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Asus ZenFone 2 Z3580: Must know Pros and Cons

Asus started its journey with a motherboard. The company grew, and now, it is considered as a key player in the PC & Laptop market.

After the grand success in making laptops and PCs faster and advance, Asus is trying hard in making its presence in the smartphone market as well. The company launched the ZenFone Series last year under which it introduced three different models.

All three models, Asus ZenFone 4, Asus ZenFone 5 & Asus ZenFone 6 were a big hit and are still in demand. Thanks to cut-throat pricing and superb performance, Asus ZenFone series become one of the most successful series for Asus. So, to cash on to the success of this, Asus is back again with yet another series by the name Asus ZenFone 2.

The number of phones in the market is increasing day by day, and it becomes very confusing which one to buy. The competition is so tough that every brand is trying to come up with something unique and innovative.

ASUS ZenFone 2 has four variants:

  1. Z3560 1.8GHz/16GB/2GB
  2. Z3560 1.8GHz/32GB/4GB
  3. Z3580 2.3GHz/32GB/4GB
  4. Z3580 2.3GHz/64GB/4GB

I have specifically reviewed Asus ZenFone 2 Z3580 2.3GHz/32GB/4GB in this post.

asus zenfone 2

The phone has already created a lot of buzz and hype as it is the first phone in the market to boast 4GB of RAM. How good is Asus ZenFone 2Z3580 and what all things it lacks, I’m going to list the top five pros and cons of this Asus phone.

Pros of Asus ZenFone 2Z3580

1. 4 GB of RAM

Just a few months ago, no one could have even imagined that a phone can have a 4GB of RAM. Asus created a lot of hype and buzz when it announced that ZenFone 2 will have a 4 GB of RAM. The phone is a pure powerhouse in terms of performance, and the highest model features a 2.3 GHz Quad Core Intel Atom Z3580 processor.

I experienced flawless performance with no lag & stutter at all. Hence, I would say that you can play any high-end graphics game on this beast without any lag but it gets warmer.

2. Looks & Design

The look and design of the Asus ZenFone 2 Z3580 may be a pro for me; it might be a con for many users. I felt that the best part of the design is the part below the display. The concentric circles, the trademark of Asus products, on the front bottom side, give the phone a premium look.

Asus zenfone 2 backside

I would like to list the 2 types of gesture modes of this attractive gadget:
1. Wake up mode – With a double tap, you can sleep and wake the screen of the device.
2. Suspend mode – Double tap the screen to wake it and just you need to draw the letters W, S, E, C, Z and V on the screen to launch the default apps Browser, Messages, Email, Camera, ASUS Boost and Phone respectively.

With these gestures, you can access the different programs in a quick manner.

The screen size 5.5 inches is suitable for media and to play games. This multi-touch IPS capacitive touch screen has the Gorilla Glass 3 protection with the resolution 1080 X 1920 pixels that looks better than the Alcatel phones but not that much attractive as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge AMLOD screen.


Even though the brightness with the auto settings is a little dull, you can do manual settings to make the impressive display.

The phone has no buttons on any side as the volume rockers are placed on the backside of the device. I thought that it is just a replica of LG G series. Moreover, the power button is placed on the top that is very difficult for me to use. It would have been better if it were placed at the back of the device. i.e. just below the volume button of the gadget.

The new positioning of the buttons may not be liked by many users but, once when you get used to it, it will make your phone experience much better.

3. Battery

The device is backed up by a 3000 mAh of a battery that is non-removable. The best part of the battery is its charging. It can last up to one day with one single complete charge. Also, Asus ZenFone 2 Z3580 boasts of super-fast charging and can get completely 100% charged in just an hour or so.

I just want to compare the battery charging feature of ASUS ZenFone 2 Z3580 with Moto X Play. Both have almost same battery capacity and turbocharging feature to charge quickly. Unfortunately, the Moto X Play isn’t boxed with the turbocharger but I got it for the ASUS phone to charge in a fast manner.

