5 SEO Myths you should avoid in 2015

As said everywhere that SEO has been changed a lot in the recent years because of frequent algorithm updates of search engines especially the Google.  The search giant has completely changed the game of SEO. Gone are the days when having any kind of content on your website and submitting its link in popular web and article directories were quite enough to rank your website on top searches.

Keyword stuffing, frenzy link building, Meta tag spamming and everything worked quite well until Google Panda and Penguin were not born. After they were incorporated with the Google’s search algorithm, millions of websites lost their ranking overnight. Needless to mention what actually Panda and Penguin are for? Because these two are the terms with which every SEO and blogger are familiar. If you still don’t know exactly what they are then read these 2 refernces:

These algorithms further followed by Hummingbird, EMD and few other Algo updates by Google. Google is working constantly on its search algorithm to fight with spam and to provide the best user experience to its audience.

As the algorithms are changing frequently, SEOs have started finding other way of ranking their websites. Many ideas worked and many didn’t! Google is experimenting at their end and website owners/SEOs are also experimenting at their end to rank well.

These experiments have given birth to so many myths which are considered to be legitimate by thousands of people but if you want to stay on safer side and at the same time want better search ranking too then you should stay away from those SEO myths.

One thing you all should know that the most important ranking factor is still the backlinks but at the same time if Google finds you building links to manipulate search engine then it will send you unnatural inbound link penalty thus you have to keep yourself safe while building links for your website. There is no other way out!

[color-box]I wrote a post about using PBN to build links which you can read by clicking here to learn a different way to build quality links however it is not completely safe, in fact any kind of link building practice is not safe anymore. As long as you don’t leave any clue to Google that you are intentionally building links, you are safe.[/color-box]

Any way coming to the main purpose of this post which is about SEO myths. I am going to list out few of those Myths which you should avoid in 2015:

SEO Myths 2015

1. Social Media is the new direct ranking Signal in SEO

There is no truth behind this logic which has been viral everywhere since past year. Social media presence is indeed required for your brand and you should work hard to build a good brand for yourself or your company but if you are doing just because someone told you that social optimization will improve search ranking, then you are doing all wrong.

Google itself denied many times that they don’t use social signals in ranking factor except the personalized search using its own social network Google plus. But when you do a lot of activities on social media which helps you engage with thousands of audience and you build your brand even stronger then this helps you gain links from many web publishers and bloggers which help you in search ranking. To understand this even better read this article on

So if you read this carefully you will come to know that social signals have nothing to do directly with search rankings.

2. Link Building is dead or links are not good signal of Google Search Ranking  

There are many people around the world in the online business industry think either the link building is dead or links are no longer a good search ranking signal. This is one of the myths which I noticed in 100s of fellow bloggers.

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This is completely a rumor and nothing else. Backlinks which are also known as inbound links of a website are still the best ranking signal and I don’t think Google is going to stop using them as ranking signals so soon. However, they are working over it to try some strong alternative as ranking factor but for the time being links are valuable.

3. Use Google Adwords for better Google Organic Ranking

I personally heard it many times from different people that paying Google Adwords for ads improves organic ranking in Google.

This is completely a baseless myth because Google adword has nothing to do with Google Organic search. Organic search is free and your website should have quality content, internal linking, better keyword placement within content and quality links in order to grab the higher positions in Google.

4. Guest Blogging is bad for SEO

After the Matt Cutts’ blog post “The decay and fall of Guest blogging for SEO” many bloggers and SEOs stopped doing guest posting because they think that all guest posting is bad and won’t help in SEO anymore.

But if you carefully read the Matt’s post then you will come to know that he said that if you do guest blogging just for the sake of getting backlinks without focusing over quality of the content then it is bad.

Guest blogging is still a great source with which you can brand yourself by publishing your guest posts on popular blogs and news sites. That indirectly gives you many SEO benefits which you don’t even notice at first but it does.  Never do guest blogging considering SEO as primary goal.

5. Large number Indexed Pages Helps You Rank Higher

In the initial days of SEO this worked well as a website with large number of pages performed well as compared to a website with lower number of pages but in the current Google’s age this doesn’t matter at all. Google gives more benefits to a website which has quality.

Google Panda ensures that only those websites perform better which are having quality content regardless of quantity of pages. It’s all about quality not quantity!

