What is Error 404? 6 Best 404 Plugins for WordPress
Error 404! Annoying right? Error 404 simply means that the requested page or URL is not found on the server. Whether you are a site owner or a just visitor, error 404 always annoys you. A visitor doesn’t like it because the page or content he is looking is not found, and a site owner… (18 comments)

How  To Use WordPress SEO Plugin BY Yoast?
Every blogger/webmaster wants to rank their content higher in search engines and hence they need a complete SEO solution for their WordPress blog. If you’re the one who seeks the same, then I’d suggest you to download the most popular plugin, WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin is a good alternative to “All in One… (42 comments)

How to setup WordPress on you Hosting Server?
In his book ‘Shaping the Dream‘ the author Israelmore Ayivor said that by creating a blog or website of our own and sharing our experience through these media we can market our dream products, we choose how we want to be recognized for. If you want to find more about this author take a look… (1 comment)