Top 8 questions that will make your every blog post popular

8-questionsI am familiar with a truth that the bloggers wish to make their every blog post popular. Isn’t it?  Yes, a dynamic blog can be a huge asset for a blogger and thus bloggers are trying to make their every blog post that go viral. Even though there are tons of suggestions around the blogosphere to get traffic to a blog, there should be some consideration and extra ordinary stuffs in every blog post to attract the readers. I recognized this fact very well and hence execute a smart work in my every blog post to gratify my readers.

I am delighted to tell that I care for my readers a lot than search engines and I do have a set of questions in my mind while creating my blog posts. I would say that these questions keep on stimulating me to present the valuable posts for my beloved visitors.

Are you a blogger and curious to know about the top questions that would make the blog posts popular?  I am going to reveal the top questions to you and it would be better to get the habit of asking these questions to yourself before every post you write for your blog to get great results.

8 questions that will progress your every blog post

Here are some questions to ask yourself to create popular blog posts:

1. Have I chosen a key topic to write?

Decide a key topic and write your blog posts with sub headings. If you include several main matters in one post, your readers might get confused and even it would let them to say “bye” to your blog posts. Take this post as example! I have chosen a key point “Top questions that will make your every blog posts popular” and broken into appropriate sub titles with introduction and conclusion.

2. Will it be beneficial to my readers?

Whatever be your topic like how to guides, product reviews, list of tips, interviews, mentioning others etc. should help your readers to solve their needs and struggles. Finding your audience and identifying what they are searching are the clever ways to generate beneficial content for your blog posts. If you do so, then it is feasible for you to compose the well-liked posts that would get popular easily.

3. Am I going to write factual stuffs and in-depth content?

Avoid writing the unclear and rumor information in your blog post as it would diminish your credibility. Also, don’t write the stuffs that you’re unfamiliar and always display the facts to your readers. If you share you own tips, be sure that those are practical in nature.

Likewise, write in-depth content with basic data for them and so they wouldn’t leave your blog posts to refer something in other web pages.

4. Have I picked a catchy title to grab the attention of readers?

Visitors will get into your blog posts after reading its eye-catching title. Adding crisp and attractive titles with the words such as 10 unique ways, 5 quick tips, top 10 questions, 5 useful tools, 7 myths etc. would build curiosity among the readers which in turn nudge them to read your posts.

5. Does my blog post avoid errors and plagiarism?

You should ask this very important question to yourself as it has a direct relationship with reputation. Avoid spelling & grammatical mistakes and be sure to check that your content is free from plagiarism. Accidental plagiarism may happen with anyone and hence make use of a suitable tool to confirm the uniqueness of your blog post.

6. How I formatted my blog post?

To make your blog posts attractive on screen and to improve readership, formatting is necessary. Add bold text for key points, use bullets or numbering for better understanding, include quotes to add visual interest and white space for clear reading. Your neat blog posts would stimulate the readers to share your blog posts on their network and thus they would become popular.

7. Have I optimized the post for search engines?

It is good to give priority to your readers but you need to do basic optimization for your blog posts to drive organic traffic from search engines. Include keywords in titles & sub-titles, use synonyms of main keyword in your content, do image optimization, add inter links and trusted outbound links to add value to your blog posts. 

8. Does my post invoke my readers to share their views?

Don’t write the blog posts like official documents. It is imperative to ask relevant questions to readers to make them engage well with your content. The more you involved with your readers, the more chance you could formulate famous blog posts.

After finished asking all the above questions, finally ask “Shall I go ahead to hit “Publish”?”


People pursue blogging for different reasons like make money, improve writing skill, as a hobby or to connect with like-minded people. If you consider your blog as a medium for stress relief and to have fun, it is not essential to ask these listed questions. But, if you’re bound by any commitment to earn money with it, then you should raise these questions to yourself while publishing your blog posts to make them popular.

If your answer for all the above questions is “YES”, then I am sure that you could meet the monetary benefits with your blog and mint a career out of it soon. If you say “NO” for few or most of the questions, then I would say that it is tough to make your blog posts popular.

Do you agree with my perception of asking questions while generating the blog posts? Or do you think it’s a waste of time and saying that I’ll write what I know? Did I miss any significant question to make admirable blog posts?  I am ready to discuss with you, so feel free to share your thoughts.  

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