AVG Antivirus: The Best Free Antivirus App That is More Than Just an Antivirus

The two most important things in today’s world are evolving technology and security of the gadgets at the same time. When we talk about the security of technological gadgets, the term isn’t only restricted to the security from theft. It’s time we all connect the term security with the privacy of our accounts and devices as we are living in the 21st century and everything seems to be getting on the internet in today’s time. The security of gadgets, especially smartphones have been threatened so many times that Google started rolling out security patches for Android smartphones which are different from the usual operating system updates. These security patches help users in getting more secure and up to date with the latest security protection programs.

No matter what the phone manufacturer claims about security, you must be careful about the security as the online threats have been increasing with the technological advancements. And, nowadays, our smartphone is a gadget on which we use Internet Banking, use our social profiles, and save our personal photos and videos as well. Therefore, to keep them secure you need to secure your phone, and for that having a good Antivirus app is the most preferred choice. You will read next about the best antivirus program for your Android device.

Free Antiviruses for Android

If you make a search on Google Play store for free Antiviruses, you will get a long list out of which few are really good. One of the best ones on the list is AVG which is absolutely free to install.

Kaspersky, Avast, McAfee, CM security and many others are the most trustworthy ones as well but the problem with many of these is that all of the features are not free. Yes, one would give you protection from viruses; other would give you browsing protection and so on. But what you need is one app that gives you all round protection, and AVG fits the best for your Android device.

AVG Antivirus Free for Android

AVG is a reliable name when it comes to computer security so it was obvious that the brand would carry its legacy over to the Android platform and oh boy, they have done it in style. Let’s see how AVG Antivirus App for android outshines other free antivirus applications available.

  1. Free to Download

The first most amazing thing about the AVG Antivirus App is that it is completely free to download and use. Yes, AVG does offer a pro version of their application but you will be glad to know that you can still do a lot even with the free version which makes AVG one of the best free Android security options available in the market.

  1. User Interface

An application with a lot of sophisticated controls or user interface isn’t a user-friendly application and AVG developers know the exact thing and that is why they have given one of the simplest user interfaces that we can ever find in an antivirus application. When you launch the application the first thing you will observe in the application is the giant scan button along with four small buttons which offer additional features like privacy control, anti-theft and so on.

  1. Scanning

The core purpose of having an antivirus in your device is scanning the device at regular interval to find out if there are threats. Not just normal scanning but thorough scanning is what the users expect and AVG doesn’t seem to betray its users. One of the great things about AVG Antivirus app is that it will not end up scanning the most obvious folders of your device but instead, it will scan every folder, every file that is present in your device. AVG Antivirus app also let the users know if the applications that are installed on their devices are safe or not.

  1. Extensive security

Security from harmful viruses like Trojan, Malware is a different thing and securing the device to make it hackproof is different. The reason why AVG is considered as one of the best free Android Security options is because of several types of security methods and measures that it provides in its free application. Users will be extremely happy to know that AVG Antivirus App will not only help them remove threats from their phone but will also let them secure their Wi-Fi connection. This is a great tool as it helps us in not only making the connection secure for us but also other gadgets that are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

  • App Lock

The security is not only limited to protection from external sources as you can also bump up the security of the applications you have installed on your device. Users can set up application lock for their applications that they don’t want others to open or see in their absence.

  • Vault

The Vault in the AVG Antivirus app is a cool feature which allows users to put their private files like pictures, documents, music, videos and much more in a hidden folder which will be password protected. This is so secure that users cannot even see the files when connected to the computer.

  • Call Blocking and App Backup

A lot of spam calls are made now a day and that is why AVG has included the call blocking feature in their application. You can block any number as you like to be able to live tension free.

App backup is yet another brilliant feature as when users are formatting their devices or changing it, they can take the backup of all the files and folders but taking the backup of application and its data becomes difficult. AVG definitely comes to the rescue here as it allows users to take the backup of your applications and its data so that you can carry on using the application just like old times.

  1. Anti-Theft

This is the feature that should make you download the application for sure and this feature also makes it one of the best free Android Security options out there. There are times when we end up losing our smartphone or it gets stolen and we are forced to go to the police to file a report against the device, which never really comes back. Well, AVG antivirus app will let you set up the anti-theft option in which you get a lot of perks.

  • Ability to locate your device

It is an excellent feature which lets you locate your device whenever you want. The location shown on the maps is real time and make sure you give AVG the permission to access your location.

  • Camera Trap

What makes AVG Antivirus App one of the best free Android Security Options available is the camera trap function. In this, AVG servers will send you the picture that will be captured using the front camera along with the exact location of the device when someone fails to unlock your device 3 times in a row. It is a splendid feature and is currently not found in any of its competitors. This will not only help us in locating the device but we can also have the picture of the supposedly thief who managed to get his/her hands on our beloved smartphone.

  • Wipe or ring your device (Remotely)

If these security features weren’t enough then AVG will even let you ring your device at the highest volume remotely. All you need to do is log into their web portal using your registered email and password and that is it. Logging into your AVG account will also let you wipe your data completely if in case your device gets stolen.


In the world we live, most of our sensitive data are stored on our phone or computer. Thus, making them secure must be the first priority. When it comes to the phone, you have to be very cautious to keep it safe and secure to keep your data, private photos, passwords, etc. safe. AVG antivirus app is the best choice as it is free yet fair enough to offer your phone the best security from viruses, malware, spyware, etc.

Above all, AVG has been a big name in antivirus industry for more than a decade, and it is trusted by a huge number of people around the world.

You should get it for your phone as well and stay safe.

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    • Hello Shailesh,

      Free ones are good too. But it completely depends on your requirements. If your requirements are high you should go for pro version. Otherwise, the free AVG app is doing well. I am personally using it.

  • Hi Atish,

    AVG is one of the best Antivirus that I have been using for my PC & I never faced any issue and problem with it but if talk about AVG Antivirus as app so it also one of the best Antivirus app for smartphone.

  • I really like AVG AntiVirus Free version. It was easy to install and has all the features you’d expect from any antivirus program you’d pay for. Thanks for the detailed post.

  • I have Taken the Licenced version of Avg Antivirus .But I’m Facing Problem By using this Avg My System is Slow Down after installing this Avg what the Solution to faster the System.

    • Hello Kaleem,

      As per my experience, almost all antivirus slows down your PC a bit. When it comes to AVG it doesn’t slow down much. There might be different reasons of slowing down. You should check all factors that slow down the PC, and then try fixing them one by one.

  • Please tell me that AVG free antivirus can protect our PC & mobile properly or not. Can you provide me the link of AVG antivirus?

    • Hello Nancy,

      Links are given in the review. Please check again. And, yes, AVG does a great job to protect PCs and Mobiles.

  • hi, i am using avg antivirus in my pc for more then one year, but today i have read more useful features of avg antivirus, and my thinking is that in smartphone their is not any need to install any antivirus, but this article prove me wrong , and now i am gonna download avg antivirus in my smartphone also. thanks a lot for this useful content.

  • Hi Atish,

    Don’t you think having an antivirus makes phone slow? Because earlier, I had installed some antivirus that made my phone like a turtle scrolling.

    Since then, I don’t believe in any antivirus, but AVG has it’s name, I would love to check it out.

    Anyway, you have written an amazing article.


  • Great post Atish,
    AVG is indeed an amazing anti-virus app. I am using it for a while and found it very useful especially its app-backup and anti-theft feature.

    • Hello Manish,

      There are many which are good. I am using Avast, and it is working fine. I have used AVG and it did good job as well.

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