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Animated Video and How It Can Bring Your Business to Life

Timeframes and budgets are two of the most crucial parts of a marketeers’ day, and animated video is a great way to get ahead of your competitors in both regards. Animated videos don’t cost the earth, and they can be produced in a relatively short timeframe because you don’t have to contend with all the pitfalls and delays of live-action footage. 

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Do them well or not at all

It’s shown that video marketing is considered the best strategy for your online business. Compared to other types of video content, the animation is one of the most effective ways to sell your product. The purpose of animated explainer videos is to represent your company’s product in a simple and engaging way that anybody can understand. Animations are a tricky and funny process that helps you not only keep your audience’s attention but also to remember who is representing your product. It’s just ideal for small businesses on a budget. All you need to have are a laptop, endless imagination, out of box thinking, and compelling video content ideas.

Check their Work

In this article, we highlight some tips for producing animated video, and how to choose your provider to make them. Ultimately, animated videos are only as good as their producers – and the producers can easily be judged on their existing portfolio. In other words, your first job is to check out any potential suppliers previous work, and perhaps speak to some of their clients.  

Figuring out whether your product or service is suitable for animated video is also worth some thought. This type of content is especially useful for providing short and snappy introductions for more complex topics such as payment processing, bitcoin, and trading. In fact, in some ways, the more niche or abstract your product or service is, the better suited it is to an animated video.

These types of topics also lend themselves nicely to animation and illustrative media, since they are extremely difficult to convey in live video footage. 

It’s all about the quality

The quality is crucial in an animated video – to the extent that you’re better off not doing one at all than producing a sub-standard one. Clumsy graphics, comical (and not in a good way) characters, odd translations, and strange music never go well, and it’s crucial to ensure that any voiceovers are professional and reflect the tone that your organization is trying to portray. This isn’t to say that you need to produce the next Oscar-winning video – just make it slick, professional, and easy to follow, and you’ve cracked it. 

Lighter on budget – and time

When it comes down to it, with the trends in social media and the content that is consumed across the different networks, animated marketing videos are a safe bet with your pressured time and budget. You don’t need actors, re-shoots, casting, and everything that goes with traditional video, but you can still do the most important thing which is to convey your products and services to the people that make the decisions on buying them. It’s about putting your objectives first, and animated video is a great start to doing just that. 

So What type of video is the best exactly – and realistic?

Marketing videos come in two forms – animated or live. The decision is a practical one and ultimately comes down to the available time and budget. And while live video is glossy and probably attractive for those marketeers that fancy themselves as the next Oliver Stone, it’s not always the most practical (certainly not at first). 

Animate Your Brand

Among the many benefits of animated video, here are 5 main ones:

  • Creative license: without the need for live footage, you can set your company’s message in almost any scenario or setting. The limit is endless
  • Good on the wallet: animated videos are much more cost effective than their live counterparts
  • Softer sell: animated videos often don’t feel as pushy as live video, and as such are proven to be popular with viewers
  • Unique: while some live videos can look a bit samey or cliched, animated videos are much easier to personalize with your brand
  • Animated characters or voiceovers can appeal to many different demographics, and run less risk of alienating or turning off others


So whether you choose a whiteboard style explainer video, a simple but effective 2D animation, or kinetic typography, it’s about making your video short but memorable, and fun but professional. By doing so, you’ll really bring your company to life using animated video with relatively modest time and budget investments.

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