Now you have explored these 5 SEO myths which you should avoid in the year 2015. The better way to stay away from these kinds of myths and rumors, only trust the authority websites/blogs rather than believing on anything you read online.

I hope you have enjoyed this article! If yes then please share this post to reach more audiences and if you have not enjoyed then please share your feedback and I love to work upon those Feedback in order to produce even better quality blog posts in future.

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  • Hello Atish bro. It was an awesome post on SEO.
    Personally I never prefer link building or any such thing. For me link building would be something I would want to learn in 2015.

    I am attaching a post by you on my blog on link building techniques. It was also a great post to clear out link building basics.
    Thanks for this awesome post. 🙂

    • Thanks for coming by Swadhin. Bloggers don’t need much of link building but a website which doesn’t get updated like a blog needs to be SEOed.

  • Hi Atish,

    These things are okay and if I say the truth, I’ve never worried much about SEO.
    All I do is write and publish, but as I’m starting to focus on SEO, I have a question.

    Commenting builds links? If yes then what could be the possible way to build links via commenting with different anchor texts? Every link would have the title “Shashank” for example and I don’t think it’ll be of any good!

    Looking to hear from you.
    StyZic 🙂

    • Thanks for coming by Shashank. I am glad that you have asked a question.

      Blog commenting is not a way to build links rather it is a way to connect with other bloggers and also to get some targeted referral traffic. Link building means mostly getting dofollow links which you hardly get via blog commenting because most of the blogs gives you nofollow links in comments. However, there are many blogs which give dofollow links by using commentluv plugin. Just like, if you check adriennesmith’s blog. She gives dofollow link on your Name and also in commentluv link.

      Commentluv links are fine because Anchor text keeps on changing with the article but as you always put your name everywhere while commenting, you can do one thing which is.. In the website filed put your blog link to fetch the commentluv links and after that remove the link from website field. So that your name will not have any link but you do have a link to your latest blog post using commentluv.

      The other way is you can make some variations in your name like Shashank, Shashank kumar, Shashank Shekher etc.

      Let me know if you still have any query regarding this.

      Thanks Shashank!

      • So I just had my first lesson from a human 😛
        I had been using search engines all over then!
        Thanks 🙂

        • You are most welcome Shashank. Let me know if you have any other queries, I will try to respond to them too. Keep visiting.

  • Thanks for sharing..! This is the nice information about SEO optimization. Actually, when I saw wrote about Google updating such as Penda and Genuine. I feel it is a bit noisy since we have to do a lot of work, especially build stronger brand. Well, I am agree social media signal is the best way to deal with the problem since I saw the high authority page.

    • Thank you so much for the comment Nancy! I am glad that you found the post informative. Stay tuned to get such kind posts!

  • Hello Atish,

    As you said with the advancement in search algorithms, many myths came out and the sad thing is many of us are believing them. Such an Eye opened post. I liked the photo used in the post.

  • Hi Atish,
    I particularly agree with your point #4.
    Guest blogging is not dead at all.

    It’s a fantastic way to get yourself noticed by contributing on other blogs,
    while creating connections and improving your audience.

    Thanks for the share, Atish.
    Hope you’re enjoying these holidays. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the comment Erik. Yes Guest Blogging is not dead at all but doing it just for the sake of SEO it might not help. The first goal is should be create great content for the blog on which you going to publish your post.

  • Hi Atish

    Very valid points you mentioned in this post and one needs to be very careful of these myths while working to optimize his blog in 2015.

    Many bloggers are amazingly popular at social media but their blog has not that much popularity in search engines. It means social media support has nothing to do with higher page ranks.

    How to come search engines check the organic popularity of a blog without its links at other blogs. This is the main source to check how widely a blog is mentioned and referred.

    It can be called a sort of digital bribery if somene expects Google will be happy to its paid users more than the free one. As a matter of fact both are doing same to promote Google by availing its services to expand its outreach.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very useful post.

    • Thanks for coming by Mi Muba,

      I am glad that you agree with what I have written in the post. Yes, Organic ranking has nothing to do with either social media or Google PPC. They are completely different things which are indeed required but mixing them is nothing but foolishness.

      Merry Christmas to you and you family mate.

  • I also hear many these myths but with your article it is totally cleared that these ways always works. I also hears some myths also about Alexa that when you verify your blog with alexa then it increase your alexa rank. Is it true?

    Thanks in advnace

    • Thanks for stopping by Naveen!

