The Importance and Utility of Programming Languages
In this age of the Internet, learning to code has become essential as the present world is rushing towards automation and machines that are replacing human workers and thus rapidly eating up many jobs. That is why it is paramount to realize the importance and utility of coding for surviving in this scenario. Here I… (2 comments)

8 Best IDE for C++ Programming
C++ is a very powerful, excellent, and flexible object-oriented programming language that offers generic and modern programming features that allow a programmer develop large-scale applications such as search engines, video games, and others. When working on a big project as a C++ programmer, it becomes inevitable that you work with an efficient IDE that will… (1 comment)

How to Crack the Hadoop Exam?
Big Data exists everywhere today. With the huge increase in the number of people spending their time and the maximum number of activities being carried out over the Internet, the generation of enormous amounts of data is obvious. Clearly, Big Data Analytics is used worldwide by companies to facilitate their growth and development. The factors… (0 comment)

How Long Does it Take to Learn Java?
How Long Does it Take to Learn Java? This is the question every wannabe Java Programmer wants to know the answer for, and this blog post is going to answer their query in detail. If you have knowledge of some programming language, specifically the ones that are based on OOPS(Object Oriented Programming System), then you… (2 comments)