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How to Access Region-Locked Content with a VPN Service?

Region locking has become somewhat of a trend these days and is especially prevalent amongst the popular streaming platforms. Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go are some of the streaming websites that have become quite popular these days, but there is one huge problem with them. These streaming websites offer different services for different regions, and their best content is mostly region locked. Then there is YouTube, which sometimes, completely locks out a region from some if its videos. However, there are some sites on the internet that are locked in a few regions, and despite trying hard, there is just no way to gain access to them. All of these things can get pretty annoying for a regular internet user especially when he/she wants to open a specific video or watch something important but cannot find any access to it.

Fortunately, we are glad that there is a way around this problem now. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Region locked content can now be unlocked with the help of a VPN service. VPN services like www.falcovpn.com allow you to gain access to any and all blocked content. A VPN, virtual private network, connects your computer to a VPN server that allows you to geo-spoof your location and connect to any country’s server without revealing your real IP address and location. Moreover, a VPN service encrypts your data and makes you appear completely anonymous on the internet. No one can view your internet browsing history or track your online activity when you’re connected to a VPN server.

In this article, we have highlighted some of the ways how a VPN service can help you unlock region locked content.


Region Locked Streaming Services

We all are already familiar with Netflix, which is regarded as one of the best streaming websites in the world right now. As good as Netflix is, we all know that all of the non-U.S. versions are limited in one way or another. Most of the content available in the Netflix library is only fully accessible to the users who are based in the U.S. Every month, Netflix introduces new content, but all of it is limited. Users living outside of the U.S. are paying the same amount as the ones based in the U.S. but aren’t able to get the full experience out of it, which is pretty infuriating. For non-U.S. residents, now there is a solution in the shape of VPNs. With their help, you can change your device’s region to any U.S. location, and your Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and other streaming services will automatically follow. They will be set up just like they do for the U.S. versions. The content will be available to all the non-U.S. residents as well, and they can stream the content that U.S. based users are also streaming. So, just by enabling a VPN to your device and changing your location to the U.S. server, you will be able to stream your favorite movies, music, and TV shows. At this moment, VPNs are the only way to enjoy streaming services to their fullest as none of them allow manual region switching.

Region Locked Videos

You may have noticed that some of the videos on YouTube just don’t work as you’re welcomed with a statement that reads “the video has not been made available at your location.” This statement can really put you off and make you feel frustrated. Most of the videos these days are being region locked, which means that you will be getting the aforementioned message a whole lot from here on out. However, there is no need to worry as VPN services can help counter this problem as well. VPNs come with multiple servers’ options that are scattered all around the globe. Some apps use third-party servers, while some have their own dedicated servers in different locations. There is no need to think too much about it though as all of them get the job done. If a video is not operating in your particular region, then you should just switch your server via VPN to another location, and it will work. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. After you’ve enabled a VPN service, you will not only be able to enjoy the region locked videos but also won’t see the same statement on your YouTube screen as well.

Region Locked Sites

There are certain websites that are region locked for some reason. Most of the websites like these usually cater to a certain audience which they believe is only present at their selected locations, and more often than not, they are wrong. People all over the world have different tastes in different things, so a website should be open for everyone. There is nothing we can do about region locking but we can use VPN services to access the region locked websites. It pretty much works the same way – you download a VPN, enable it, switch your server to a different location, and gain access to the blocked website. With VPNs at your disposal, none of the region locking stuff will be a problem for you anymore. As VPN services provide you with multiple servers, you can choose any one of them at will. That’s as easy as it gets.

VPN services have surely made our lives easier and save us from a lot of troubles that we could face on the internet. It geo spoof’s our location and makes us gain access to any country’s server. Watching our favorite content in the Netflix U.S library, streaming blocked YouTube videos, or getting access to blocked sites is no longer a problem as long we have enabled a VPN service. Apart from helping us get access to the region locked content, a VPN service also protects our private information and keeps us bay from the online hackers and government surveillance. If you don’t want your online activity to be monitored or want to stay anonymous on the internet, we suggest you switch to a VPN server as soon as possible.

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  • The Internet should be a worldwide system that connections the whole world, however numerous sites are restricted to particular nations. Obviously, robbery is higher in nations where substance isn’t lawfully accessible. VPN administrations have clearly made our lives less demanding and spare us from a considerable measure of inconveniences that we could confront on the web.

  • I use Chrome plugin browsec and switch vpn connection in one click. Also, i can change the country. There are few countries for free

  • It seems to be nice that regional locked with vpn service that is clearify by Sir Atish is easy for me now to check or to rectify from these types of errors which is a great issue for youtube users while seeing the videos.

    • Hey Ary,

      You can use anyone that fits good for you. For Free, use Hola chrome extension. FOr paid, Nord VPN looks to be promising.

  • Hello Atish,

    This is an interesting article as I was searching for VPNs and tried few like the Opera and all but somehow I found guilty to use them. I was scared if I use VPN providers it may overwrite my default IP addresses or might hijack by IP/DNS or any private/personal data.

    But I used the falcon VPN as stated above in your article and so far looks good as we can connect to VPN as and when required without using a separate browser like that of Opera may be. I will also try that Hola extension that you recommended above for Free version.

    Once again thanks a lot for this informative article.

    • Good to know that, Guru. Thanks for stopping by. You can also go ahead with the free Hola chrome extension if you want a free VPN.

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