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10 Advanced SEO Techniques for SEO Agencies

To say that SEO has grown over the years is an understatement. The practice of SEO has gone from being one only by the renowned brands, but also by newbies who are beginning their journeys of website management. The advances in technology and other changes in how the internet world operates have made most SEO practices effortless to practice, and that may explain the great growth of SEO.

For SEO agencies, however, it is not enough to practice the basic SEO best practices. An SEO agency must prove that they are many steps ahead of other website owners, which is why they need to indulge in advanced SEO techniques.

10 advances techniques for SEO Agencies

Writing longer Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions have long been stressed in the practice of SEO. While there are still some webmasters battling with ignoring the use of Meta descriptions, the pressure on SEO agencies is a lot higher.

Longer Meta descriptions have proven to be more advantageous because Google no longer cuts off two-thirds of lengthy descriptions. With such an advantage, knowing that Meta descriptions provide a window for your target audience to understand what your content is about, you want to consider lengthening yours.

Let your Meta description be as descriptive as possible in a way to shed more light on what approach of the topic matter you have taken, but enough to leave the audience in suspense on what they should anticipate. Like usual, include primary keywords to the descriptions, and to take it further, have a direct response to the question version of your topic.

Optimize for featured snippets

With the perfect Meta description, it may still not be enough to get a dramatic increase in your organic traffic. Google has lately been going big on featured snippets for search results, which is how it displays search results by revealing the most relevant part of the content that is in a website’s result.

To aim for the featured snippets, you must beef up your content by including pieces of information that would be useful in search results for your targeted keywords. The ideal things to add in your copy are tables, charts, graphs, definitions, lists, among others. Ideally, these segments are part of the visualization element of content creation, and since visualization is big, you need to go bigger in capitalizing on this opportunity.

Optimize your content for RankBrain

Artificial intelligence has evolved, and if you want to thrive as an SEO agency, you must keep tabs with this technology. As RankBrain tries to function like a human’s brain, it can analyze search results by learning what the web pages of a website contain, relating the content to the keywords in people’s searches. The goal is usually to capture the intent of the searchers.

As an SEO agency, you must be ahead of RankBrain because you have a human brain that can easily analyze keywords and give relevant meaning to them. Since RankBrain will be looking for relationships and connections between words, you must be clear with providing it with the information in the way you want your website to be understood. Your best shot at guiding RankBrain to correctly understanding your site is to use long-tail keywords that are more descriptive and being straightforward in your content.

Indulge in infographics

As stated above, visualization is big, and as an SEO agency, the only way around an audience that demands visualization is to give it to them. Infographics are a combination of graphics and text where a well-designed image is integrated with information drawn from the primary copy. Ideally, the infographics are accurate, statistical, straightforward and highly communicative.

Since it is people’s first intuition to focus on the graphics part more than the info part, you must make the information of your infographic stand out more than the graphic. Use appropriately large legible fonts, colors that blend well, symbolism, among other techniques to make the perfect infographic, invest in graphic design so that you come up with high-quality artworks that the viewers will enjoy. You can check here for more on the essence of visualization and directories you can submit your infographics.

Long-form content

Website owners have for a long time avoided the need for long-form content, perhaps because of the notion that people do not like reading through them, or that it is difficult to generate quality and quantity all at once.

Either way, content generation is a fundamental aspect of the practice of SEO, and as an agency, there is no room for compromising on quality and quantity. Usually, long-form content should be at least 1500 words, and you can go as far as 2000.

The benefits of long-form content are several, among them the fact that you get to provide your audience with more value, not to mention, keeps them on your website longer. Further, long-form content provides you with more room to use your keywords without landing into keyword stuffing. Remember, the more content you have, the more you provide search engines with information to index you.

Public Relations

The digital world may seem like an individualistic one, but that is not entirely true with social media coming in play, there is high sociability among audiences from all over the world. In SEO, your goal is to reach out to as many people as possible, preferably those that would most benefit from your brand.

SEO agencies must be aggressive and intentional in PR (Public Relations) which has a significant stake in their thriving. Public relations allow you to form and maintain relationships with clients, customers, prospective customers, and more importantly competitors. PR will give you exceptional access to rich and high-quality backlinks, which you also need in SEO to thrive.

Internal deep linking

The link-building process of SEO calls for more than earning links externally. Deep linking involves using anchor texts to link back to your previous content in old web pages in your site.

Many webmasters have continually overlooked deep linking, but as an agency, you cannot fall for this mistake. Internal Deep linking shows search engines the depth of your site by leading them to other pages through one page, encouraging Google to index more of them. Remember, a well-structured link boosts your domain authority and improves the visibility of your web pages.

Optimize your landing pages

Usually, the loads of traffic you drive to your website will land on your landing pages. If the pages are not optimized, you are losing out on a big opportunity to impress your visitors.

The content on your landing pages should consist of a couple or two of your long-tail keywords, and preferably, be long-form. You intend to keep an audience on your website long enough. Provide clarity, particularly with a call to action, while retaining relevance to what your primary goal is.

Expand your presence

As an SEO agency, being online with a functional website is not enough. You must take up space by expanding your presence, and in particular, becoming a guru on social media.

There is a lot of competition online for the market share, and if you do not have steadiness and firmness in your presence, everyone and anyone will run you over and take the spotlight from you. Building your presence starts with increasing your audience base by gaining followers while building on a reputation. Let your participation on different platforms go hand in hand with quality and consistent content.

Develop an application

The world has gone mobile so much that the desktop site is receiving fewer and fewer users. This being an upside as a marker of technological advancements, you may want to move with the people to remain relevant. Developing an app for your brand is such a bold move in SEO that could do wonders for your traffic, visibility, presence, among others.

An app may be expensive to consider an option, but for sure, will grant you leverage over your competitors, and give you an upper hand with your target audience because of the mobile-friendliness of your agency.

Too much is unsaid when you choose to focus on the basic practices of SEO. As an SEO agency, take up these ten techniques as your route to scaling higher than your competitors.

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