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Android or Windows Operating System – Which is Better?

There are plenty of smartphones out there in the marketplace all vying for your attention and hoping to persuade you to part with your hard-earned cash and start making the most of going mobile. However, with competition between operating systems and phone manufacturers hotting up, which is the best handset for your needs?

Android Windows os

Of course, the Apple iPhone has always been a favourite with many, but there are other options, including getting yourself a shiny new Windows Phone or, instead, a Google Android-powered device. Either route will deliver plenty of innovative and intuitive usability, and depending on the model you select, these phones can be picked up for a competitive price tag too. So, how do you pick the right one?

Windows or Android?

Windows Phone OS has some definite catching up to do seeing as it was only unveiled towards the end of last year and replaced a previously unloved version of an operating system that had few friends. So, Microsoft built the new OS from the ground up, and it’s easy to see the love that has gone into it when you handle a Windows phone. The interface is slick and simple and will certainly appeal both to people who have grown up with Windows on their computers along with those who want straightforward no-nonsense functionality.

What’s more, if you’re already a Windows user on a laptop, desktop machine or portable device, then you’ll probably work with the likes Xbox Live and Zune too, so the familiarity will probably make it popular with Microsoft’s aficionados.
However, considering Microsoft developed this OS from scratch, there are glaring omissions within the user interface and features such as a lack of copy and paste capabilities that will leave many feeling frustrated and rather let down.

Going elsewhere?

Moving to Android often leaves many users wondering why they didn’t do it sooner, because even the earlier incarnations of this Google developed OS had enviable features. Now though, Android goes from strength to strength and there is much to commend within the gorgeous interface found on many smartphones that now run it. Little wonder that Android has become such a big hit with people, and not only on phones either, because it is similarly impressive on tablet devices too.

Better still, not only is Android good to look at and great to use, it can also prove hugely dependable too. Nobody needs an OS that is unstable and crashes all the time and, for most users, Android seems to be surprisingly capable of battling on, no matter how many hundreds of apps you’ve crammed onto your handset. And there is another factor that is likely to keep users swinging towards the Android camp, because it’s apps that make the big difference between the two platforms.

While there are certainly some good Windows Phone apps available there is nothing to compete with the sheer scale of those tailored towards Android users.
So, adding it all together and you’re left feeling that, no matter how fresh and fun the new Microsoft OS might be, it’s going to remain Android all the way for many in the coming months.

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  • I agree with you, android is still the best option.
    But if Microsoft has learned from previous mistakes, they might be able to make something out of their new os.
    Especially with windows 8 coming and nfc being integrated in more phones, it will give Microsoft some great opportunities to make their comeback with their mobile os.

  • Hi guys, thanks for your kind comments about the article. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens this year, I feel like this will be a big year for Android in particular…

  • Speaking of the two platforms right now, Android is the winner and it seems remain unchanged in the next few months or even years. But who knows, for Microsoft has made a big move by completing a partnership with Nokia. And the Nokia Lumia Series were reported of getting positive responses from consumers, albeit, there are things which have to be improved very soon to compete with most recent Android-powered phones.

  • Well i don’t agree with this post the windows phone are just awesome you can download and run any software in it , it just like a laptop in a mobile..

  • for me what makes android gain more support is that the applications are free because it is opensource, while windows mobile since it is owned by microsoft corporation, the applications needs to be licensed that’s why its not free. my vote for Android!..^^

  • I bought the HTC One V today, but I get the feeling I would have been happier if I had bought the Nokia Lumia instead. I had the Nokia X3 before and it was so simple and fast. The Facebbok used to open in a couple of seconds and the FM instantly accessable. On top of that I was told HTC has a very poor sevice network and the warrenty is practically worthless. Can someone tell me if this is right?

  • hey,,,, can anyone tell me please which OS is better for gaming and apps WINDOWS OR ANDROID??????????

    • I think windows 8 will be good as it will support the games played on windows… but if u want small games with not much interaction you may go with android… some games on android are fabolus.desicion is yours.

  • Hii, frnds i want to buy new phone but I’m getting confuse weather i ‘ve to buy android or Windows phone plz suggest me, is windows phone also ‘ve good apps or wt?

  • Android seems really great but am still on the side of Windows. But if you are more on apps, then android is for you. They are both essential and useful!

  • The thing Android has going for it is ease of use. It seems to do most of what most folks use a computer for. You need to add a few free programs from the PlayStore such as a file manager (ES3 is quite good and has features such as a system task manager and built in video and audio players and networking tools.) There are also print managers to get you to an network printer but lends itself to bluetooth devices. You also have five segments to organize your icons. I also group things together such as bookmarks just by dragging one icon and dropping it on top of another. The final thing that impressed me is that the Android operating system seems to run comfortablly in a 1GB memory space.

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