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5 Latest Social Media Trends For Bloggers

Social media trends are emerging fast! A most recent study says that there are 7.2 billion people on the Earth and more than 3 billion of them use internet for different purposes. It is also estimated that nearly 2.1 billion public have social media accounts and 1.7 billion of them stay active in various social networks. Globally, 1.65 billion mobile social accounts are active now! I’m sure that you got amazed with these latest social media statistics 2015.

You may be a blogger, internet marketer or a small business owner who are familiar with the fact that the social media has SEO benefits. But don’t think that the search engine giant, Google consider the social signals for ranking. Yes, Google has denied that the social cues are used in their search algorithm but many case studies have showcased a strong correlation between them.

Whatever it may be! I believe that social media can influence your visibility and social sharing contributes to your brand’s authority. To get more social followers and shares, you need to know the latest social media trends to tag on. Thus, I’m going to discuss some recent social media trends that the bloggers/internet marketers/website owners should learn to tailor their marketing strategies.

5 Blogging Social Media Trends in 2015

Below are the 5 recent social media trends that the bloggers need to know!

Social Media Trends

1. Videos & Podcasts

Bloggers are becoming online celebrities and gain influence in nice topics through videos and podcasts. They have realized that they can communicate more quickly to their audience through Vlogging and Podcasting and thus producing their own video & audio files to use in their blog. These multimedia content acts as a major content marketing strategy in social media which helps to catch reader’s eye and engage them well.

 2. Paid advertising

Social networks are becoming a one-stop-shop to connect with friends and check out the products, audience, campaigns and so on. Moreover, the social platforms can be effectively used to improve the brand awareness, target & engage the audience and measure performance as well. Thus, bloggers show a keen interest in paid social media advertising to improve their authority and hold the followers attention.

 3. Scommerce

Do you think that I misspelled the word “e-commerce”? No! Online commerce in social media can be called as “Scommerce”. Last year, Facebook and Twitter began beta-testing their “Buy” buttons which would allow the users to make a purchase with few clicks and without leaving the network. Through this network-driven sale, bloggers are conducting various social selling experiments and they are able to sell directly with no online store.  Hence, Scommerce would give a massive opportunity for the bloggers to get a huge sale for their own/affiliate products.

 4. Progress of Image based social networks

Bloggers have started to use image-based social networks like Pinterest and Instagram for picture and feature based social network promoting. They consider that the images are more appealing than plain text to attract social media visitors. Yes, these visual based social networks have ability to deliver more brand engagement than Facebook and Twitter.

5. Social Media Retargeting

Are you puzzling about “Social Retargeting”? You can retarget your lost audience (Visitors who denied to purchase your product/subscribed your blog) through famous social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Retargeting uses cookie technology on the web to analyze the behavior of your visitors. It’s a type of paid advertising in social networks which would improve your brand presence and let you make more blog revenue by retargeting your lost visitors.


Social media trends change the bloggers and digital marketers in 2015 to master a new set of marketing practices and interact well with the customers. Thus they could meet SEO benefits, get backlinks and drive traffic to their blog through various social networks.  I didn’t talk about Google Plus as it gonna be decline.

Some social media trends were in full-swing last year and now, new styles are being implemented by to gain new and lost audience as well. There is no doubt that the Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have experienced rapid growth, a trend that continues in the year 2015.

I presume that the above discussed 5 social media trends 2015 would likely to create a huge impact in blogging and digital marketing field. What do you think about these trending social activities in blogging?  Did I miss to mention any important social media tendency that a blogger should follow? Express your thoughts in comment section.

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Zainil Dedhia

Zainil is commerce graduate & is pursuing his further studies in commerce. He loves to write about software's & social media.

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  • Hello Zainil, Good to see your here and really good post indeed. Really Agree with your points. But to be honest i never try with Video tutorial. Will start within few days .


  • A very useful article for beginners. I think creating & sharing useful video and advertising on social media is the best part of this content. These 2 ways can bring huge traffic.

  • Hi Zainil bro,
    Cool tips bro. I should accept I knew nothing about scommerce. Thank you for highlighting trends in social media and heping us to know social media better than business success.. 🙂

  • Thanks for shearing latest social media trends.Social media is growing and now each blogger doing social media marketing to get more traffic. Nice Article.

