you!

      Glad that you liked the post and ideas. Keep visiting.

  • Oh man, my bad habit is definitly consistancy. I am probably the least consistant blogger I have ever met. I should be adding that to my 2015 objectives. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.

  • Hello Atish,

    What people like myself have to do is to read and apply. I’m guilty as well of one of those habits though and the best thing to do is to check that. Thanks Atish.

  • I have even more bad blogging habits except you have mentioned here. I check traffic states 10 times a day, check adsense earnings whenever I come online,

  • II have another big bad blogging habit. I keep changing blog title tag & meta tag frequently. And for that now google has penalised me. Now my new posts are indexed too late. Earlier it took max 1 hour, but now it takes 4-5 hours to index new posts. 🙁
    Mrinal Roy recently posted…Line Freecharge 2015 Offer | Earn Rs 60 Free Talktime for Sending Stickers in GroupsMy Profile

  • Hi There,

    Your right about not proofreading your posts. It’s very important to look it over fully and get that feel and look you want.


    Christopher Pontine

  • Dear Sir ,

    I am a regular reader of your blog from long time , i had also started my blog using , godaddy hosting , but the problem is that my sites load very slowly , kindly suggest me which hosting service is best and fast , and please also post a article on how to migrate your blog from one hosting company to another.

    Thank you very very much sir

  • I have the bad habit of checking Comments, Adsense earning and Traffic multiple times a day

  • All I can say “Wow”. A commendable job from your side. Nice article buddy we should try to ignore these bad blogging habits, thank you for posting.

  • i also always wasted time to check analytics. today i noticed its really wasting my will power. thanks for valuable info.

  • Hi sir,
    very helpful blog as i already said but I have a very important question.
    Can you please tell me If is it possible like if I have my current hosting at godaddy with the basic plan which offers only 30gb storage So, can i transfer my blog completely later on from godaddy to hostgator if i own a new hosting at hostgator? Can i transfer all of the content from one hosting website to another anytime ? please tell me is it possible so???? my present blog is at dprotricks.com Please guide me with a solution.

    • Author

      Hello Abrar,

      Yes, you can migrate one hosting provider to other at anytime. The process is quite easy. Everything will be transferred to new one.

  • I am glad that I didn’t have much bad habits in my blogging career…I am not an experience blogger but as a beginner I know that if any one wants to succeed in his or her life ..must use the correct path.. Wrong path may seems to be succesing but always ends in a failure..I am a regular reader of your blog .. Thanks for this blog..

  • Great post Sir,
    You’re Absolutely Right About Bad Blogging Habits.This post gives good insight on what we can gain from blogging. As a new blogger, we want to read positive things like this to keep us motivated.

    Thanks for the ultimate guide on blogging sir !!

  • Hello sir,
    great work, just a small question.
    If I change my hosting provider will it affect my SEO or page rank or anything like that?

    • Author

      Hello Debojit,

      technically it won’t affect your SEO if you migrate the site from old host to new one in a proper manner. Make sure your new hosting provider offers 100% uptime. More downtime may lead to problems in ranking.

  • Thank you so much for this awesome post. You have discussed those habits which are actually bad for a blog and a blogger also. Consistency is an important habit for a blogger and it’s a good habit also.My personal experience says that inconsistency can destroy a blog. Thanks again for this blog post.

  • a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this wonderful post.

    for an amateur blogger like me its exceptionally valuable.

    I found the same in me too. sitting around idly and checking details and so on.

    its turn into a propensity for me to check the details frequently.

    I have to change a portion of the things in me and a debt of gratitude is in order for guiding it out on how toward oversee it.


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