Sure Fire Ways to Get Huge Twitter Followers
If you wonder what wrong you had committed or what ethics you hadn’t followed to boast large Twitter followers, then this post is for you. Or you might be puzzling with the importance of having great Twitter followers like “Why would I want more supporters on Twitter”? So, before giving some practical tips to get… (16 comments)

Twitter Etiquette: Retaining Followers
Social networking is very important to online marketing and Twitter is a great network to start on. If you want your business to succeed on Twitter, you must maintain Twitter etiquette to gain respect from your followers, and gain new ones. If a user notices that you are rude, irresponsible, and sloppy when posting you… (10 comments)

Sara Haider – Software Engineer at Twitter
A month back we have posted an article about 5 most famous female computer programmers named as:- Sara Haider Jade Raymond Amanda Wixted Tracy Chou Corrine Yu We have already described about Jade Raymond, Corrine Yu and the very first female programmer Ada Lovelace separately. Today I am describing about Sara Haider. Sara Haider is… (17 comments)

6 Reasons Why Facebook is Dominating the Social Media World
For those who still remember the golden years of early Internet communications via instant messaging or Myspace, Facebook truly seemed like a flavor of the month platform with no one anticipating the behemoth that it became. Despite recent scandals, congressional inquiries, rumors of misdeeds, and the dawn of rival social media platforms, Facebook is still… (0 comment)