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Points To Remember While Accepting Guest Posts On Your Blog

Guest blogging is becoming the most used link building strategy for most of the online companies/webmasters. Bloggers, who are having high page rank blogs, get tons of guest posting offers and most of them are of cheap and low quality.

There are very few guest bloggers who actually does this stuff like real blogging otherwise most of them come to provide a low quality article just to get 1-2 dofollow backlinks. Many bloggers happily accept all of them and here they do a blunder mistake. Even I did the same mistake in the past but now I am very choosy in accepting them.

If you want your blog not to be harmed by Google’s algos then you must take care of your blog in a fine manner. Especially be careful and choosy while selecting the guest posts. Don’t think that accepting guest posts always give profits only, NO! It can harm you at times if you are not careful. If you will select low quality content with off niche links then it might harm your blog badly.

Few Points you must check out before accepting guest posts on your blog:-

Check if the posts are relevant to your blog and useful to your reader?

The very first thing you need to check out in the guest posts is to check whether they are relevant to your blog’s topic, whether they are useful to your readers.
Why do you need to check every time you get a guest post?

Because there are hell lot of guest bloggers or I should call them the cheap Link builders, who don’t care of your blog, they just care to get 1-2 dofollow link which you will offer happily if they provide a post to you.  But did you ever think that the post they offer deserves approval and in exchange they deserves a link back?
If you don’t then do start checking out these things because cheap guest posts can kill your blog slowly.

Check if the post/article is exclusive Piece for your blog?

This is one more critical thing to check out because the so called link builders who disguise themselves as guest blogger, posts a guest blog on your blog and later after 2-3 days post the same article in article directories. I have seen many cases of this kind so do check whether the post is exclusively written for your blog only.

Yes! its tough to find out what will he be doing with that article after posting on your blog as guest post so to stay on safer side accept guest post only from well known guest bloggers or from any other blogger friends.

Check if the guest post follows your guest posting guidelines?

If you are accepting guest posts on your blog then you must be having a guest posting guidelines on your site. Such as we are having Guest posting guidelines for techtricksworld.
If you don’t have any guidelines yet on your blog then start writing today. If you are already having then check the posts you get as guest posts whether they fulfill those guidelines.

accepting guest blogging
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If they don’t follow your guidelines just drop it. No need to reply everyone the same thing that “Please go back to read our guest posting guidelines”.
I get so many guest posting offers on daily basis and reply to all of them that “please read our guest posting guidelines and then come up with your post” but can you believe it they come up with their post and write there “I have read your guidelines and as per that here is my post attached”.

I become happy at times as someone is reading our guidelines but again as I start reviewing what I find that only 2-3 points are followed and rest are not. Now If I again reply them then they will again do a little change and this process will keep on going for 1-2 days. So its better to drop that guest blogger’s posts who don’t follow the guidelines even after telling them.

It seems a bit rude but If the guest blogger cannot devote 5 minutes for reading the guidelines then no need to reply back to them. If a guest blogger is really genuine then he/she must read the guidelines and then come up with post.

Check If the post is Self promotional?

At times you will face few guest bloggers who come up with a post which is written only to promote their brand or product only. They don’t add value to your blog even. Accept only those posts which can add value to your blog and relevant to your blog’s niche.

These are the safety points while accepting guest posts but I suggest one more thing that to post guest posts in a little quantity. Don’t do too much because if you keep on posting only guest posts then your own voice will be missing on your own blog which is not a good sign.

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  • thanks for the valuable tips than i should should have in mind. and of course not all intend to deliver quotes something relevant to our posts, that has to be watched. thanks for the share.

  • Hi Atish,
    Thanks for providing these tips regarding guest post!! Yes these tips would definitely be a great help for all bloggers. This do happens that guest posts have been accepted but the authors only have the criteria to have only low quality links. This actually should not be done. Thanks for the share!!

  • Good write up Atish. I stopped to comment on this article, probably you know the reason. An instance of this type had already damaged my website completely.

    You must exercise extreme caution prior to allowing any foreign content on your site from anyone.

    • Thanks Durgesh Bhai for stopping by. Now days Guest blogging is not just “blogging”, It became a link building technique only. Very few bloggers are out there who still does it because they love it otherwise most of them are nothing but just link builders.

      Yes, I know very well about your site destroyed just because of trusting someone else for content.

  • Hey thanks for the tips but my friend i guess you forgot “content copying” which is often used by some bloggers just to get a back-link !

  • Thanks for the great post. I would also like to add on another point to remember while accepting guest posts in your blog is that if the name of the blogger sounds so fishy it will also affect your repuation in google.

  • Hello,
    Relevancy and Unique content are the most important terms when we accepting a guest post. You have already mentions here and all other important points your have shared. Thanks for sharing nice post regarding guest post!!

