How to Nail Microsoft 70-761 Exam?
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Certification is acquired through passing a total of six exams. Microsoft 70-761 is the first exam in this list and is counted as a credit for this certificate. The target audience for this exam primarily includes database administrators, developers, and software engineers. T-SQL is a data language. This exam will help… (0 comment)

Microsoft Lumia 540 XL Dual SIM Review
Android Smartphone market is getting bigger and competitive day by day. With more and more Chinese companies pitching in, it’s not looking good for Windows. When it comes to Windows, Microsoft is the undisputed champion but, it is still far behind Android. You can easily get a decent Android smartphone under 10000 with speed, look… (10 comments)

Microsoft Windows OS Wallpapers
Microsoft is a company that innovated the popular operating system, Windows. Over the years, there are so many versions came and done well. Windows 95 to now windows 10, Microsoft has seen both success and failures. Where windows xp was a super big hit, windows vista was a flop show but again windows 7 done… (13 comments)

Meet Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella
Putting all the rumours to rest, finally it is official that India born Satya Nadella is the new CEO of Microsoft, the fourth largest organisation in the world. Recently it was in the news that Satya Nadella was going to replace the current CEO Steve Ballmer to become the first Indian CEO of the organisation… (19 comments)

Bill Gates Before Microsoft – Story Of The Legend
Bill gates is known as one of the world’s richest person, an ace investor, a philanthropist and one of the world’s most successful entrepreneur. Anyhow he was not born with a golden spoon. All this was earned by hard work, dedication and a slight tinge of luck. His story goes on as follows: Early life… (31 comments)