Top 10 Globally Successful Women of India
Indian women are not just the women who work only in kitchen but they are individuals who have their own voice. They have crossed the country borders and social barriers to fly the flag of India across the globe. From US to UAE, they are everywhere. Gone are the days when women just played the… (12 comments)

Top 10 Indian Women in IT
Technology sector has been a hub for men, for most of its actual existence. This has eventually and slowly changed. The old long story that Technology sector of the economy is ruled by men is now a myth.  The scenario has changed a lot since the last two decades.  More of technologically sound and intellectual… (29 comments)

Top 10 Most Powerful Women of the World
For time and being power has been considered to be an attribute of men. But now some women have come forward with an initiative to prove it wrong. Here we are bringing out the list of the top 10 most powerful women in the world.  Before this we have posted about Top 7 sexiest Female… (13 comments)

Top 10 Business Women of the World
Gone are the days when the world belonged to the man! Today’s woman has staged equal footing with the man. Women have created a space for themselves in every kind of business. Today there are about 20 women CEOs happily positioned at the top 500 American companies. This is indeed the best statistics ever. Women… (13 comments)

10 Sites Like BooHoo {BooHoo Alternatives}
This article is going to talk about the best 10 sites like BooHoo which are the best alternatives to this fashion & Clothing website. Stay Tuned! Shopping for clothes gives eternal peace, and a sense of contentment doubled with joy. It is convenient, necessity, and gets the brands from all across the globe at your… (0 comment)