4. Zen UI

Almost every smartphone brand tries to come up with their version of Android where they tweak Android by adding/removing few things. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Asus’s own Zen UI feels fresh and new. I believe that the features like Smart Group Functionality, inbuilt App Lock makes the UI much more useful.

Besides, it is more likely to customize the interface with the built-in theme engine that can be used to modify the entire look and feel of the home screen. You may also use the third party icon packs from the Google Play store.

5. Low SAR Value

Here comes the primary upside of Asus ZenFone 2 Z3580!

SAR value

Yes, it has a low SAR Value of 0.351 W/Kg. Let me explain the benefit of having the phone with low SAR value. SAR [Specific Absorption Rate] calculates the amount of radiation absorbed into the head while talking on the phone. Higher SAR value phones may cause the risk of cancer and thus the lower the SAR value, the safer is the phone.

Comparison of SAR values:

Comparison of SAR Values (Head)

Cons of Asus ZenFone 2Z3580

1. Plastic Body

While every smartphone company is trying to come up with a metallic body or metallic edges, Asus ZenFone 2 still features a plastic body. Although, it’s not cheap plastic, , I can sense that the phone could have been a masterpiece if it featured a metallic body.

2. Camera

The camera of the phone attracted so much hype. But, it seems that it is only the hype, and the reality is bit different. The phone features a 13 MP camera with auto –focus & dual LED flash. No doubt, the camera is good, and I much adored the panoramic selfie option along with the touch focus and face detection feature. But, the expectation for the camera was very high, and it doesn’t live up to it.

Asus ZenFone 2 Z3580 camera options

I identified that the camera clicks decent pictures even in low light but, there are phones in the close price range like OnePlus One, Xiaomi Mi 4i, and Lenovo Vibe Shot can shoot the sharper, brighter and better low light images than ASUS ZenFone 2.

The camera of ASUS ZenFone Z3580 supports GIF animation mode with which I’ve captured a GIF image.

gif image from Asus zenfone 2 camera

The camera has Panorama mode that allows you to create Panoramic shot by combining multiple shots together into one large picture. Panorama mode is mainly used when you want to capture comparatively wider area. During taking the panoramic shot you must hold you phone properly otherwise the photo can be overlapped something like the photo you can see below which was taken by our TTW Mumbai Team:

panorama selfie

In simple words, I would say that the image quality is not commendable and thus I wouldn’t recommend this gadget to any phone freak, especially who respects the high-quality photos.

3. No 3G connectivity for the second SIM

Yes, you read that right. Asus ZenFone 2 is a dual SIM phone where one SIM supports 4G and the second SIM doesn’t even support 3G. We are moving toward 5G and having a phone that doesn’t support 3G when needed is a big issue in Asus ZenFone 2.

4. Lot of Bloatware

This one is really a con as you will get a lot of bloatware with the device. if you use the phone and you will see that Asus has filled the phone with many of its own Apps that are almost useless until and unless you are a hard core Asus Fan. This bloatware causes unwanted lag in the phone; however, you can hide/get rid of them.

5. Heating Issues

The phone did get warmer when I played the high-end games. This is one of the downsides of ASUS ZenFone Z3580. Moreover, the heating issue was still continued when I was testing the several camera options and charging the device as well.

Final Verdict

There are an only limited number of phones that offers excellent performance and are easily affordable. Asus ZenFone 2 Z3580 is surely one of them.

I will not say that this is the best phone in the market but, it is surely close to being the best.

There is no doubt about the performance of the device as it delivers excellent performance without any lag or stutter but, at the same time it features a plastic body.

The camera is also a plus point of the phone as it has a variety of options to shoot the images but, the image quality is not good.

However, the device comes with a dual LED flash and supports geo-tagging feature. It doesn’t fail to boast the gyroscope feature like Moto X Play and hence, you could put the 360 degrees magic into your images with the third-party app like Camera360 Ultimate.

