3 Best Add-On Gadgets for your Xbox360 Arsenal

Gaming is something people do for some casual fun and perhaps for bonding purposes with family and friends… but not for us! Gaming is not just an activity to let us pass time but rather an experience that awakens us to a whole new level of reality, one rigged with the elements of fantasy in the gaming world! It is a place where we go to for sanctuary, a different cosmos altogether, one where in we are in control.

Sometimes though, our experience can be diminished by the limitations that the Xbox peripherals that came as stock set upon us. The good news is that we don’t have to stay within the confines of these limitations for there is an awesome array of formidable upgrades available for us out there in the market! Check out these 3 amazing gaming gear that you can get a hold of to fulfill and most probably even exceed our need for a breathtaking gaming experience!

1. Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Controller


The Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Controller is nor for the faint hearted casual gamer. It replaces the stock controller of the Xbox and kicks its butt several times a day. It is a multi-functional controller built to own tthe 360 games over and over again. It is well versed for professional gamers as well as the hardcore gaming community with its extensive customizability. There are 6 customizable multi-function buttons, two of which are positioned by the shoulders and another two on the underside of the controller. All additional buttons are reconfigurable to your preference, simply put it is designed to give you total control. You will also find the Sabertooth fitted with an OLED screen that allows for easy customization of the controller. There are tons of other benefits you can obtain the Sabertooth which cannot be defined by mere words alone. Over all it is the best controller for the Xbox 360 and will deliver all that it promises to.

2. GAEMS G155


Next up is something straight out of your wildest dreams! A gadget that makes your Xbox 360 a portable console! Yes, you heard it right! You can now literally bring your Xbox with you anywhere you go and play anytime you choose to! The GAEMS G155 is what you’re looking for. It is the very first personalized gaming environment (PGE) ever manufactured… in the world! It houses your Xbox 360 safely and is equipped with a 720p HD LED screen, perfect for intense high def. gaming! It also has two 3.5mm audio jacks for your headset but is also fitted with built in full spectrum stereo audio speakers. The GAEMS G155 also has accessory holders at the sides capable of containing all that you ask of it. This PGE allows a real gamer to have the advantage of mobility and the capability to immerse in the virtual world from practically anywhere. Now, do you still only wish that you could bring your console and television set to a LAN party?

3. Autovolt Power Supply (110-220 auto voltage)

Last, but certainly not least in our list is an autovolt power supply. We gamers, a lot of times, get too immersed in our gaming experience that we forget to care too much for technicalities. These technicalities, however, could actually make our lives miserable, such as plugging our beloved Xbox 360 into the wrong socket with the wrong voltage. Yes it does happen, especially if you’re one to travel a lot. Power surges are also not uncommon with the powers of electricity and this can be damaging to our consoles and to our peace of mind. An autovolt power supply does what it does: it regulates the flow of electricity from the socket to our gaming machine making it electric spike free and safe from any chance of being damaged by short circuits. A definite must have for any serious gamer.

There are many out here who don’t truly understand the significance of gaming in our daily lives. It’s a good thing that there is an awesome community that is supported by formidable companies that are more than happy catering to our gaming needs. Let the hater hate and let the gamer game!

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