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Startup Airtame Launches the New Product, Airtame 2 {HDMI Device}

With technical advancements, new revolutionary products are being invented on a regular basis. Airtame is one of those products. Airtame was started as record-­breaking crowdfunding campaign in the year 2014, and in these 4 years, it has proved to be the frontrunner in the wireless HDMI. The big news is that now Airtame launches Airtame 2 which is the extended version of its former.

Let’s talk more about Airtame in a bit more detail.

What is Airtame?

Airtame is an HDMI wireless device that you can plug into a TV or projector using HDMI port, connect it to the Wifi, and download the app on your computer/laptop/smartphone which is connected to the same wifi network. App gets connected to its hardware device that is connected to the TV. Now, you can stream your computer’s screen to the TV.

As simple as that! Yes, this is a very simple device that you can use to stream the screen to TV or projector. Here is a good video from Airtame that makes you understand easily as how you can actually use Airtame.

I am sure that the above video must have cleared everything. However, to sum up, you need the things shown in the below picture to get it working.

How it works?

I have already mentioned this earlier that it is very simple to use, and setting up is even easier. Below are the steps:

  1. Connect Airtame Device to the TV or Projector.
  2. Connect the device to the Wifi using Airtame Device Settings Panel.
  3. On the computer which is connected to same wifi, download the Airtame app. Now, you will be able to see the screen option in the app. Click to stream your computer’s screen on the TV or projector.

Best Features of Airtame

  • Completely wireless.
  • You can cast screen to the multiple TVs in which Airtame device has been plugged. That simply means the screen can be shared on multiple Airtame simultaneously. Point to be noted that when there are multiple Airtame devices are plugged into multiple TVs and connected to Wifi; you will see that many screens in the Airtame app on your computer. The one you select, the content starts streaming on that particular screen.
  • If you are showing a presentation in your meeting room using Airtame to display the content on the bigger screen, and one of your colleagues now wants to show his laptop’s content to the screen, then you can just turn off sharing on your computer, and he can start sharing his content. That is very simple. Only need is that the laptop or computer needs to be in the same network and have the Airtame app installed.
  • Airtame is cross-platform and works with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook.
  • With Airtame Cloud you can remotely manage any device from anywhere.

That is all about Airtame.

Now, the big news is Airtame 2 has been launched on the 10th September 2018. So, What’s new in it?

What is Airtame 2?

The new product will deliver much more than a cable-free solution by tapping into digital signage and app integrations. Whereas the first generation Airtame was mostly a screen mirroring solution, Airtame 2 is re-imagining how to turn blank screens into smart, collaborative displays.

How Airtame 2 is different from Airtame’s first version?

  • Advanced Wifi Chip: Airtame 2 is equipped with brand new wifi chip that is 5 times faster than the one used in Airtame 1. Due to this, there is a faster internet connection. Also, the wifi range is 2x more than that its precursor which allows you to roam freely in your office without losing connection.
  • Better Components: 4x more RAM is included that offers processing speed.
  • Kensington Lock Input: Protect the device in semi-public environments such as classrooms and waiting areas.
  • Intuitive LED: The glowing LED light gives you an indication about the device status as if it is in standby mode or updating or actively being used.
  • Flexible Setup: Mount the device with the supplied magnetic wall mount. No need for drilling into a wall!

Here is the link to the user manual PDF file that you can check out to know more about setting up Airtame 2.

“Our objective with Airtame was initially ‘just’ to get rid of cables – a relatable and common issue in many organizations,” says Brian Kyed, CPO and Co-Founder at Airtame. “We realized since that there’s much more to the issue. After years of product development and user feedback, we’re proud to deliver Airtame 2, which not only removes cables but helps you use screens better.”


Airtame is a very successful startup, and they are taking a leap forward in the industry by launching the new product, Airtame 2. I am sure the new one will be successful just like its precursor.

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  • Hi
    Informative post. Indeed, I have heard about Airtame for the first time and here I have gained much information about this device. Really, Airtame is a very useful device where we can stream our computer’s screen on the TV or projector for different purpose.

    Happy to know about Airtame’s new product “Airtame 2”.

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  • This Airtame 2 is totally new for me to understand it as I never hear about this before, So hearing about Airtame 2 as the first time is really interesting to know what’s exactly this device is.

    As technology is growing up so with the technology latest device is also need to update and this HDMI Device Airtame 2 is also great.

    Just waiting to use this device.

  • Airtame is a wireless screen mirroring solution that allows to instantly display content from the laptop or mobile device to any display. Its multifunctional use is used as a digital signage solution.

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