How Long Does it Take to Learn Java?
How Long Does it Take to Learn Java? This is the question every wannabe Java Programmer wants to know the answer for, and this blog post is going to answer their query in detail. If you have knowledge of some programming language, specifically the ones that are based on OOPS(Object Oriented Programming System), then you… (2 comments)

How Long Does it Take to Learn JavaScript?
Q: How Long Does it Take to Learn JavaScript?  Ans.  5 Months. Yes, you read right. It takes around 5 months to learn Javascript if you learn it seriously. However, this means you learn it at the basic and intermediary level only. To be an expert in this, you will have to go through working… (1 comment)

Machine Learning with Adapt – The results of the first beta users
Operational Program Competitiveness 2014-2020 Project financed by the European Fund for Regional Development Project name “SOLUȚIE TIC INOVATIVĂ PENTRU CREȘTEREA COMPETITIVITĂȚII ECONOMICE A MARKETIZATOR FRIENDS SRL” Press Release by Omniconvert Adapt – what it stands for and its first results Humans crave connections. This is why brick-and-mortar stores still represent a significant part of commerce:… (0 comment)

How to Learn Machine Learning by Yourself?
Artificial Intelligence or A.I. was always exciting – from stirring a paddle in Pong to striking you up with combos in the Street Fighter. A.I. has consistently orbited around a programmer’s functional guess at how some things should behave. Yes, it’s fun, but not every programmer is always skilled in programming A.I. as we frequently… (0 comment)

How Long Does it Take To Learn Python?
I mentioned in my last blog post that one of my friends asked how long does it take to learn HTML, and he also asked how long does it take to learn Python. I did write a complete post about his question about HTML; now I thought to write about Python as well. Continue reading… (4 comments)