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Akshita Yadav (Pakhi) – India’s Youngest Blogger

Pakhi, in her post called Gulaabo Ki Rangat from the blog Pakhi Ki Duniya she beautifully narrated the line “who does not like the colour of Rose”. We all adore the fragrance of Rose. Similarly I would like to Akshita or Pakhi stands as a Rose here. As her fragrance is spreading joy to nation. I want to unfold that many people may not be introduced of this 6 years old little angel who is a youngest Hindi blogger of India originally residing in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.


In her explanation I will start from start Akshita Yadav born on 25 March 2007 at Kanpur. The only mesmerizing talented daughter of her father K.K. Yadav who worked as a director of Postal services in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and mother Akanksha Yadav is a college lecturer in Uttar Pradesh.

Her Blog “Pakhi ki Duniya”

Her blog Pakhi Ki Duniya launched on 24th June 2009. Within a year this became amazingly famous and scored 30,000 rank in Hindi blogs. It’s ranking also extends to the top 100 Hindi blogs. Akshita is the youngest National Child Award winner of India, at the age of 4 years. Indian blogger first time get acknowledgment for their performance through Government of India. Her blog is enriched with the intriguing information regarding Islands and it’s eye candy pictures.

Her parents always supported and boosted her to set her stand apart. The reason why she got a unwavering success with the unlimited help by her parents. Her parents also assist her in running her blog as both of them are writers and bloggers. This speciality of her parents inherited deeply in Akshita also. You can see her parents capability as a writer in blogs like Saptrangi Prem, Bal Dunia and Utsav ke Rang.

Akshita’s Achievements

As far as Akshita’s achievements is concerned it is countless in her very tender age she has proved that she is the proud daughter of the nation. Her exemplary achievements encourages many girls to dream big. Every time encouragement from her parents is also a lesson for other kith and kin.

The equality I deserve bestow to me.     

A very well known profound Rajasthan writer Dindayal Sharma has put her photo on the cover page of his book named “Chun-Chu”.

Few more light I would like to throw on her achievements. Take a look below:

  • Best Baby Blogger Award (2011) in Internatinal Bloggers Conference on April 30 at Hindi Bhavan, New Delhi by Uttrakhand Chief Minister Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank.
  • National ChildAward (2011) awarded by Krishna Tirath, Minister of Women and Child Development, Government of India.
  • She has more than 500 Facebook followers, 240 Google Plus followers and 120 plus network blog followers. And Akshita has been followed by more than 240 bloggers
  • She has been featured on many newspapers headlines. Check few screenshots below:-

amar-ujala-pakhi-ki-duniya   indian-express-Akshita-pakhi

There are many more news of this kind which you can find on the sidebar of Pakhi’s blog.

Her skill as a writer 

Little angel Akshita’s writing skill has the blessing of Goddess Saraswati. She earned her fame as a writer at the age of 4 years is a God grace with her consistent effort.

One of her post which is my favourite betiyon ke prati najariya badalne ki jaruratis indeed commendable. She did actual justice with the title. The emotional and mature explanation against vulnerable plight of daughter is splendid.

Pakhi is a voice of every girl who is speaking to the masses

         “Wake up world look at me deeply

         I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother.

         Don’t loose me, I portray every role

         with devotion, accept me with love

         I can make the nation proud. Don’t

         hate me, I am one who can make

         many men. Don’t shatter me, shower

        your concern for me”.

With Akshita’s blog one should learn the real life lesson. Now come all let us reaffirm our commitment to protect the rights of every girl child so that the birth of many Akshita can be feasible.

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  • Oh my God!

    My First Expression was like OMG! Amazing Girl she is with Amazing Talent 🙂
    At the Age of 4 She Started Writing and Achived so much in her life.. which a Normal Child can’t think of..

    Even , If we talk about us.. At the age of 4 we just know about our family onces and who cares about the world.. and this girl Wrotes poem like “‘betiyon ke prati najariya badalne ki jarurat”
    Damn ! Amazing Talent She has.. (y)

    We all should learn from this little girl who she beautifully expresses her thought.

