5 Ways to Enhance Your Business Computers
Today, virtually every employee working a nonlabor-intensive job relies on their business computer. Even contractors will need to resort to their machine for invoicing, communication, and so forth. Yet, few of us are what you could consider techy, and often our workstations (computers) need some tender love and care. We understand that the idea of… (3 comments)

How to Download Instagram Videos on Phone and Computer?
Instagram is the fascinating app to present youth, offering an alluring platform to post their photos and videos. With beautiful and stunning posts, people start gaining the attention of the online crowd. From celebrities to college students, everyone started posting their current status in the form of picture or video to Instagram, letting the world… (10 comments)

Full Form Of Computer and Funny Full Forms of Related Terms
Full Form of Computer C – Common O – Operating M – Machine P – Particularly U – Used for T – Technical & E – Educational R – Research Is “Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Technical & Educational Research”, the actual full form of COMPUTER? Did Charles Babbage make the acronym Computer? Apart… (2 comments)

Charles Babbage – Father of The Computer
On TechTricksWorld, we have been writing about notable personalities of the tech industry that you can find here. And, when we are talking about technology, how we can miss Charles Babbage who created the first computer. Nowadays, we use computer for almost everything we do such as online shopping, ticket booking, finding information, and even… (6 comments)