5 News Apps for iPhone and iPad

If you own an iPad or iPhone, then in all probability you are addicted to the news, which may or may not be related to you work. Indeed, if you don’t check those RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds every day, your competitor can race past you.  Over the years,  several news applications have flooded the market. Most of these can be accessed and used on both these devices. Some of these are paid services while others are free.

News-Apps for ipad-iphone

Of these, 5 of the best news applications would be:-

1. The Guardian

This app lists top stories of the day on the first screen. User needs to tap relevant content to get the news in greater detail or move to the next screen. User can also define the regular sequence in which he or she wants to read the information. It is a comprehensive newspaper with news on culture and sports included in it. Scrolling down from the first screen gives access to multimedia content. The news is available in audio as well as video in this gallery of content. It ranks above BBC News, The Telegraph, and The Times in its presentation and user-friendliness.

2. Flipboard

Flipboard is a free service, and it picks information about the user’s interests from various sources such as Twitter, Google Reader, Facebook, and Flickr, and displays then as a flip book. It lets the user create sections for each such category. The news content is collected and filtered separately in each of those sections giving it more of a magazine like appearance. Completely, this app serves as something for revisiting because it is closer to a blend of traditional newspaper with a social magazine wherein information about people whom the user knows is updated regularly. Scanning news with flipboard requires some skills unless the user creates sections as desired. News in each of these sections is displayed from last to first, i.e., reverse chronology. Download Flipboard from http://www.insofter.com/app/40579/flipboard.html.

3. The Early Edition

This Early Edition is actually an RSS reader that gathers information about the user’s favorite topics and creates a newspaper like document out of them all. Users have an option to synchronize such news collection with Google Reader. Alternately, they may add URLs, or import any OPML file. This application is ranked high because of the way information ought to be sorted, stored, accessed, and shared in it. People can store the news in instapaper. The can use fetch button to bring up the news of their choice.

4. Pulse

This is a hard to ignore free news service. In most applications, RSS feeds are listed as lines. In this application,  there are thumbnail images accompanying such headlines. Therefore, the feeds can cover several pages. Twelve feeds are shown on every page. In all, there are 5 pages with such content. Tapping on the respective thumbnail pulls up the relevant details. This application can also be used with Google Reader and Facebook. It is possible to customize the sequence of feeds as desired.

5. Reeder 2

This is a paid service and is efficiently synchronized with Google Reader. Here, it collects information from newsfeeds that the user has subscribed for. Thereafter, the news is sorted and presented under different categories as predefined by the user with Google Reader. The news is then presented in a unique presentation style. Reeder has the ability to trace news from sources using the images and words. Unlike other applications, Reeder does not have many delightful features, but it does what is expected of it, perfectly!

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