5 Awesome Female Bloggers

We at Techtricksworld.com, Always appreciate the work of females in the business and tech industry. We have already shared about Top 10 Most Powerful Women of the World and Top 10 Business women of the world. Apart from these we have posted an article about to help Malala to promote right to education. Please go through these posts to know more.

Today I wondered that we have written a lot about female’s work but haven’t posted about female bloggers yet. Hence I thought to list out 5 awesome female bloggers who are doing the best in my opinion.

Here is the list of 5 my favorite anawesome female bloggers of the world:-

1. Ileane Smith:- Among of hundreds of awesome female bloggers I would give the very position to Ms. Ileane. She Doesn’t need any introduction, she is the queen of blogging who is running a high quality blog on blogging niche; BasicBlogTips.com. I came into contact with her when I had asked her for an interview of my Coffee with Atish series. You may find that Interview here:- Interview With Ms. Ileane of Basic Blog Tips.

MS Ileane imageShe is one of the best bloggers in blogging niche I ever met. Inspite of being a great blogger she always ready to help everyone through her blog or in a Facebook Group called Blogger Ileane Smith Fan Club. Ask any kind of help regarding blogging, Ma’m Ileane will be there to help.
Read More about her at her blog’s about section.

2. Adrienne Smith: Adrienne Smith aka the Engagement Superstar, is a very kind and helpful blogger who blogs at Adriennesmith.net. I came into contact with her by seeing her comments on most of the blogging niche blogs. She used to write about blogging and social networking on her blog.
adrienne smith blogger

To know more about her then check out the about us page of adriennesmith.net. 

3. Sue Neal:- Sue Neal is great writer I say. She always writes something which directly meets my learning needs and that make me land on her blog most of the times. Her blog is writeclever.com where she usually write about content writing, make money blogging, writing ebooks etc. In short a full package to learn writing in a better way. I learnt a lot from her blog.

Thank you so much Sue for writing such great posts.

Sue Neal image

To know more about her check out the About page of writeclever.com.

4. Jane Sheeba:- Jane Sheeba, An Indian blogger who has a great marketing sense. She is having multiple blogs but I am a fan of her blog probloggingsuccess.com. When I entered into blogging, I saw her everywhere in blogosphere and impressed with her blogging and marketing strategies. Even I had an interview with her on TTW which you can find here.

Jane sheeba blogger

To know more about her check out the About page of Probloggingsuccess.

5. Harleena Singh:- Harleena Singh is a blogger at aha-now.com where she writes about relationships, parenting and health related topics. This is completely a different niche to me, still I do read her blog sometimes and enjoy to get something different from technology.Haleena Singh blogger The most important thing I have liked in her is her passion about writing.  You can always find her big comments on almost every post she reads. The amazing thing is that she takes time to read and then write a detailed comment on the post. That makes her different from other bloggers who just comment for backlinks.

To know more about her check out the about page of ahanow.com

So many awesome female bloggers are out there but these 5 awesome female bloggers are my favorite. I want to hear from you guys about your favorite female bloggers. Anyone from my list? Do share with me.

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  • Nice list of female bloggers but to me mam smith is best and follow each and every post of her blog

  • Another good post about the females in TTW by you Atish! Great 😛

    Thanks for honoring females, coz most of the males don’t like to do it. But you are always different and genuine.

    Coming to the post – Awesome bloggers they are! I knew all of the 5 and love to read their posts always as these are my inspiring bloggers.

    Sometimes I really stumbled with the polite response from Harleena and Adrienne smith for my comment. I really glad and enjoyed with it.

    No words to speak about other 3 as they are simple rockers with their killer posts.

    I appreciate your idea of writing about these female bloggers and hope their performances inspiring me more to do an enhanced blogging.

    I learned –

    How to perform sincere blogging from Ilene mam

    How to write from Sue

    How to be active in social media from Jane

    How to response others from Harleena

    How to help others from Adrienne.

