7 Best SNES Emulators for Windows
Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES was what started off the trend of the best video games. If you are in love with those games, there is a way to relive those wonderful days once again. Yes, we are talking about the NSES Emulators for your computer or laptop. We will list out the best… (0 comment)

How to Reduce Background Noise on Mic Windows 10?
What is background noise? Background noise is also known as ambient noise, technically called as noise pollution or interference. Any extra sound or being heard other than original sound, when you hear a recording, is considered to be background noise. Let’s move into the details to learn what causes background noise, how to reduce background… (18 comments)

10 Ways to Take Screenshots on Windows 10
Screenshot plays an important role in creating user-guides for software programs and even while writing how-to guides of technical things, screenshots are very important. Sometimes to show someone what’s on our computer or phone screen, there is the need for capturing screenshots. There is a huge list of screenshot tools that you can use to… (5 comments)

How to Enable gpedit.msc In Windows 10 (Home Edition)?
GPEdit stands for Group Policy Editor that used to edit some really advanced features of Windows. Local Group Policy editor is there too that is used for a single computer, but when the computer is connected to a network, Group Policy Editor is needed. Group Policy is not specifically designed for home users; that is… (4 comments)