      Alexa rank improves when the users which open your blog mostly have installed alexa tool bar in their browser. Adding alexa widget also helps improve rank. I don’t think just verifying helps but its good to verify if you are giving preference to Alexa rank.

  • Atish this is the type of post I was expecting at techtricksworld before the year ends. Many people believe in these SEO myths, and after reading your article they will definitely stop believing in them. SEO may again change in 2015 and these myths may become a reality. As you know, we can’t say that SEO will stay the same. I am even expecting some big announcement at the start of new year. Are you ready for a surprised Pr update? Am just guessing brother and I know that it may not happen.

    Atish hope to talk with you soon regarding the expected changes in SEO in the year 2015.

    • Thanks for sharing your views Mohit. Even if PR gets updated, it is not a metric any more to define how good your website is.

      Yes nothing is permanent and Google is pretty much unexpectable and it can do anything it wants. Thanks for coming by.

  • Hello Atish.

    Its a very good post! Personally I knew some thing about link buliding. For me link building would be something I would want to learn in 2015.

  • Hello Atish,

    This is the nice information about SEO optimization.I liked the photo used in the post.Your article it is totally cleared.I will share this article with my all followers.

    Thanks to share this useful post with us.

    Keep up your good work!

    Have a great day!

    Majid Uamar

  • Website design strategies, styles, and syntax are all products of the influences into the niche so; I commenced observing the trends surfacing, websites copying one another without even thinking.

  • Hey Atish,

    You are right, SEO is becoming very sophisticated and thus many myths are arising but as you said we should stay safe from these myths. Glad that you wrote this. Very Nice post.

  • Hi Atish,

    Yes. There are lot of rumor by the people about seo. You correctly describe about myths. Directory myths also some says dead but in original its works,,


  • Hi Atish,

    Very nice article that sets the record straight on many common SEO myths.

    Ranking pages is certainly about quality… but… you have to let people find that quality article or else it’s not of much help to anyone.

    I hear a lot of people say they don’t care about SEO, only about writing quality posts. I assume that’s because they want to give their readers good value. But if they don’t apply essential SEO methods, then they reduce their audience, therefore reduce the effect that a valuable post could have.

    I’m glad you pointed out that Social Media is not THE road to success. As you say, it has no “direct” bearing on ranking, but of course, it does have an enormous indirect one if people that find you on social sites follow you to your blog and become loyal readers. In other words, build relationships. That’s different than just “being active” on social media.

    So much great info here, I want to thank you, and also for the very thorough way you handle the replies in this comment section. Excellent job, hope you had a great Christmas.


    • Hello Donna,

      I was waiting for your comment and feedback. I am enjoyed reading the comment you have posted here. Yes, I agree that a blogger must spend more time creating great content but SEO cannot be ignored because if you don’t reach out to audiences then who will be reading your killer post? SEO is simply a way of marketing and Promotion of you blog/website in search engines!

      Yes, Social Media has no direct impact on Search engines but indirectly you can get a lot of benefits that’s why I always advocate Branding which is indeed the most important thing for any kind of business whether online or offline and for a blog or blogger too!

      Thanks for coming by Donna! Yes I had a good Christmas and I hope you had the great Xmas too.

  • Hello Atish,

    You’ve come with an interesting topic. There are so many myths and SEO chitchats exists in the Blogosphere and you’ve explained some hot myths among them.

    I too read that social signals hasn’t much impact on SEO. Some people says “Social Media is the new SEO” and I don’t believe it. Social presence is essential to enhance our online visibility and to network with fellow & influential bloggers. Moreover, I perform guest blogging to grab new readers. If the quality of the guest post is good, it would be SEO friendly.

    So, it is good to focus on quality of every blog post. Keyword research is also important, but over usage of keywords and spending lot of time to gather the keywords to stuff in the post would be a bad SEO. I use to include few keywords naturally and getting decent organic traffic for my blog posts.

    I agree with your other SEO myths and as you said before, we should be more careful while building links for our blog. Thanks for presenting this nice post for us, keep writing.

    • Thanks for sharing your views on this Topic Nirmala. SEO simply says “excess of anything is bad”. If you do things like Keyword insertion, backlink building in a good way you are good to go! Social media is indeed the most important thing because you can use it to build your brand but it doesn’t impact search engines in any way.

      Hope you are enjoying your holidays.

