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Apps To Throw Off Your Bad Habits

bad_habitsSmartphones are ready to help you in all aspects and even to throw off your bad habits. Since we are living in the age of smartphones, there is no wonder that the apps would lead you to break terrible habits. Yes, I come with a set of useful smartphone apps to get rid of your poor habits and to manage your life better.

Do you want to be more energetic, start to eat & sleep better, quit smoking or stop biting your nails?

No matter what your bad habit is! Try the suitable smartphone app to kick it.

Incredible apps to quit your bad habits

1. Nexcercise – To get rid of Laziness

Nexercise is the best fitness app for lazy people. With this motivational app, it is possible to shed your pounds and reach health goals by getting constant motivation to do exercise. This is the perfect inspiration app for any diet or weight loss program and it has been featured on some popular websites like Shape magazine, Huffington Post, Reuters and so on. Through this app, you could play games with your friends, earn rewards and track your fitness progress.

For Android Users

2. Fooducate – To avoid overeating

Fooducate would prevent over eating by looking beyond your calorie and helps you to eat tasty and healthy food. It scans the barcode of the product to check its nutrition grade and suggests healthier alternatives for you to eat. As it teaches you to eat for health, you could personalize this nutrition app to avoid eating too much and make better food choices.

For Android Users

3. Stop Nail Biting – To stop nail biting

If you have bad habit of biting your nail, you could make use of this fitness app. Some people believe that the nail biting habit is a good way to relieve stress or tension, but they would feel bad in social and professional situations. This excellent app contains some practicable tips to combat your nail biting habit. Additionally, it has a photo diary to record your progress and hypnosis audio with male or female voice to change your nail biting habit.

Useful Android App

4. Kwit – To quit smoking

Kwit would help you to quit your smoking habit with its game design techniques. It encourages you to stop smoking and you could reach higher levels & ranking to become ultimate Kwitter. It has 60 achievements for you to unlock and if you reach some level, you’ll get some beneficial information about stopping smoking. When you hunger to smoke, you could shake your phone to draw a motivational card which would help you to avoid lighting up and feel better.

Useful Android App

 5. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock – To have better sleep

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is an intelligent app which would help you to avoid over sleeping habit. This is top paid app in many countries as it wakes the people in their lightest sleep phase. It has sensitive accelerometer to check your movement during sleep and finds the optimal time to wake you up. Having high-quality alarm melodies, providing detailed sleep stats and integration of heart rate monitor & customizable wake-up window are some its best features which would let you to have better sleep.

Useful Android App

6. Mint – To get escape from overspending 

Millions of people using this Finance app, Mint. As it allows you to track and manage your money at one place, you could make use of this app to get escape from overspending practice. After adding your bank and loan details here, your transactions will categorized automatically and you’ll get bill remainders, alerts and advices. You could also set financial goals and track cash spending with this app. Out of all, it is an easy, safe and secured app to monitor your cash flow.

For Android Users

7. Brush DJ – To follow dental care

Are you sluggish in following a systematic dental care? If so, Brush DJ app is for you to drop your improper dental maintenance. Yes, this is an award winning app developed by a dentist to prevent gum disease, tooth decay and to get fresh breath. With this useful app, you could set reminders to brush twice a day, flossing/using mouth rinse if needed, dentist visit etc. It also has some short animated videos to carry out the oral hygiene tasks. 

8. Home RoutinesTo stay away from messy work at home

If you have a bad habit of keeping your home disorganised, use Home Routines app to maintain a systematic house. It take charge of your recurrence household jobs by creating routine checklists, insist you to complete them on chosen days, reminder notification and give appreciation gold star for each completed work. It has built in timer to discover the speed of cleaning, built in to do lists and daily message option to plan your cleaning pattern. As this app is easy to use and customizable, you could throw away your bad habit of maintaining messy home through it.

Useful Android App

9. I Can Be Fearless – To ward off worries

Are you worrying or getting demotivation for trivial things? I hope “I Can Be Fearless” app would help you to get rid of this bad habit. It is an anxiety app which has some quality audio files to relax your mood. Moreover, you could get 20 free products with this app to sleep better and to overcome fears & phobias. Learning state of the mind gets activated with this app and hence it would have deep understanding to change. Thus, you could ward off your loneliness and sorrow with this amazing app.

Useful Android App

10. The Habit Factor – To improve  habits

The Habit Factor would help you to develop necessary habits to achieve your goals. It features Habit Alignment Technology and hence it has ability to strengthen habits over time using custom tracking periods. Many top coaches have praised this productivity app and it has been featured on various famous websites like NY Times, Mashable, Lifehacker etc. It would motivate you to improve your habits with its clean interface, to do lists, tacking notes and charts.

For Android Users

My Final words

Smartphone market has marked an unbelievable development in last decade and its applications are helping people in variety of ways to lead a better life. We all have bad habits and looking for a good way to break them. We carry our smartphone all the time with us and why don’t we use it to do this task?

I hope that my list of smartphone apps would aid you to drop your poor habits. What do you think about the listed apps? Are they really beneficial? What habit do you want to quit? Which apps are going to throw off your bad habits? Discuss with me about these matters through your comment. 

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  • Unique informative tech post Atish 🙂

    I am surprising with these apps on how it helps to get rid of our bad habits. But after reading its description, I understand its ability to lead a better life.

    I am happy to say that am not having any of the bad habits which you’ve listed here. But I feel that it would be good to have the “Sleep cycle alarm” app to have better sleep. I am sleeping less and I know that it is not good for my health. So, will try to install this app.

    Thanks for writing this useful post Atish, i love your unique blogging ideas 😛

  • Hi Atish..!
    First of all thanks for the information, it’s really helping to get rid of such habits, i really liked your description about “Stop Nail Biting” and “Home Routines”. Actually i’m addicted of Nail biting.. 😉 n mostly i do it unintentionally, but it looks like you did your home work before writing about the apps and it really looks likes you were just describing my habits. thanks for the info. Big thumb for you. GOD Bless you 🙂

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