How to Safely Download Files from the Internet?
Many of us regularly download files from the internet whether through torrent sites or email attachments from friends. Whilst this is a great way to share files and access content, there are some big risks with malware, viruses, and other nasty things. It is so important to take the right safety measures when downloading files… (1 comment)

How to Download Online Videos with 9xbuddy?
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Snaptube – An Excellent Option for Downloading and Streaming Videos
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How to Download Scribd Documents Without Download Option?
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Best PC Games You Can Download in 2020
The PC (or now laptop) has been one of the much-preferred options for the gaming industry for long. Of course, there are several consoles released each year, but the concept of PC gaming has never been able to fade away. We do not expect the situation to change in 2020 either. With just a couple… (1 comment)