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Audials One 2019 Review

Remember the good old days when we used to have those homemade audio tapes? We used to record practically everything that we engaged in. The concept of blank cassettes and recording your important activities was indeed fun. Audials One brings those memories back, but this lets you record anything you want from several online sources. The service has recently upgraded to the new version labeled Audials One 2019. How does the software feature and what new options has it brought up? Let us check out in finer detail.

What is Audials One?

Well, Audials One is one of those versatile tools that lets you download your favorite music from a wide range of services and radio stations. Technically speaking, we would consider the software to be a capable streaming recorder. You can use it to listen to and record the internet radio stations while you record your favorite tracks.

Audials one 2019

The software is one of the best if you are looking for a rapid and legal option for music retrieval. It can monitor thousands of internet radio stations and keep looking for the best sources for Internet music. In essence, you can be assured of getting your favorite music faster, and in excellent quality and all these tasks go on automatically.

Audials One 2019 – What are the features that it offers?

Audials One has been one of the most preferred options for all of us who know its worth. However, the newest 2019 version has brought a few features that make it even better.

Of course, if you are someone who is coming to Audials One for the first time, you are likely to be overwhelmed with the interface, especially the home page. We would have loved the simpler interface. However, we find a little simplification compared to the previous version.

Music streaming and recording

If you are a music lover, Audials One 2019 should be the best you can go with. It is well integrated with the cream of the global music genre, and a few examples include YouTube, Spotify, and Deezer. The latest 2019 version now makes it easy to search through Spotify if you are looking for some good music. Moreover, you can be assured of a good quality of audio files at 320 kbit per sec.

The pre-sets offered in the new version should make it a formidable choice for most of your needs. The software can select the pre-set automatically depending upon the source of the audio and other factors. Even with YouTube, the software can find the best audio tracks so that the quality is maintained. You can also convert a video into an audio by entering the link for the same.

The software also works efficiently with the newly launched YouTube Music as well. The search experience offered by Audials One 2019 also offers a wide range of support for Chart, a genre, an artist, a track, or a radio station.

Movie Streaming

This is another area that Audials One 2019 excels in. The new tiled view for the video streaming services is yet another added advantage. You also have a tiled view for the recording configurations.

In essence, you stand to gain the following advantages –

  • An extreme quality when you are recording the movies directly.
  • Direct download options for YouTube
  • A new mode introduces the options for preconfigured functionality for most of the streaming services.
  • The service also comes with a music bot for an enhanced performance for automatic downloading from the services like YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and other internet radio stations.

Support for TV services

The television support has received an enhanced performance for low powered devices. Audials One 2019 now supports a wide range of international TV stations. Currently, the service has support for over 150 TV channels from across the globe.

The full screen functionality now provides you a smoother performance and a high quality TV viewing experience even on a low profile device.

What are the changes in Audials One 2019?

One of the major overhauls has been in the realm of the interface. The earlier interface that Audials One offered prior to its 2019 versions was a little confusing and overwhelming. You no longer need to search for the options in the toolbars, but they can now be found through a right click option.

The music function has found a new improvement. All the music services have been combined into one single service and included in the Music tab. The Music TV has been combined with the Television services. A Copy DVD option has been added in the Converter option.

Audials One 2019 now supports direct YouTube downloading. You can now download multiple video links in one go. Audials will download all the links at once. Moreover, you can be assured of the best available quality. The quality of direct downloading has also improved. It now uses the adaptive streaming functionality of streaming services.

A few other special features worth mentioning

Apart from the best features offered by the service as explained here above, Audials One 2019 provides you access to a few great features. Some of them are

Universal Converter

The converter lets you convert a host of services right away with ease and simplicity. You can now convert the audiobooks – no matter how longer within a few minutes. In fact, this is made possible through the use of audiobooks and their libraries as a virtual CD drive. The software uses the virtual burning technique to save audiobooks in MP3 in top possible quality.

It supports up to 40 different audio formats and should meet all your exact needs. You can even opt for the expert Configuration option for an enhanced performance and access to a wide range of file formats. This can be achieved by configuring the codec, medium, bitrate, and frame rate. This can be helpful in ensuring that the file can be played on any device, irrespective of the screen size and the lower specifications.

Podcast Support

One of the features we loved the most with Audials One 2019 is the ability to record the podcasts. You can easily find and record the podcasts with ease and simplicity. You can just type in your search query for the podcast or choose to enter the exact title if you know the title.

It should be one of the best and incredibly simple service and a convenient one at that. You can easily download the latest episodes of a podcast automatically.

The Concluding Thoughts

Audials One 2019 is indeed the best recorder you can ever think of. It does offer you multiple functionalities. Listen or record the internet radio stations, stream your audio files or movies while recording them or even convert any of your files into multiple formats – in short, it is the means for every sort of Internet recording.

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab any of the protected or unprotected media file from the internet and enjoy it on any of the devices you want to – including TV, laptop, desktop or even on your smartphone. Opt for it today and share your views with us.

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