    If I continue to write then my comment would be longer than your post 😉

    So ending here, thanks for writing the nice post for your readers. Keep doing it 😛
    Nirmala recently posted…Backlinks and its effective role in bloggingMy Profile

  • Hi Atish,

    Wow! Thanks so much for mentioning me along with all these other wonderful women bloggers, who are more of friend’s to me now and each one of them is par excellence. 🙂

    Ah…I just don’t know what to say – except that I’m honored to be included in your list.

    I so agree with your choices made here. Ileane, Adrienne, Jane and Sue are of course awesome and all that they share always does help each one of us. Not to mention their helpful natures which makes them stand out from the others, and perhaps that’s why they are who they are today. It’s indeed been a pleasure to know each one of them and the place they have made for themselves in the Blogosphere. I wish them all continued success in their lives too.

    I liked what you wrote about me too , Atish.:) I remain grateful for the fact that you do read my posts and they are of use in some ways to you. Oh yes…comments are an integral part for me , and as most people already know, I really don’t like to make any compromises when I comment. Because for me they are almost like a one-to-one conversation that I’m having with the blog author, and I don’t like to stop till I say all that’s in my heart 🙂

    Thanks so much once again for mentioning me here. You just made my Sunday so much more worthwhile. In-fact, today I’ve just been getting good news from all over. I guess blessings come in all forms. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Are Your Teens Cyber SafeMy Profile

  • Dear Atish thanks a lot for providing information about such great ladies. Hatts off for these ladies.
    Adnan Shahid recently posted…Top 10 Educational Apps for Windows PhoneMy Profile

  • Wow.. great to see Ileane, Harleena and Jane here 🙂

    What I personally like about them is: they are down to earth!

    They CREATE time to engage with others, and most of all, they all use social media the smart way.

    Sonia Simone, Ana Hoffman, Kristi Hines, and Ali Luke (I think you might have missed them!).
    Rahul Kuntala recently posted…The Ultimate Guide to Creating Epic ContentMy Profile

  • Hello Atish Bro,

    You have listed here not only your’s favorite FEMALE BLOGGERS but mine too. I’m also a very big fan of all and trying to learn little little from all.. 🙂

    Ileane Ma’am : what to say about her. She is very much humble and very much down to earth. I come to know about her by Facebook Group where she replies everyone and try to solve out everyone’s problem. Only by her Group I learn a lot daily about Blogging. 🙂

    Adrienne Ma’am : I love all the questions she asks in her Facebook page. Sometimes Even I follow them too to learn more. Thanks to Atish Bro as you have introduced her to me on facebook. 🙂

    Sue Neal Ma’am : I love the way she writes. Very much Informative and Not only you Atish Bro but by reading her blog I have also enhanced so much in English. Thank you Ma’am for writing all and Thanks Atish Bro for introducing her to me. 🙂

    Jane Sheeba Ma’am : What to say about Jane Ma’am. She is the first female blogger I came across from India last year. Vaibhav Mule and you Introduced her to me while introducing me about Blogging. Since then, I started following her and learnt a lot from all blogs and especially liked the Presentation Ma’am make in Slideshare. 🙂 Thanks Ma’am for teaching me so much by your thoughts. 🙂

    Harleena Ma’am : Ahh..from where should I start about Harleena Ma’am. First of all I just love the way Her comment on every post. As you told already Bhaiya, She Comment on a post from her heart just not for the sake of backlink. I have learnt this from her and trying to do in every post which i read. Still, I’m learning all from her. Her Blog teaches us in a million ways about life. Thanks Ma’am for writing all and I saw her one of the Rahul Kuntala’s posts by her long Comment. 😛

    Thanks a lot Atish Bhaiya for Sharing about your favorite Female Bloggers. 🙂

    Sugandha Agarwal recently posted…Twitter Music App Is LiveMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing your views Sugandha for all of these great ladies but I want you to be in the list next time. Please do better what you want to do. I want to see you on heights but sorry to say, you are not using your time effectively.

      be more productive in your studies as well as in blogging(if you want to).

