Email Marketing: How to Increase the Number of Your Contacts
Email marketing is an important strategy to generate new leads, widely used since many years. The purpose of this strategy is to “convert” contacts, interested in your business, in potential customers who are going to increase your mailing list database. This operation is called lead generation, as an action that allows precisely to generate a… (42 comments)

Email Marketing: 10 Basic Rules + Tips for a Perfect Email
Creating effective email marketing campaigns has become a complex task nowadays. Every internet user receives a dozen emails everyday, and the number can grow to more active people. According to a research, each web user is registered to an average of 6-7 newsletter, a factor which added to the chronic lack of time results in a reduction of… (70 comments)

SendinBlue: Email Marketing Solution [Review]
When we say Email Marketing is a must for every product, service or company that wants to ensure web presence as effectively as possible, we hardly expect an objection to arise. From the time marketers found email as a superb way to communicate with previous and current customers, email marketing has been favourite choice of… (9 comments)

SendPulse: The Ultimate Tool for Online Marketing
One of the most effective ways you can get your products or services to your target audience regardless of their geographical location is through online marketing. It is the perfect means of creating awareness for your product or service and eventually with the goal of achieving increased patronage. If you have been looking for an… (1 comment)