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How To Activate HDFC Net Banking To Transfer Money Online?

This is the age in which we make the best use of the internet be it shopping, banking, paying bills, etc. Everywhere we try to pay using our card or net banking via internet. The reason is simple, and that is the ease of use. You don’t need to go anywhere else rather turn on your laptop or your Smartphone, connect to the internet, and go to the site where you have to pay, enter the details and pay! As simple as that! It does save a lot of time too.

Nowadays, due to demonetization in India the online banking and paying bills online increased a lot, and it’s right time you should start using net banking if you haven’t started yet. Since this is the thing that everyone needs, we have been sharing the blog posts related to net banking activation, transferring money, etc. for different banks so that our readers who are facing issues understanding the net banking, can get some real help.

When you use net banking, you don’t need to be in the queue at the bank for transferring money to someone else. Just 2 minutes task and money can be transferred using online banking. However, the first time you activate the banking, you have to spend a bit time to set it all, and from the next time, everything will be much easier.

What is Net Banking?

Internet banking is a process that avails you almost all the important banking related stuff online. Almost all the banks do offer net banking service, and you can activate it if you have an account with them. It allows you to transfer money anytime with least hassle, in fact, no hassle at all.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about HDFC Bank Net Banking. You will get to know how to activate HDFC net banking, How to transfer money, How to activate beneficiary and few more things. So, let’s get started.

How to Activate HDFC net banking?

When you open a bank account on HDFC, you get a kit. The package comes with your checkbook, debit card, etc. You get 8 digits customer id in the kit as well which can be used to activate the internet banking.

You can activate net banking from your Nearest HDFC ATM, or you can visit their official site http://www.hdfcbank.com/.

How to activate HDFC Online Account through ATM?

  1. Insert your ATM card in the ATM, and enter the PIN.
  2. You can get a menu on the next screen. Select “Other” from that list.
  3. Hit “NetBanking Registration” and “confirm” for completing the process.

Bank authority sends your net banking password to your mailing address through courier within a few days. You can use that password along with your customer id for accessing the HDFC net banking portal.

How to Activate HDFC Net Banking Online?

1. Go to http://www.hdfcbank.com/ and select “Net Banking” from the drop-down.

2. Click on “Register” button to start the process.


3. On the next page, you can get a list under “Get Started!” Click “Register Online” from that list.

4. You will be asked to generate OTP to register for net banking. Please follow the above screenshot to get a proper idea.

5. In the next screen, you need to type your customer id which is given by HDFC Bank and hit “GO” button.

6. Then you need to confirm your registered mobile number to send OTP

7. After getting One Time Password, you need to put it to continue the next process.

8. You need to choose your debit card which is linked to your customer id and input the debit card detail. You can add you own IPIN and confirm.

9. You can generate your desired IPIN through this process

Now you have the customer id and IPIN to log in your HDFC Net Banking Account. Now it’s time to access your online HDFC account.

Please follow the next process to do this.

How to login to Net Banking?

1. Again, go to home page of HDFC website and select “NetBanking” like before then click “Login” Button.

2. A new popup page will come. You can get “Continue to NetBanking” button and hit it.

3. Now you can get the Login page. Here you need to type your user id/customer id and press the “continue” button.

4. In the next screen, you need to type your IPIN which has been generated before and hit the “Login” button.

Woohoo! You are now into your Online Banking Account dashboard.

The foremost important thing we do through online banking is transferring money to others which is very easy to do. However, before sending the money to someone, you need to add his/her account details within your Net banking account as a beneficiary. Once the beneficiary is activated, you can start transferring money.

How to Add Beneficiaries?

1. You can get multiple tabs including account, fund transfer, BillPay & Recharge, Card, in your account. Click on “Fund Transfer” tab.

2. You can get different transaction types while you click “Fund Transfer”. Click the Transfer to other bank (NEFT) as you can see in the screenshot below:

On the “NEFT” page you can get “Add a Beneficiary” link. You need to click on it.

3. You can see three transaction types on the next page. We have selected “Transfer to other bank (NEFT/RTGS/IMPS)” though we want to transfer money to another bank account apart from HDFC.

4. On the next page, you can get a form where you need to add all the information including beneficiary’s account number, name and email id. You need to add IFSC of the beneficiary’s bank branch too within the form. For selecting IFSC, you need to hit “Click here” link which can be found next to IFSC Box.”

When you click on “Click here” link a new window will open. Type or Paste the IFSC of the beneficiary’s account and click on “Search.” You can get the bank name along with its branch name and branch address, which is related to that IFSC code. Hit on “Select” to put IFSC in the required place. After filling up all necessary fields, you need to click “Add” button to go to the next page. Please see the following images to get a clear idea. A popup will be displayed with some additional information. Click on “Ok” to continue.

5. You can see all information what you have added in the beneficiary form. If the information is correct, then click the “Confirm” button. If you want to fix anything in the previous form, click the “back” button.

6.You need to confirm your registered mobile number to receive OTP for adding a beneficiary. It is necessary for authentication purpose. Click the “Continue” button.

7. A One Time Password will be sent to your mobile number. You need to add that password and click “Continue.”

8. The beneficiary account will be activated within some time.

Now you can transfer money to that particular account. HDFC Bank allows various transaction types. You can pick one of them as per your needs. Here I will show you how to transfer money by using NEFT and IMPS.

How to transfer money Using Net Banking

How to transfer money by using NEFT

Click “Fund Transfer” tab and hit “GO” button of “Transfer to other bank (NEFT)”.