      Thanks again for reading and commenting. 🙂

      • No Need to say Thanks. Your Always Welcome. 🙂

        For Sure, I will try to be the next in the list and you will surly see me in heights. 🙂

        And I also Agree with you, I’m not much productive in what I’m doing. Sometimes it’s my laziness you can say I’m careless and sometimes the circumstances are like that which won’t allow me to do any work. 🙁

        But, it’s Ohkey. Life is a Name of trying so I’m trying.!

        I’ll make you feel Proud I told you may be it takes time but I will definitely do it! 🙂
        Sugandha Agarwal recently posted…Twitter Music App Is LiveMy Profile

        • Sugandha, I just want to say stop giving excuses that you are careless, you are lazy and all. Just think that you have to do. Make routine of your internet usages, your studies and all. Then follow that.

          the very first step to move towards success is stop giving excuses. If you cannot help yourself then I am sure others cannot help you. Any way, Good luck for your exam today.

          • Agree. If I can’t help myself then no one can help me.

            I will make routine and will start that asap.

            BTW, Thanks for your wishes! 🙂

    • Well, thank you Sugandha for such a lovely comment mentioning all that you learnt from everyone – that’s so kind of you indeed. 🙂

      Ah…I can see you are being a very good student and learnt to comment right from your hear too 🙂
      Harleena Singh recently posted…Are Your Teens Cyber SafeMy Profile

      • Thanks to you Ma’am for teaching me great things.

        Yup, this student is trying to do better and better and now comment direct from my heart whatever I think about the post after reading it will write it here. 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks very much for your kind words, Sugandha – and I agree with all you’ve said about Ileane, Adrienne, Jane and Harleena – wonderful, wonderful bloggers, to whom I owe an awful lot.

      All good wishes,

      Sue Neal recently posted…How to Improve Your Vocabulary in 3 Simple StepsMy Profile

  • It is so great to see all my friends here! All except for one who I am going to check out after this comment.

    You sure picked the top women I know. I visit their blogs frequently and they ALL have something to bring to the table of learning.

    This is so exciting. Congratulations!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Flying The Coop For Fresh Eyes On Your BusinessMy Profile

    • Hello Donna, Thank you for your visit and taking the time to write a comment here. There are many female bloggers who are great but I have learned a lot from these 5 female bloggers hence I made a list based on my opinion. Hope you enjoyed here.

  • Wow, Atish – I really don’t feel I deserve this and am completely amazed to be mentioned on the same page as these other truly incredible, generous bloggers – I’m in awe of all of them.

    If it wasn’t for Adrienne, I’m not sure if I’d even still be blogging – she’s taught me so much and given me such encouragement and support.

    I’m always learning something new from Ileane and Jane’s blogs – I look up to them both as real ‘experts’.

    And what can I say about Harleena? I don’t know where to begin – she’s an incredible, courageous blogger and a wonderfully supportive blogging friend.

    So – I honestly feel I’m way out of my league here, Atish, but I’m very grateful to you for this – almost lost for words 🙂

    Many, many thanks,

    Sue Neal recently posted…How to Improve Your Vocabulary in 3 Simple StepsMy Profile

  • Hi Atish,
    You are very correct! Perfect choice of great female bloggers. I read their blogs and must tell you they know what they do. Very very great ladies. I’m soooo excited to be in touch with all these ladies. OMG! They are my icons 😉
    Enstine Muki recently posted…7 blogging mistakes that make you look stupid!My Profile

    • Yea Enstine, These are very kind ladies who always there to help and I love those people who loves to help without thinking of their own profit. Thanks for stopping by Enstine. Keep coming.

  • Atish, you are amazing!
    I didn’t realize you were giving so much attention to the wonderful women of the world but I’m not surprised. You are really a great guy who is very sensitive and kindhearted – I knew that from the first time we chatted online.

    I appreciate all you do!

    Each of the bloggers you featured here do have something unique in common and I think many of the commenters have mentioned this already. Being “down to Earth” is such a hard to find quality, especially in the online world.

    I’m honored to have you and other’s say that about me and it makes everything I do worthwhile.

