6 Common Smartphone Problems and How to Resolve Them
Smartphones while relatively new by comparison have become a staple of our society and it is unlikely you could go anywhere in the world and not find one. They are fundamental pieces of equipment that enable us to live our lives and manage our lives a hundred times easier, although as with any technology, there… (1 comment)

10 Best Smartphones With 4GB RAM in India
Are you looking for a future-proof smartphone to click sharp pictures, play high-end graphic intensive games or watch full HD videos? Or, you are a type of person who keeps all the apps open while working on one? If your response is YES, you would need smartphones with high specifications; especially the RAM should be more.… (10 comments)

5 Samsung Smartphones With 4GB RAM
While buying a smartphone, we generally look at its camera, Processor, and most importantly the RAM because having more RAM doesn’t let the phone go slow down while processing requests as it has a lot of free memory available. However, not only RAM but processor also is the reason of phone’s smooth speed of processing… (4 comments)