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Apps That are Lifesavers for College Students

Most university students are proficient in using innovative gadgets to facilitate their studies. They also make use of mobile apps not only for entertainment but also for studying and organization.

In today’s world of technology, why wouldn’t they use resources they have available?

 Apple and Android both provide hundreds of apps and programs that are informative and quite handy. Hopefully, you’re familiar with these must-haves apps, and if you aren’t, you’re missing out. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most helpful apps to help you study, manage your finances, and your overall health. Once you start using them, you wonder where they’ve been all your life.

Study Helper Apps

Studying in college can be overwhelming – it’s so easy to get lost in ideas and notes, or your social media feeds while taking a break. These study apps help by providing tools for making flashcards, mind maps, and everything else. Choose the one suitable for your learning style and increase your efficiency while going over your notes.

  1. RefMe

This handy app helps you create citations for your essays. It uses your camera to scan the barcode of a book and cite it as a source in many formats, including MLA and APA.

  1. Evernote

If you want to have all of your notes in one place, Evernote allows you to do so in any format available, including text, images, audio, and scanned documents. It works as both a study and organization app.

  1. StudyBlue

Users can upload study materials with StudyBlue. Plus, some tools let you create quizzes and flashcards, which you can share with others.

  1. Dragon Dictation

All you need to do is turn on the app and start talking. It will tape and convert all you say, allowing you to paste the content into any other app. It’s also handy for recording a lecture if you’re not big on writing notes.

  1. Office Lens

Another useful tool for poor note-takers, this app converts pictures of boards, magazines, and books into editable texts. It can read images from an angle and can also clean up shadows and glare.

  1. GoConqr

GoConqr boasts a massive selection of quizzes, flashcards, slides, mind maps, and notes. It enables social learning, too, with the functionalities that let students collaborate with classmates.

  1. Google Drive

Finally, we can’t fail to mention this staple for all students. Google Drive allows you to store all documents online, keeping your resources safe. It is excellent for both offline work and collaboration with your fellow students on various documents.

Money-Tracking Apps

Saving money while you’re in school is important, to allow you to have money to spend on weekend trips or emergencies. More than half of university students end up taking out loans to afford their tuition and ever-rising costs. 

A loan can cover some of your living expenses, but today, most students get a job to make ends meet. Your hard work can go to waste if you’re not carefully budgeting, though. Let’s take a look at some apps to help you manage money and balance your books much more quickly.

  1. Wally

Wally is the number one app for keeping track of your finances. It records your income and expenses, bills, and everything else on the go. It also allows you to add monthly memberships to your budgets, such as your Netflix or Spotify accounts. 

The app displays insights into your spending habits and much more to help you develop a better plan.

  1. Mint

If you don’t like the previous choice, Mint is a simpler alternative. This money management app shows all your finances in one place and tracks your spending habits. 

It is a smart tool for budgeting that will make suggestions based on your goals. Plus, there are some useful tips for mastering spending, saving, and credit.

  1. Venmo

Venmo is a bit different than these two apps above. It is a handy time-saver that eliminates having to go to the ATM to get money. All you need to do is link your bank account to the app, and you’ll be able to send payments on the go. 

Your parents or employer can also send you money using it, and you get to transfer it to your bank account in no time.

  1. ShinePay

This laundry pay app is a bit niche, but it can be a life-saver for busy students. It helps save time and money by finding the nearest laundromats, and it allows you to pay them using your phone. 

Calculate the costs of detergent, electricity, and water, and you’ll see why it’s super beneficial!

General Health Apps

No app can replace the advice of a doctor. Still, there are many handy tools for keeping track of your health and habits.

  1. iTriage

Sometimes, you’ll notice worrying symptoms, and you won’t have the time to visit a doctor. Instead of Googling and finding the worst possible condition, reach for iTriage. 

The app will ask you a series of questions and determine your possible illness. Then, it will give you options to solve the problem without confusing medical terms. It leaves an element of choice, too, by suggesting several actions to alleviate your issue.

  1. Sleep Time

If you’re prone to missing your alarm and have trouble waking up in the morning, Sleep Time can help you clear up your schedule. This alarm clock doubles as a tool for sleep analysis, looking into your sleep patterns and deciding on the best wake up times. 

  1. All I Can Eat

If you suffer from any allergies or food intolerances, this health app will help you manage the symptoms. It establishes the foods you can and can’t eat and color-codes it, so you never find yourself questioning the choices at the cafeteria.

  1. Drugs.com

This app enables you to look at information about the medication you’re taking. It shows possible interactions and keeps track of your medication records. The extensive FAQ section will also answer any question that may come to mind.

The Bottom Line

From organizing your notes and figuring out what’s wrong with you to send money to people, these handy apps are available for help in all tasks. They will aid you with your scholarly and general life alike.  

With a wide variety of options to choose from, our list is the tip of the iceberg. Arm yourself with the best digital tools, and it will make a massive difference in your success. Who knows, with these apps you may have your most successful semester yet.

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