    Thank you!
    Ileane recently posted…How To Get Email Subcribers and Keep Them HappyMy Profile

    • Yes being down to earth and helping others without thinking of own profit makes a blogger great and you all 5 are that kind of ladies. I enjoy learning from you all. Thanks Ma’m for stopping by and taking time to write comment. 🙂

  • I like Jane Sheeba, she has indeed lots of marketing skills. it’s worth reading her blog, especially those in her niche.

  • I’m truly honored to be a part of this list Atish. And to be honest, I like to read the comments more than the post itself! Its always good to see how I’ve helped others and how I’ve engaged with the others while I’m making money. Even though we bloggers do it as a business, we are blessed coz, we are not just money making machines. We do keep in touch with a lot of other fellas, help others, make a difference, earn fans and so on.

    This is the part I love so much about blogging!

    Thanks once again for the feature 🙂
    Jane recently posted…Removing Date From Blog Posts: Why, How And Is It Ethical?My Profile

    • Thank you Jane di for stopping by and writing comment. You truly have a great quality. 🙂

      Yes blogging is something that help us earn money as well as make us keep in contact with the community.

  • Nice list Atish,

    I know all 5 of them and in them I interact with Harleena and Adrienne regularly and I know Jane Sheeba a bit. Remaining Sue Neil of Write Clever I just visit her blog now and then and about Ileane Smith I came to know through Rahul Kuntala’s article in LBT…

    Thanks for the share mate…
    Vijesh recently posted…Top 30 Indian Blogs based on Alexa RankingMy Profile

  • I know all these top 5 female bloggers. I most of visit on their bloggers but I miss one more female & she is Kim, She is also one of famous blogger & I also like her blog just-ask-kim

    • Yes Christina, Kim is also a very nice blogger but I have made the list according to my experience with them and also I have learnt a lot from these 5.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  • I’m not sure why but everyone claims that women bloggers are better, more creative than men. Maybe it is because females are more about the emotional part of the issue and men rely on logic most? But this is not the first and I’m sure not the last post about successful women bloggers.

  • Hello Atish Bhaiya, I want to personally thank you for compiling this useful lists of bloggers and blogs. Not only does this information serve to motivate female to blog but also it provide a quality lists of blogs with high page rank. I love it. Thanks you so much & I impress your blog also .

  • Hi Atish,
    Thanks for sharing this post about awesome female bloggers. I hope to hear from you soon TOP 10 world’s awesome female bloggers 🙂

  • Atish, you picked some of my absolute favorites! The only one I’m not very familiar with is Jane. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from both Ileane and Adrienne since I started to blog. Sue and Harleena are always very supportive and are great with commenting all the time. Just awesome people, let alone bloggers!
    Lisa recently posted…Twitter Cards To Add Some Zing To Your Posts On TwitterMy Profile

  • NIce post about Female Bloggers You might concentrate more Female Bloggers in India any How Female Indian Bloggers are included expecting more!!

  • Hi Atish, it is great you have listed such a famous and great female bloggers. Yes these female bloggers are unbeatable. I do follow Ileane, Harleena and Jane. It was very pleasant to read this article dude.

  • Hi Atish,

    Great to see a good list of females here in the blogging world! starting strong with Ileane – Girl Power!

    It’s empowering for all to see such excellent people doing well and leading the way in the blogging world, it’s a bonus they are representing the females!

    Clair Trebes recently posted…Content Stealers – How To Fight BackMy Profile

  • Nice and awesome list, they are really the best female blogger, I know Ms.Ileane and Harleena they are great and they post great content
    they are a gift to the blogosphere
    thanks for sharing

  • It’s really nice to see. But you missed out one important name in that list.
    It’s Lisa Irby of 2createawebsite.com she is the role model and pioneer of all the websites. Infact she started her website in 2001. So she is leader of all blogger. You believe it or not. Her 2createawebsite pdf book converted into a 30 pages book and sold it in Chennai Book Fair in 2005 after purchasing that book only I got so much interest in blogging. So she is the No.1 blogger according to me. Thank you

    • Perambur kumar, Thank you for your comment. No need to tell me about Lisa. I know her very well but this list I made from my personal opinion as I have learned so many things from these 5.