Overall it is a good phone at the price, except for the camera which is mediocre. So, I shall recommend Moto X play 32 GB, dual SIM version (except for the SAR) over ZenFone 2.

Now, you know all about the device. I’ve revealed the pros as well as cons to make this post an honest review of Asus ZenFone2. It’s totally your choice now whether to go with the device or not.

All the Pros and Cons are mentioned based on my experience with this phone. You may have different experience. I would like to hear from you if you have some different experience and opinion about this smartphone.

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What is your opinion about this ASUS ZenFone 2 Z3580 Smartphone? Let me know through the comment section.

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  • Great post, actually asus phone looks so stylish but my friend also said some drawbacks in this.thanks for updating us & keep posting Dedhia….thank you.

  • Hi Zainil,

    It’s great to read your in-depth post on Asus Zenphone 2. The way you’ve crafted the post according the pros and cons of the device is simply superb. I appreciate you efforts in comparing the phone with its rival in a nice manner.

    Nice to know that it boasts 4GB RAM, excellent design and battery capacity, but I was shocked while reading your experience with the camera.

    Your gif image is nice, thanks for writing this unbiased review for us.

  • Hey, Zainal

    Nicely written mate. You have reviewed the phone in a brief and informative manner. Also, the phone you have reviewed is indeed one of the best phones in its price range.

    The phone has a whooping 4GB of RAM, sports a handy design and delivers very high performance. Once again, nicely done Zainal. Have a great week ahead!

    – Rohit

  • Very nice article! Now I think I should get this phone. It looks so damn great and its also very budget phone. So much features in a such low price!! Its really amazing I think its better than the iPhone 5S both in price and features!!!

  • Hey Zainil ..
    I love reading reviews of different smartphones but this time i am looking for a good review on asus phone as i m planning to buy one. With No Doubt, the best constraint is 4 GB ram but i cant go or a phone with a low quality camera.
    In this range, I would prefer a good camera quality.

    Well, Thanks for such Informative post. Keep reviewing latest smartphones.

  • HI jainil, i ahve also used Asus zenfone 2 but i am not satisfied with that specially for camera and Display quality. it has 13MPix camera but Picture quality poor than other branded 13mpix camera and display slightly dull.

  • Since I’m an Android developer, I’m really stuck because of low of RAM memory on my own device. I think I should buy a new one. Thanks for the review of the phone, I think I’ll consider it for buy it or maybe I should compare it with another android device.

  • hey Zamil
    a very good, informative and in-depth review of asus zenfone 2. Alike all the phones it too has pros and cons but the only phone with 4GB RAM yet. And this feature has got many of the smartphone users to upgarde to asus zenfone 2. Currently I use asus zenfone 5 and I’ve no issues with it except that it battery drains quite fast with the passage of time 😉

  • Nice review zainil, Asus has come up with some really nice smartphones in various budget ranges.

    Also I was shocked to read about SAR, is it really cancerous????? I am doubting this because, since the government has restricted to the limit of 1.6 thus SAR lower than 1.6 should not be cancerous, right?
    Moreover I am using MotoX Play, and it has SAR of 0.8 and not 0.494, I guess there is a typo in your graphical image.

    • Hi Akshay,

      High SAR value causes health issues, but Asus’ SAR a value is quite good so no issues. We will check for the Moto X play SAR value, and will correct if it is wrong.

      As far as know, there are different SAR values for different models such USA, EU. Also, head and body SAR value looks to be different.

      I saw this http://www.devicespecifications.com/en/model-sar/dd8b3569 and there I can see different SAR values for same phone.

      Thank you for coming by Akshay.

      • How do you rely on the site that you have mentioned? It’s not the official site of Motorola, nor does it seems to be an authority site of any regulatory.

        0.8 is the head SAR that I mentioned, n I told you because I am using this device.

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