    God Gifted Child. 🙂

    Thank you so much Bhai for Introducing her to us! 🙂


      • And At the age of 19 you told me what the hell is writing 😛

        Before that I just know How to write on my Skul and Clg Notebooks 😛 lol

        I’m laughing here.. How we have lived our childhood , wt we did in our childhood and How and what is she is doing..

        Seriously Amazing Talent.

  • Great to know the details of this young awesome blogger.

    I feel that she is a great inspiration for all bloggers and good to hear that her parents are supporting her to do blogging.

    I got stumbled with her achievements and writing skill.

    Thanks for sharing the information about Akshita Yadav in TTW 🙂

  • No doubt Akshita is an inspiration for all blogger but she is also lucky that she is getting support from her parents… Since she is little young she has to get support from her parents. I am too wishing to get support from my parents though I am not as young as Akshita 🙂 .
    Her achievements are really amazing which she had achieved at her younger age.
    Thanks for introducing her to us.

  • WOW is the word for Pakhi. What a lovely girl she is and must say she is immensely talented. Her language reflects her simplicity and innocence. God Bless Her 🙂

  • Thanks Atish, for sharing this news because it is not only impressive, this shows the capability of Indian Child instead.I am going to share this news across everywhere it is possible.

  • Interesting info Atish…I am feeling that Why didn’t I started blogging when I was small…Anyways everything seems changing and soon you may see that some of the top bloggers will be of 10 to 15 years old..Do you think that it will happen????/

  • Hi bhai,

    You always come up with interesting and thought provoking subject. Be it technical or any topics you ensure that your post will be informative and heart stealer.

    See many people will come to know about this earthshake talented little girl and inspired with her tale. Thanks for your bizarre insight.

  • Bravo Akshita. I proud about that this Indian child deserved, by this age every girl, even my 4 years daughter love to play with other childs and not even to talk with others fluently.

    Thanks to featuring Akshita on here.

  • OMG … :O This is really amazing and shocking to see a 4 yr old starting a blog. At such an immature age, we used to simply watch cartoons and enjoy the life. Hats off to her talent !

  • This is really amazing.This 6 year young girl did what people of 60 can’t.She is really a true inspiration for the new bloggers like me.The girl proves that age is just a number if you have talent than even people of your 10 times ages appreciate you.
    Thank you Atish for sharing this article or i can say inspiration story.

  • HI Atish,

    This is amazing indeed 🙂

    I agree with Sugandha there, when kids at 4 are busy playing with toys, she was writing – unbelievable….but it’s true.

    I congratulate her parents too for motivating her to go ahead, and being by her side when she must have started blogging. Great going, and may God Bless her always and give her lots of fame and name. I wonder what she’d do by the time she is our age if she carries on this ways, when we think we started blogging 3-4 years back!

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend 🙂

  • Nice article Atish, she is giving a great message to all bloggers and inspire them. i also visited her blog ,i can’t beleive Its awesome blog by a 4 years child. Thanks to share with us .

  • Awwwww…!!!! So cuteee….!!!! This shows that talent is not limited in the hands of age..!!!

    I wish this can be the inspiration for those bloggers who drop blogging in between…!!! Seriously awesome talent, Hats Off..

    Happy Blogging


  • Hey Bro,

    Thanks for sharing this post about this amazing child blogger. I am really surprised to see this cute baby girl as a blogger. I wish she get huge success in blogging era.

  • incredible! This is really amazing and wonderful work by the little kid. She is an inspiration and best at her work. Really loved the her post regarding “it’s necessary to change perspective regarding daughters”. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Oh Wow 🙂 she is so cute as well as intelligent. I visit on her Blog pakhi-akshita.blogspot. in & I find her creativity. She has made her Blog in Hindi language which is really nice. You done a wonderful job Atish to share India’s Youngest Blogger. Most of us weren’t aware about Akshita Yadav 🙂 but now we all welcome for a Little Master of India’s Youngest Blogger 🙂

  • Yea, I heard about her last year also… She is awesome. I mean at her age I was even unable to use computer… And she handles a blog. Awesome.

