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A Guide to Make Money as a Graphic Designer

If you’re interested in designing field or a good designer, this post would guide you to make money as a graphic designer.

I am wondering with the internet technology advancements, because it has some remarkable places to show our variety of skills and we could earn money with it. Yes, here I am gonna discuss about the graphic designing jobs through this post. When I started to write about “online money making” topics, am receiving many enquiries about the online jobs and some people asked me to show the good resources to earn money on the internet. Recently, I received a mail with a question “ I read your valuable posts to make some bucks on the internet. Am a graphic designer working for a concern and I want to earn at my spare time, so could you tell “How much money do graphics designer make online?”.So I took chance to explain on how to make money as a graphic designer through this post.


Graphic Designing Trend

Now a days, graphics designers are in great demand on the internet. Did you know? Graphic designing is the key module of content marketing as it an art of communication and having problem solving ability through images. So most of the online business concentrates on graphic design to attract and engage the customers. Moreover they are looking for the people who are skilled in graphic designing with creative skills. If you are a good designer, you can make use of some fabulous opportunities offered by the internet companies to make online income.

What are the ways to make money as a graphic designer?

There are many ways that a graphic designer could earn money online. Some of them are:

Sell your designs at marketplace

If you are a good graphic designer, make use of Envato marketplaces to sell your digital works. Your WordPress templates, illustrations, icons, logos, vector files etc can be converted into cash in these market places like:

  • Themeforest.net
  • Graphicriver.net

Create a Blog

Creating a blog to showcase your graphic works is a classic and clever way to make money as a graphic designer. Just make your blog popular with your creative work and monetize it through genuine ways. Once it started to perform well, you’ll get more clients to work with your graphic designing skill.

create a blog

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Give your Designing Knowledge as Tutorials

As I told earlier, internet is ready to pay for your every work. Yes, there are get paid to write tutorial websites available with which you could make cash by writing tutorials. Just share your design tips and tactics in the form of tutorials, give it to the required websites and if your design work gets qualified, then you’ll get paid for it. You can try these websites to send your graphics tutorial:

  • Tutorial9.net
  • Designinstruct.com
  • Gomediazine.com

Participate in Designing Contests

You can make fun in earning money through internet. Yeah, some companies need logos/designs for their enterprise and they host contents through some websites to get the desired design. You can take part in these types of contents and make dough with it. Check these websites to find such contests:

  • Logotournament.com
  • Threadless.com

Graphic Design Conest

Search Design jobs Through Job Boards

Job boards with vacancies are available for various fields like designing, blogging and so on. Based on your skills and experience, you may apply to the suitable design jobs. You can explore the job boards to get your desired job related to graphic design. Try this job board

  • Coroflot (http://www.coroflot.com/jobs)

Other Ways to Make Money as a Graphic Designer

Are you not satisfied with any of the ways which I listed above? Then, you could try these ideas:

  1. Engrave your designing knowledge as a E-book, promote it and sell online.
  2. Create your own membership website to sell your creativeness in the form of stock photos, tutorials, themes etc.
  3. Many blogs are badly in need of the blog posts related to graphic designing. Do research and find some top active blogs to send your articles for them.
  4. Some people would be interested in learning the graphic designing skills. So offer good training for them by writing simple “how to” lessons.
  5. Work with freelance graphic designing websites.

Useful websites to make money with graphic design:

  • Cafepress.com
  • Behance.net
  • Krop.com
  • Payloadz.com
  • 99designs.com
  • Cutcaster.com
  • Brandcroud.com
  • Vectorstock.com


From a recent study, it is clear that employment for graphic designers would increase by 13% in the upcoming years and the designers might be greatly in demand. Without graphic design, most the business would fail to entertain their clients and so they should rely on people with creative skills. Many co-operate professionals, homemakers and students are making decent online income with graphic designing by doing it as a part time job.  Why can’t you?

Instead of watching TV or wasting time in surfing the net, do convert your creative skills into cash. Even if you don’t have designing skills, there are lot of online resources available to learn graphic design effortlessly. Make use of it and make money as a graphic designer.

I am done! Now it’s your turn to share your opinion/experience. Let me know your views related to make money as a graphic designer 🙂

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Zainil Dedhia

Zainil is commerce graduate & is pursuing his further studies in commerce. He loves to write about software's & social media.

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  • Seriously the way you write your posts is simply amazing, i am very impressed by you, i want to say the words and the knowledge you put in the post both are very impressive, i want to thank you for sharing such a great post and want to say i going to subscribe to your posts.

  • this is something which i want to find….
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    demand of graphical designer very much increased from the past.
    So i would go for it…

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  • Nice and useful post from you Zainil.

    Am expecting the “money making posts” in TTW these days.

    I really stumbled to check the ways of earning money as a graphic designer and thanks for listing some useful websites.

    Yeah, as you told, the designers are in good demand on the internet and even some of my friends are making income with it.

    Will share this post to them and keep publishing these kind of posts to make money online.

  • Nice write. Actually if you have the skills, you can really make a lot of money by designing. All it takes is passion and lots of hardwork.

    Oh yes, the old blogging style still works!

  • Hi Zainil !!!
    I must say you have done a great effort to bring this valuable information to us. I heartly appreciate it.
    I didn’t even know that where the graphic designer’s Market exists and you just shared in the blog post.

    However, I am not good enough in designing, just an average, but thinking to opt as web and graphics designing as career.

    Thanks again for this article.
    cheers !!!

  • Hey Zainil, making money online is an evergreen topic and now after the fluctuations in global finance, more and more people are jumping online to build a business.

    As to earn as a graphic designer, we have two options:

    1. Selling from our own website.
    2. Use third party sites to sell our products.

    The first one is intense in terms of building a site, integrating payment options, securely dispatching our product and so on.

    The second option takes no maintenance work, but you will just be a seller – with your own website you can build more authority and you will have more control.

    Thanks for sharing Zainil 🙂

    • It seems very easy to earn money through graphics designing but it is not so much easy, when you come on the internet to make some money-remember one thing very clearly, you must be master of your art, all these listed website does not accept any average listed in their website, neither you can send them and copy paste work nor you can say i am just started.

  • Wonderful tips and presentation. I wanted to use to artistic skills to design some blog templates but didn’t know where to start and share my knowledge and this article helped me do solve some of my problems.

  • I am grateful that you wrote on this topic. I love Graphic designers and personally I showcase their work on my blog as well. I mean they are fantastic and the kind of creativity they bring out from a normal object, that’s what inspires me.

    Keep writing.

  • Graphic designing is creative art and if you own it you can make handful of money. Not only graphic designing, if you have any skill you can make money online but the thing is that you have to be very good at it.

  • A very nice guide there. I am not a graphic designer but am delighted to share this with my friends who work in that area. Most especially those who work online will benefit a lot from your tips. Thanks for sharing.

  • this post is very useful for me as I am a graphic cum web designer and It can help make me money as well as with my job,

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