15 Best Password Managers to Manage Passwords Efficiently
Everyone loves to use different applications, sites, networks in one single device or maybe several. However, owning multiple accounts from different sites and trying to remember all usernames and passwords can sometimes be confusing and hard to recall at all. That is why many experts have invented software called Password Managers that helps you manage… (23 comments)

Manage your Passwords Easily with LastPass?
Is it hard to remember your passwords? If yes, password manager like Dashlane or Lastpass can help you.  You can read my review of Dashlane which I have already shared on TTW. Today I am sharing about another Password manager, LastPass. Before you read this post I would like you to have a look on the… (21 comments)

All About Passwords
Technology has improved a lot and it would be good if it is used for some beneficial purposes. But some people are using it wrongly like website hacking, account cracking and so on. Passwords play a vital role in protecting your valuable data.  So you should be very careful in creating and maintaining the strong… (38 comments)

10 Best Apps That Take Pictures of Intruders
Your phone is one of your personal gadgets. It’s exclusively yours. No one has any right to use it without your permission. And I doubt it if you’ll ever permit anyone to access private information stored on your phone. That’s why you’d have all sorts of security features installed. Nevertheless, you need to go a… (3 comments)