  • She is really cute and i visited her blog her world is totally different and what she writes is really amazing at her age.She is going to be famous now.

  • Wow, this is truly inspiring. At least it goes to show that it’s never too early to start blogging, 🙂

    Of course the fact that her parents also write and blog helped, but it still takes a lot to get kids to follow on parent’s foot steps, not when there are games and toys to play with, 🙂 , so she deserves a lot of kudos for doing what she does.

    It’s incredible to even begin to imagine what she will grow up to become when she has started at such a young age. I sure hope her parents continue to help her keep the fire burning.

    I also hope reading this inspires other blogging parents who have kids, but who always thought it was too early, to encourage their kids to at least attempt writing/blogging!

    Anyway, thanks for writing about her, Atish, and for sharing this on Kingged.com

  • Nice article Atish!

    I like how you’ve brought to our attention a very talented girl. The whole point of this is that her example encourages young girls to aspire whatever they are passionate about and actually be good at it. Like you, I find her “betiyon ke prati najariya badalne ki jarurat” piece witty and truly inspiring.

    Hope to hear more from her!

    Thanks for sharing this gem on Kingged.com, IM social bookmarking site.

    • Thanks Riza for your comment and thoughtful comment. by the way, Do you know hindi or you have read that post’s(betiyon ke prati najariya badalne ki jarurat) english version?

  • Thanks Atish for introducing this kid talent here. Always happy to see this kind of talent. It proves that age, language etc should not be an excuse to not starting a blog. I saw many guys writing here and there in comments that mY english is not good so how to start blogging?. Those guys should check this post about Pakhi how she is blogging in her native language and performing even well from bloggers who blog in English even.

  • Hmm! An inspiring piece! Akshita should be an inspiration to many young people out there.

    This also goes to show that blogging transcends all ages, sex, and race. As long as one has value to share, he is bound to get the needed attention.

    Good luck to Akshita in her achievements and recognition as India’s youngest blogger. At 6 years, this is amazing!

    This comment was shared in kingged.com where this post shared and bookmarked for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – kingged.com


    • We don’t have proof directly but if you can see her blog’s sidebar you can see she has been featured in newspapers and bloggers conferences with her pic(you can easy notice her age by seeing her pics i those conferences and newspaper pics)

  • Hi Akshita Yadav(Pakhi) ,
    You are the first youngest blogger in India. Congratulation to you and hope to continue your blogging.
    Thanks for the great information.

  • Really Akshita Yadav is a talented daughter of K.K. Yadav and Akanksha Yadav .An early age she make a blog really that is unbelievable .She got many award for their talent .

  • Akshita Yadav really proved that blogging has no age restrictions.Just some passion is needed,noting anything else.
    Thank you Atish Rajan for sharing such inspiring story.

  • Feeling great as , an indian after knowing about Pakhi …

    Thanks for this info post and I really like the way your shared this data and I hope you will help us via sharing this type of data in future.

  • Hello Atish,

    Nice to know about such a talented girl it’s amazed that she starting blogging in 4. It’s really inspirational hates off to Akshita Yadav(Pakhi).Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story .

  • Dats we call an indian talent. From last 3-4 years i have ssen that how blogging emerged as a passion for the most of the people, i am sure indian will boom over the digital world in dayz.

  • Hi Atish,

    Thanks for sharing this post about an exceptional talent at a very young age. Even though I forget many of the Hindi words, I am sure that I can still read Hindi. So let me have a look at the blog soon.

    Have a great day.


    Reji Stephenson

    • Hi Reji,

      Nice to see you checking out one of my old post. Yes, she is a kid yet a good blogger, and that too in her native language. She has been awarded many times.

      Have a nice time.

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