Android M is for Android Marshmallow – Features & More!

Alright, this is now official. The next version of Android i.e. Android 6.0 [Android M] is named as Android Marshmallow, and this was announced today by Google OFFICIALLY by laying out the Android Marshmallow sculpture in the Android lawn at Google HQ. Let us all take a look at the brief history of Android and talk more about Android Marshmallow and its features in this post. Let’s get started!

Android M - Android Marshmallow

Let’s take a look at History of Android first,

We all know that Android is currently exploding everywhere like anything. By exploding I mean that the number of Android users across the globe is increasing really fast, and there are valid reasons for that. Android is an Open Source project that allows companies like Sony, Samsung, OnePlus to manufacture and sell phones that are based on Android.

Now since they don’t have to spend much when it comes to software R&D, the cost of great phones with great specs is low and Android phones are more affordable as compared to iPhone. This combined with the plethora of Apps and Games that the developers have made available for Android users on Play Store is also one big reason people are going towards Android.

Changes & Updates that Android went through

Android has an excellent history. The first public release of the OS was made back when the HTC G1 was launched with Android Cupcake on it and since then Android has undergone many transformations.

Android was not a Google product since inception, but Android was taken over by Google and hence the first phone with Android was released, and the amazing mobile OS has never seen behind. Android runs on our phones, tablets, even smart watches. Heck, Android even runs on our TV as well as Car.

Android is known to bring some fantastic features to the table with every update. Android 4.0 was a major visual overhaul for Android for phones, and it looked great! Android 4.1 Jelly Bean brought amazing performance and security upgrades. Android 4.4 KitKat brought a few visual changes and other great features and customizations.

Android 5.0 Lollipop the biggest update given to Android since Android 4.0 as it brought Material Design to Android and the whole UI and user experience was going to change. Apps looked great with new amazing color schemes and animations and along with that Android 5.0 brought 64-bit OS architecture so Android could take advantage of 64-bit processors.

Coming back to Android Marshmallow

Now Google has been testing Android M since the last Google I/O and they finally announced the name for the upcoming version of Android – Android Marshmallow.

A lot of people expected it to be Android Muffin but deny all those speculations; it is now official that the next version of Android – Android 6.0 will be code named Marshmallow.

Now I would say that Android Marshmallow is kind of a big deal when it comes to Android as it is bringing a lot of new things and features to the table. Most of them still aren’t confirmed yet, but the 3rd preview of Android Marshmallow for Nexus devices is out.

Let us takes a look at features.

But before that, take a look at this video that tells you a few things about how many of the Android sculptures are made and more.

Upcoming features in Android Marshmallow

Now that we have dealt with the name of the upcoming Android version let us see what changes and features it brought to the table. These features might be omitted from the final release as these were only noticed in the developer previews. So, keep this in mind and do not blame us if these features don’t make it to the end product.

# Visual Voicemail

Android M - Android Marshmallow

You will now be able to access your voicemail messages directly via the phone dialer that is pretty cool. So gone are the days when you needed to call up a number and go through options to access your voicemail. This might not seem like a big update but in real life usage it saves a lot of time.

# Landscape Home Screen

Landscape Home Screen

Till now there was no landscape home screen option in Google’s default Android launcher but with Android Marshmallow you will have the option to see your phone’s home screen as Landscape.

# Delete Screenshots in Notification panel

Many times we take screenshots so that we can instantly share it with someone, and after you have shared it, it really makes no sense to keep the screenshot on your phone and fill the storage for nothing. So with Android Marshmallow you will instantly be able to delete screenshots right from the notification drawer that is kind of cool.

# SystemUI Tuner

SystemUI Tuner

The new notification panel that came along with Android 5.0 Lollipop also came with toggles that we could access in notification panel itself. But there was no option to rearrange or remove the toggles that we didn’t use. This option now comes with Android Marshmallow and using this you can even remove status bar icons.

# RAM Manager

RAM Manager

Android didn’t come with RAM manager by default but Android Marshmallow will come with  RAM Manager so now the users will be able to keep a check on the apps and games take too much of RAM and stop the device from functioning properly.

# Use external SD cards as Internal SD Card

Use external SD cards as Internal SD Card

Low-cost Android phones have always suffered due to low storage and not being able to install as many apps as the users wanted to but with Android Marshmallow users can easily choose to use an external SD card as an Internal SD card and hence the apps and games will be installed on this SD card itself.

That’s not all

I have intentionally not mentioned many small features as we want to leave something for the time when Google officially releases Android Marshmallow to the public. I hope they add some more cool features to Android Marshmallow before the release.

All in all this seems to be a great update to the already awesome Android.

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  • Hi Atish, you have a written this great article for people like me. Who love to know the bits and byte about the system but were never comfortable from where we should start. The article easily sum up the whole thing. Its wisely said “all good things come in small packets”. Thanks for posting this wonderful post.

  • Very informative bro. Android is one OS that gives users the right to follow their mind. It does not force users to do according to its wish.
    Android M, I am sure, is going to rock the floors again.

    • I am waiting when it will be available to users. I will be upgrading my current OS lollypop. Thanks for coming by Swadhin.

  • Hi Atish,

    First, I would like to thank to share this news by writing a detailed post. Absolutely correct, Android is growing very fast, day by day there are lots of app is coming for every task. Now we can do anything with Android phone.


    • Yes Jyoti. Android is gaining so much of popularity. and it will achieve more. Thanks for check out this blog post.

  • I wish I could get a android 6 phone after reading this great features. Being a tech enthusiastic I love to read such posts. Thank you atish for giving your valuable time writing this post. Will be back for more such posts

  • Hi Atish,

    Android is growing by leaps and bounds and you’ve nailed it with the Android Marshmallow. Some of its uses are Visual Voicemail, Landscape Home Screen, Delete Screenshots, System UI Tuner, Use external SD Cards and much, much more.

    Thank you for the awesome article on Android Marshmallow.

    You have a wonderful rest of the week!


  • Nice post for the Android users, Atish. Thanks for writing the updates of Android M.

    Good to know its features and I really like the voice mail and SD card features. So, let’s wait for few more helpful features as you said.

  • Hey Atish bro.,Absolutely correct, Android is growing very fast, day by day there are lots of app is coming for every task.Android is one OS that gives users the right to follow their mind. It does not force users to do according to its wish.Thank you for the awesome article on Android. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Sneha. I am still waiting for Android M to be released for users so that I can upgrade my OS.

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