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The global crypto market has fallen since last year from over $600B to below $300B. But still, this doesn’t mean that the cryptocurrency has lost its charm. Every new day there are new blockchain projects coming up to support decentralization.

Recently, Alphateca has joined the crypto world. Alphateca is a platform for the people who see cryptocurrency as the future of world economy. There are sites/apps like UrbanClap (for services), DHGate (famous for electronic goods), SEOMarket (for SEO services), etc.… wherein you can buy and sell goods and services in local currency. Till now the scenario is such that there are very few ordinary goods and services being paid with the consideration in cryptocurrency. Alphateca has come up with this business model and has offered the right platform to buy and sell ordinary goods in many parts of the world and pay in the form of crypto currency. It’s not just goods, Alphateca helps you monetize your creativity, talent, and profession. With just a couple of clicks, you can easily find the services or goods of your choice, contact the seller on the spot, and make a transaction without delay on Alphateca.

A very exciting fact about Alphateca is that you are not limited to local purchases alone but can conduct international transactions as well. This makes you comfortably enjoy the products in different corners of the world rather than just limiting it to your own country.

Alphateca is set out to simplify the complexity of international online trading through cryptocurrencies because the company is of the opinion that the blockchain technology and the digital currency will define the global financial system in the near future. However, only after the platform actually starts functioning, i.e. after distribution of ATEC token, we shall have a better understanding of the process.

Features of Alphateca

Alphateca has some awesome features that are designed to make the platform easily accessible for all the potential users with very little or absolutely no assistance. Some of these features include:

  • User-friendly interface: You will find it pretty easy to use this platform. The platform boasts of a simple design, simple language, and simple interface that will assist you to easily understand how the platform works in just a few minutes. In just a few clicks the transaction would be done successfully.
  • An efficient support team: The support section is manned by an experienced team that works around the clock to ensure that your inquiries and complaints are adequately and swiftly addressed. In addition to the team of experts, there are videos and articles that will prove valuable to help you understand the cryptosphere and specifically, Alphateca better.
  • FAQ section: If you have any concerns about the ICO or other cryptocurrency-related issues, the Frequently Asked Questions section can also prove to be of help. This section contains a practical suggestion that will answer your questions to your satisfaction.

In order to make the platform accessible to all, Alphateca has introduced its ICO for all individuals and organizations that want to take advantage of the opportunity offered by this cryptocurrency trading platform. Further, let us know the details of Alphateca (ATEC) ICO.

Alphateca ICO

Alphateca (ATEC) ICO was introduced by Bitox Capital Ltd. It has been introduced to build a bridge between the company and the potential users of the platform for business transactions and payment for goods and services.

Starting from July 1, 2018 (ends on 31st August 2018), Alphateca has started selling its ICO to interested buyers who want to take advantage of the platform to make their business transactions stress-free and swift.

Some of the benefits that the ICO subscribers will reap from their participation in the ICO are:

  • As an ICO participant, you can use your token to buy services from Alphateca at reduced costs (@ ICO price to the extent of tokens purchased).
  • You can also resell your tokens at your convenience through the special services that the platform offers.
  • If you want to finance your business with the token, you are free to do that within the framework offered by the platform. For instance, the platform offers advertisement spots that you can purchase with tokens bought in ICO.
  • You can enjoy an inexpensive and swift transaction as the crypto payments are processed in hardly any time and transaction fee is quite minimal.
  • When the ICO has been completed, buyers will pay $0.15 for one token when making direct service purchase on the platform while participants in the ICO can buy tokens at half the price ($0.075) plus a substantial bonus.

These are some of the benefits that Alphateca has promised. If you wish to enjoy the benefits from the offers promised by Alphateca, sign up for the tokens without any further delay.

At the moment, Alphateca tokens are affordable as they are sold at a reasonable price. As per the Alphateca Whitepaper, during the ICO, 1 ETH = 7,000 ATEC. Investors during the ICO will be rewarded with a special bonus of 25% depending on the stage, amount and time of transfer of funds.

How to sign up for the Alphateca ICO?

Signing up for the ICO token is relatively simple. This step-by-step guide will take you through the process in no time:

  1. Visit Alphateca’s official website:
  2. Click “Purchase tokens” to buy your own Alphateca When you click on this link, this sign up form will pop up:

Fill this form as accurately as you can. Use your active email account and create a password that you can easily remember and use. When you are through, accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and indicate that you are an adult to complete your registration.

After submitting the form, an activation link will be sent to your email address. Open the link to activate your account and have access to the ICO. From there, follow the verification process on the website until you complete your registration.

The current bounty campaign has a lifespan of 4 weeks only. After the expiration of the campaign (31st August 2018), the platform will recalculate the tokens. After the ICO has finished, Alphateca will pay all the rewards to the investors.

Final Verdict

The mission of Alphateca is to bring the Internet trade on a new level and provide an opportunity for convenient use of cryptocurrencies in day to day life for the global citizens.

Please Note: This post is not an investment advice, it’s merely a data provided to the users on the basis of Alphateca’s Whitepaper and website. Please do your own research before investing.

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