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A Guide To Writing Your Resume Online

We can define a biodata or a resume as a document made for professionals that include a brief description of your professional experience and training such as academic competencies, skills, the knowledge gained from previous jobs, etc. Preparing a biodata is the threshold of your career. As many job searches are online these days, you must design a resume compatible with the web and can be quickly sent through relevant platforms. If you want a guide on how to write a resume online, you are at the right place. Here are the tips to prepare a multi-purpose resume online.  


In this Internet Era, being technologically literate has become the hour’s need. Employers all over the world are constantly scouring for tech-savvy employees. Therefore, the resume you make should represent technological competencies efficiently. You may rapidly create a new resume with the help of a resume builder (online). With the help of online resume builders, you may construct a unique resume in a matter of minutes. If you have decided that a job search engine is a way to go to build a resume, the site will allow you to share the resume with the employers on the same job search engine. Therefore, from creating a resume first and then mailing it to a hiring company, the entire process turns out to be effortless. 


Apart from a resume builder (online), you can also design a resume online that can be accessed online and has its own URL. Such a resume can be a part of your professional profiles such as LinkedIn or your website. Resumes made online enable you to utilize images, infographics, and so forth, and also embed links. They can, hence, be made very catchy. Another advantage of opting for an online resume is that you can include your portfolio links, published articles, and so forth. The appeal of resumes made online is increasing at an unprecedented, and one must also make full use of this opportunity. Some employers do prefer traditional resumes that are submitted in Word documents or PDFs. Therefore, you must go for online resumes if you are sure that your employer would appreciate it.


In usual circumstances, a resume is submitted as an email attachment which also comes with a letter (cover). In case your recruiter has requested that you submit a biodata in a particular format, ensure you follow their instructions. Remember not to copy-paste the bio data in your e-mail unless your employer has asked for the same.


The importance is primordial that your resume has a professional look, is easily readable, and successfully strongly highlights the key skills possessed by you and your potential. But, at an age where everything happens online, it must be accessible by your potential recruiters. It’s important to realize that your journey doesn’t finish with your online résumé. You should follow specific steps to make sure that your resume is immaculate. 

  • Put your name and the name of the position you’re applying for in a nice title.
  • As a title, you may also add your profession, but keep it concise.
  • Avoid naming your file as ‘CV’ or ‘CV 2’. Such bland file names imply that an applicant is on a job-hunting spree and not seriously interested in working with the company.
  • Make sure that the document/CV you are sending is readable.
  • Opt for a consistent format
  • Always examine the preview of a CV document before uploading.
  • Avoid erratic inconsistencies like page gaps, differential font styles, and so forth.


While designing your resume, you might want to consider the various styles and opt for the one that matches your area of employment.

  1. Chronological Resume: They concentrate heavily on your work history. It is the most typical resume type and is preferred by many industries. The most significant advantage of a chronological CV is that the HR Person can quickly glance through whatever you’ve achieved in the past and wherever you’ve worked. Therefore, if you are changing jobs and have a lengthy trajectory of professional employment, you might want to opt for a chronological resume.
  2. Functional Resume: It focuses more on your skills in the professional field and not on your chronological history of employment. The definitive feature of a functional resume is the ‘Relevant Skills’ section. You should opt for a functional resume if you are changing industries and have a sizeable gap in your history of employment. 
  3. Combination CV: It is an amalgamation of the best elements of not only the functional but the chronological resume also. A combination résumé entails your skills but is not heavily focused on them. Likewise, you can also chronologically add the employment history in a combination CV. It might be useful to comfier a combination CV if you possess transferable and technical capacities.  

In conclusion, building an online resume is possible with some preliminary research. But, you should have patience and also ensure that you customize your resumes.

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