You need to complete 3 steps for transferring money by using NEFT. They are,

Entering detail:

  • You can get a third party transfer form to the next screen. You can see your account number and balance of your account. You need to select the “Beneficiary name” from the drop down arrow. When you choose the name, the beneficiary IFSC and account number are automatically displayed.

You need to write the transfer money and description in the third party fund transfer (NEFT) form.

Select the transfer type and choose an option where the transferring status will be sent. Two different options will be given including email and mobile no. In the next box, you can enter an email id if you want to send or receive the transfer status to that id or for the same reason you can to enter your mobile number in the next box. After filling up the third party transferring (NEFT) form, you need to check terms & condition for accepting it. Hit the “Continue” button after that.

Confirm Transaction:

The next step of NEFT is confirmation transaction. You can see all the information, which you have added in the previous form. If you think that the information is correct then click on “Confirm,” otherwise hit the “back” button to rectify the details.


This is the last step of NEFT. Here you can get to know that you fund transferring process is completed.

The other way to transfer the money is IMPS. Let’s see how you can send money to your beneficiary by using IMPS.

How to transfer money by using IMPS

For IMPS, you need to enter the “Transaction Type” section, and we have already discussed how to reach there.  You need to press “Go” button of “Instant transfer (365 days, 24×7) (IMPS- Account No.)”.

3 steps have to be covered to complete IMPS.

Enter Details

In the next screen, you need to choose your account and beneficiary name from the drop-down list. The fields of the beneficiary account number, IFSC code, and account type have been filled automatically when you select recipient name. You are instructed to type amount and remark in the instant transfer IMPS form. Check the terms and conditions and hit “continue”

Confirm Transaction

The next page allows checking detail what you have entered in the previous form. If you need to change anything then click the “back” button, otherwise hit the “confirm” button to proceed with the transaction.

Next, you need to verify the mobile number and email id to receive one-time password. OTP will be sent for authentication. Don’t forget to hit “Continue.”

You will be asked to type the OTP on the next screen. Enter the OTP and press the “Continue” button again.


The last step of IMPS transaction is acknowledgment. Here you can get confirmation that the transaction is completed and you will get transaction id from this step.

How to reset the Password?

Suppose you have lost your IPIN what will happen then?

IPIN is crucial for net banking, so you need to take care of it. By chance you forget it, don’t be panicked. Reset new IPIN online.

1. Click on “Forgot Password” from http://www.hdfcbank.com/.

2. On the next page, you will get “click here to Re-generate your IPIN now” You need to hit “Click here”.

3. The next screen instructs you to add your customer id. Click the “Go button”.

4. You will be asked to confirm your mobile number to get One Time Password. Click “Continue.”

5. You need to put OTP which is sent to your mobile number and hit “continue”.

6. You need to select your debit card number which is attached to your customer id.

7. In the next screen, you need to write the necessary information including ATM PIN and the expiry date of the debit You can get the facility to add your desired IPIN, and you need to write the same IPIN in the next box. Tap the “Confirm” button.

The password resetting process is complete.

Final Words

I am sure this how-to guide for HDFC net banking helped you understand everything about it. Still, if you get some issues while activating or transferring money, you can ask your queries in the comments.

Get started with Online Banking with HDFC today!

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  • I recently joined in a private company and they gave me HDFC salary account. It took 3 days to withdraw my money after my first salary credit due to lack of information to activate netbanking. I searched on google and visited several website but none helped me to gone through. Finally i ended up my search here and truly a good article which saved me lot of time.

  • Hi Aatsish Sir
    Due to demonetization it is very difficult time for us to keep cash in our hand I read the article it was very helpful for me regarding net banking thanks a lot sir. Due to you I gain some confidence to apply for my net banking. Hope I will be able to operate my NB in next couple of days

    Thanks a lot for publishing how to guide.

    Raju Vasistha
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  • Hello I have been using the net banking app and it works just fine for me however, my brother recently got his customer id and password and was able to log into net banking but is not able to add a beneficiary or make any transactions. The error is ‘application transaction is not allowed’ please advise urgently.

    • Author

      Hello Sienna,

      Your brother is using HDFC net banking, please ask him to follow the process mentioned in the article. I am sure he will be able to do it one go.

  • hello atish ranjan,
    really a great article .. after demonetization problems of the nation’s people are getting increased..so there is a need to spread awareness about e-payment and net banking..this article really explains about how to activate HDFC net banking to transfer money online…really got to know about it..thanking you
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  • Hi Atish, Looks like that you have a good knowledge about online banking. Just wanted to ask, is there any way to create virtual credit card. I tried to use freecharge virtual credit card. But it doesn’t work on all the sites. If you have any method to create a VCC please write an article on that. Would be really helpful. And thanks for the amazing article, you really write great in-depth article which are very informative.
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  • Thank You for the important information very useful in these day of demonetization for online transaction.

  • Hie. Atish,
    Is this hdfc netbanking more easy and usefull than BHIM app recently launched by Indian Government. which one will be better for future transaction use?

    • Author

      Hello Deepak,

      I haven’t used BHIM app yet. Moreoer, I would still prefer the netbanking of the bank I am a customer of. HDFC netbanking is nice, and quite user friendly in my opinion.


  • A very long and detailed article needed to know by all the newbie to net banking. I am managing an account in HDFC. I like their service and customer care. Due to demonetization we are facing a lot of problem in cash management, So my good suggestion is everybody needed to go with a cashless transaction. It makes our country as digital. The explanation with the perfect image is an add-on value to this article. This article needs to be promoted as much as possible to spread awareness.


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