  • Hello atish bro
    Thanks for sharing such myths about search ranking in google. Social ranking is almost dead in SERP but thanks for sharing about g+ sharing.
    I hope lots of new challenges we will face from Google in 2015. 🙂

    • Social was never been a part of ranking Factor Sahil however its good for brand building which later helps you earn links which can benefit you in search rankings so they are indirectly connected. Thanks for stopping by bro.

  • Hi Atish,

    Thanks for the valuable info.

    Seems that a lot of SEOers are moving away from linking, but how does that impact PageRank as well. Do you think that PageRank is also dying?

    Also, its pretty understandable for google to give big value for g+. Its another way to force us to use them, lol. Wait till they allow social advertising as well on g+ 😉

    Stay safe bro

    • Hello San,

      Welcome to my blog. Link is still impacting the search rankings in Google. Google toolbar Page rank has already been dead. They are not updating it anymore.

      Lets see about G+ advertising but I am sure they are not going to do it very soon.

      Thanks for stopping by San. Keep visiting.

  • Hi Atish

    Thanks for an interesting post dispelling the myths of SEO.

    I’m relieved to hear that posting quality content is still valuable because that’s certainly what I’m trying to achieve.

    I did fall for some of these myths in the past, but haven’t been doing the worst of them for many years now, as soon as I learned better ways from bloggers such as yourself and many of the people who have left comments here.

    Interesting post, which I will share,

    Thanks and Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year, Joy

    • Hey Joy,

      Glad to see you here and I am happy that you loved the post. Content will always be the most important factor for any kind of website or blog. That is one thing which is not gonna change ever.

      Keep Visiting! Happy New Year to you Too.

  • Hello Atish,

    Yes, its correct that google doesn’t value the social media likes/follows/shares etc for the purpose of ranking. There are multiple reasons for google to neglect the media popularity in case of SEO.

    In future google may consider the social media however it cannot give the equivalent value for all the popular media even if the media tends to be the No 1.

    Yes, social media plays a major role in SEO and can gain popularity within a very limited period however, Social media such as…. cannot be totally considered for the purpose of SEO because of its lacking security and vulnerability.

    There are multiple scenarios observed where a single people/ organisation having multiple media accounts. In this case if like/share/comment is a factor for SEO, I can have 1000 multiple accounts with different names. I can like/share/comment my web site/blog more than 1000 times a day. I am popular and ranked now… Hahaha.

    We have also researched in many cases that, the person no more exists. He/She`s dead before few months/years but his social media account is alive to like/ comment and share different web documents.

    Also its not an easy process to trace out these fake accounts. Multiple people can browse the web from a single ip and the technology is still much narrow to capture the images of each individuals who browse the web throughout the world.

    Also the social networking sites are not capable to collect an identification for each and every individual who uses their services. If they start it looses its customers by a heavy percentage due to different fake accounts and many more… Yes, there are sincere individuals who really cares of their identity and have a single account for their own purpose…. These individuals likes/shares/comments etc can be counted for SEO but how…???. The updated Semantic Search still fails for the input and output solutions in this case.



    • Hello Div,

      What insightful thought over social media security and vulnerability. I strongly agree with you that Google cannot put it as ranking signal because any one can easily spam it by creating thousands of profiles and posting in even 10,000s of groups.

      Glad you read the post and shared your thought here.

  • I love your list, Atish! You’re right that SEO is constantly changing. Before I took the clickminded seo training class, I had no idea just how fast things change.

  • Unlike other posts with tons of inputs where almost more than half of it is already obsolete, this one is short, concise and makes more sense to me.

    Like in your post I still believe in quality content whether it is a guest post of your own post to your blog. And I also agree recommending Google Adwords.

  • Hi Atish, Nice list….Basic SEO rules are not changing at all, like quality content and backlinks. Only thew way to do SEO is changing. If we want to survive in this fast moving digital world, we must follow rules.

  • I really enjoyed reading the article.It really helped out.But i had a question.Is it a myth that commentluv is bad for seo? and if so can you please explain? thanks

  • Atish,

    Thank you for this very helpful post! SEO Myths are cropping up all over these days and it’s good to keep an eye out and separate the fact from the fiction. I agree with you – guest posting is still helpful for SEO as long as you are not directly fishing for the link and you are creating high-quality content as well as adding value. Natural links are the way to go. Thanks again for a great post! Keep it up!

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