  • According to your post today the world population is about 7.2 billion and among them about 3 billion people are using internet and most of them are connected with social media by somehow. In your article you show five social media trends for bloggers.In your article you write about s commerce which is totally new thing for me & it is a very interesting thing.Thanks for sharing such a new tropics.

  • Social media marketing is also a magic of word-of-mouth advertising and converting the way business is carried out. The popularity of social media websites are so speedy it offers become the most effective tool for your business to engage visitors and generate earnings progress .

  • Thanks for sharing..! that was a really nice and awesome tips about social media trends of 2015.

    Sure, I am a blogger..! Social media trends is really important to me in keep engage and gaining more visibility of social media present.

    I agree, social media signal may less important for SEO but I believe that social networking is still the important strategies for marketing our business.

    Actually, I heard that some change the word “IT” to “ICT” but now to teach me more about SCommerce..! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing..! 🙂

  • Interesting post! Social media and blog has a strong correlation. Sometimes we can see the trending topics and then bring them to our blog contents.

  • Zainil bro I think your CA exams are over and that’s why you have got the time to write this superb post.

    Social media marketing is definitely important for all the bloggers. The new social media trends will make bloggers concentrate more on social media marketing. Scommerce is something which may definitely get lot of popularity.

    Lets hope that many more amazing changes will happen in the social media world.

  • yeah you are right. social media now play pivotal role in blogging and if any blogger do not give importance to social media he can not succeed.

  • Awesome post, Zainil! I was piqued about your comment over using smart devices more intelligently. Mobile users should have more of an open dialogue about that. It increases the quality of your devices and makes using them more beneficial, rather than “just for fun”.

  • Hi Zainil,

    Social Media Marketing is one of the important facts for bloggers to get success in Blogging. It is really not easy to get success in Social Media marketing as well as blogging specially for newbie. You mention here some awesome tips that’s will really help to drive huge traffic from social media. Video and Podcast are more popular now to attract visitors from social media if anyone can do it properly.

  • Hey Zanil,
    I truly agree that, social media signal may less important for SEO but I believe that social networking is still the important strategies for marketing our business. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing..! that was a really nice and awesome tips about social media trends of 2015.
    Sure, I am a blogger..! Social media trends is really important to me in keep engage and gaining more visibility of social media present.
    I agree, social media signal may less important for SEO but I believe that social networking is still the important strategies for marketing our business.
    Actually, I heard that some change the word “IT” to “ICT” but now to teach me more about SCommerce..! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing..! 🙂

  • Thank you for the post. This is is really interesting. I fully agree with all the trends described. Of course, this would depend on the sector you work in. Also, paid ads on social media sites have very different results. We recently used LinkedIn ads, that are extremely expensive and we had very limited results. Total fail! We launched a similar campaign on Facebook and it worked pretty well with a considerable increase in likes.
    Thank you again.

  • Really nice Article.. i am one of the professional blogger.. this social media sites are really use full to me.. Not only me new bloggers or all seo peoples are use this information. thanks for providing genuine information..

  • I like the definition “Scommerce”.
    It sounds weird. But I get the concept, as I liked the introduction of the “buy” button in the Facebook fan page.

    Enjoyed the post, thanks for the share, Zainil.
    And welcome back from vacation to Atish! 🙂

  • social media has built a new road for digital marketing and captured the whole market, in this digital era marketing over the internet is only responsive with social media marketing only.

  • Social media marketing is a window to get in and earn with your skills.I am blogger and i also want to reach at my higher point of success.

  • Hi dear Zainil,

    Thanks for crafting such a nice post for us. I really enjoyed a lot while checking the stats about the population and the people who use internet and social network. It is amazing!

    As you said, even though the Google denied that the social cues are considering in ranking factors, I believe like you that the social media has a strong correlation in blogging and boosts SERP.

    Coming the points which you’ve listed, I unaware of the few terms like “Scommerce” and “Social Retargeting”. I’d say that the bloggers should aware of these social trends to perform well in blogging.

    I know that you’re super busy with a day job and studies, but you’ve taken the time out to contribute this post for us. It is truly appreciable and thanks for it.

    Have a great weekend, keep writing for us!

  • Hello Zainil,

    Social Media Marketing is one of most important factors for bloggers to achieve success in Blogging. It is really tough to succeed in Social Media marketing as well as blogging when it comes to all the new members of blogging. Here you mention here some great tips that will definitely help me with the traffic related issues in social media. Videos are becoming very popular these days for social media and they even help a lot for marketing.

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