Interview with Demetrio Fortman, TemplateMonster COO
“A talented person is talented in everything”, Lion Feuchtwanger once said. The person we’ve met for the interview today is the plain evidence of this quote. Demetrio Fortman is a former web developer, businessman, passionate marathoner and extreme sports aficionado. He created a number of successful projects, and today he is a COO of a… (10 comments)

Earn quickly with TemplateMonster Social Stock Program
Hello, friends! You have probably heard of TemplateMonster’s Social Stock Program and here is great news. TemplateMonster has launched the campaign recently, and you have a chance to join the fun. It is a simple way to upgrade your business website and get a pleasant discount. In case you spend much time online and interested… (6 comments)

10 Best Dance and Music WordPress Themes for a Beautiful Website
With the popularity of different entertaining dancing TV shows, the demand for dancing studios, dance teachers, choreographers is on the rise. It goes without saying that if you have decided to start your own dance or music project, a killing website is crucial. Of course, you may be frustrated and don’t know how to start… (13 comments)