  • Nice points mention here when we accepting a guest posting. Some guest blogger think want to getting do follow link from the other site and write the non quality content and send for the review. So We should care these points.

  • I was a victim of those who submit blog posts to you and once you get it published they go ahead and submit it to other places without even changing the title. I am now in the business of cleaning up the mess.

  • Atish – These are some wonderful tips for all bloggers. I do accept a lot of guest posts on my websites, but when i say all links will be ‘NoFollow’, most of the bloggers will back away 🙂

    I agree that we need to look at the links and see if they relate to our niche, that is a very good point and I need to follow that closely.

    Thanks for the article.

  • Yes. One should properly read the guidelines mentioned before offering a guest post to be published otherwise valuable time will be wasted.

    Very well written article!

  • Thanks Atish for the tips on guest blogging. I’m new to blogging and will keep these points in mind before have anyone guest post.

  • Very nice post Atish. I think missed out one more point regarding the quality of content and also whether its a duplicate content or not. This is the very crucial point before accepting a guest post. Kindly correct me on this if I am wrong….

  • Google make it quite clear that who you link to can effect your reputation.

    Always check first which website is going to be linked to from the guest post you’re might be accepting.

    Check the back links of the website with something like Open Site Explorer. See how well the sites ranks. Check the site for duplicate content. And take a good old fashioned look at it with your eyes. If it looks like a spammy site then it probably uses spammy SEO practices and linking to it could get you in trouble.

  • same happened to me that two people acted as a guest bloggers and gave me link which was a promotional link and they had been paid to spread that link but i removed those links from those guest posts

  • Accepting guest posts is a tricky thing. While it is true that we get free content for our blog, we must make sure that we link out to proper sites and publish only good quality content (so that we are not affected by any algo updates).

    Thanks for the headsup Atish.

  • Being an amateur blogger, this is something very useful for me…. Thanks for the “must check points”. Hoping for some more articles on such important topics. 🙂

  • Guest posting is growing and expanding rapidly your site on the search engine result page(SERP). So every one want to do guest posting and don’t care quality content So the responsibility of the website owner check carefully the content. Thanks for notify beginners and experience bloggers.

  • Dear,

    Great post about Guest blogging .Guest posting is best way to share your thoughts and experience and you can share with more friends via guest posting


  • Yes Atish, Its good to cross check the things while accepting the guest posts. However I am not a blogger but I do know that In the age of Panda and Penguine host blogger needs to be very choosy while accepting guest posts.

  • Absolutely you have pointed valid info. Many bloggers tend to accept guest posts since the initial goal is only traffic. But indeed , the adverse effect is very harmful.

    At blogging time and effort is important. Nothing happens just by night as accepting few guest articles to your site if the content not meaningful to your blog. So, Be focused and have passion on your writing skills. This adds more value to your blog rather accepting cheap guest posts.

    Thanks for sharing the information.

  • Yes! We have to first look out that if this is creating for sharing knowledge or for backlink purpose only!! Thanks for this one!

  • Very informative article about guest blogging. I have always faced problems in thinking while accepting guest posts for my blog. Sometime it has happened that I land up rejecting really good and relevant articles because of the mess. Thanks for providing such useful tips. I am really glad you posted this article.

  • Wow, Atish – am I glad to have read this post! I haven’t had time to get into guest posting yet, but you read so much about what a marvellous thing it is. This is the first post I’ve read that says anything at all about the pitfalls – now I think it’s a minefield!

    I’m so naive, it had never occurred to me that people would get up to some of the nasty tricks you describe here – I guess I like to think people are trustworthy and honest.

    I will certainly draw up some guest posting guidelines, as you suggest, before I start accepting any guest posts on my blog. It strikes me one of the best precautions you can take is only to accept guest posts from people you already know and trust.

    Thanks so much – I’m bookmarking this for future reference!


  • Very good points I might say! I had two blogs about cars and were getting nothing but spam posts from my competitors. Plus, it was too time consuming to post on a regular basis. I would have writers block as they say, sometimes just brain dead with no new topics to blog about. As well, It was taking too much of my time from my real passion – cars.
    So, I admire those who do have the time AND can make some money from blogging! I was NOT one of those. So now, instead of writing, I am reading (about blogs) and how to “transform” to be a better blogger if I decide to do it again.

  • Informative post and first must say thanks to this informative post and i was thinking to try the guest post but i was getting confused and now i can guest post with the help of your points and i will always keep rember for guest posting

  • Always proofread the guest post too! I had a guest post on mine and it had some mistakes like repetition of words, even a major one where the word was misspelled so it gave the whole sentence a new meaning.

  • This post is so interesting and fantastic. I have visited and bookmark this site for later use. Thanks for sharing this great post. To tell the truth, I love this site very much.

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