      There are many female bloggers who are great like Lisa, Leora, Kristi and many more but the list of 5 is from my personal Opnion.

      Thank you Bro!

  • great website..design by these women..

  • Oh wow Atish, I’m so very flattered to be mentioned here. I’m so sorry I’m just now getting by because I’ve been out of town all weekend. I actually still am but will be flying home in a few hours.

    I truly am honored be to mentioned here among so many awesome female bloggers. Thank you again for this mention.

    Adrienne recently posted…Share Juice Pro: Plugin To Help You Increase Social ReachMy Profile

  • Felt good after knowing about these some famous blogers, nicely written.

  • Hi Atish,

    Great post about awesome female bloggers and I thank you for giving such an honorable attention to females.

    I know 3 of these wonderful bloggers and they are indeed all awesome, down to earth bloggers. I heard of Ileane Smith but never read for her and Jane Sheen but I will be checking them out for sure. I am always for the look for great bloggers to follow and learn from.

    Thanks a lot Atish for compiling this wonderful list.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous recently posted…The Power Of Commitment in Network Marketing!My Profile

    • Oh Neamat, you are missing a lot by not reading Ileane mam’s blog. Go and check her out. About Jane I can say you must check out her blog. She has a good marketing sense.

  • Atish – The big 5 huh??? Yea you picked them right, they are really the ones who have made it big by their writing, and I have been honored to be in constant touch with most of the 5 I should say.

    Glad you lined them up here for everyone to notice and acknowledge them. Great work.
    Praveen Rajarao (@techivy) recently posted…AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard – Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  • Hey Atish, long time since I last visited here. You’re doing pretty great job here.

    I follow all of them, they’re the ones I’ve been following and learning from since the beginning days of my blogging journey.

    There are a lot of other bloggers as well, but the two which I must recommend are Jade Craven and Georgina Laidlaw from ProBlogger.

  • I was expecting kim, from Just-Ask-kim.com too. However BasicBlogTips is a brand. Good work there.

  • This is a very interesting post Atish,
    All the women you mentioned here are also my favorite female bloggers and i so much love what they are doing at their various blogs.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted…Share Juice Pro Social Sharing Plugin Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  • Hi Atish,

    A very well written article about female bloggers, but you have missed out some of top female bloggers name to be mentioned in this list. Female bloggers like Sonia Simone, Ana Hoffman, Kristi Hines, and Ali Luke are inspiration for the newbie female bloggers in the blogging field.
    Aqib Shahzad recently posted…Download and Installation Of Subway Surfers For PCMy Profile

    • I haven’t missed anyone. they are great too but for me these 5 comes before anyone so I have listed them If the list is of 10 then ana, kim, leora, lisa must be here in the list. 🙂

      Thank you for your comment aqib.

  • HI,

    Nice Collection of Female Bloggers list. Really These are also important news for our and we need to knwow about the bloggers that who bloggers are attached with us and about the Details. and we can say who have your favouarte bloggers. really i am very thankful to you. keep doing well. thats fact you are trustable person.

  • Thanks a ton for introducing the 5 female bloggers. I do not know all of them. But, I always feel very great whenever I visit Ileane Smith’s blog Basicblogtips and Jane Sheeba’s Probloggingsuccess. Harleena is the new name that you have introduced to me. By the way, thanks for the wonderful interview of Ileane too which I have read. If possible, I would love to Ana Hoffman to share her thoughts about Trafficgenerationcafe and blogging. She is the most influential women in terms of traffic generation and gives amazing tips about generating traffic. Thanks once again and please do consider my request!!

  • Great list, i think you missed out on the admin at 2createwebsite, she is awesome too 🙂

    • Thanks Gautham. Long time you haven’t been on TTW. Good to see you back here. Keep coming. All ladies are great but in the list of 5 I cannot include everyone so I have included those who are very close to me in terms of blogging discussions and ofcourse they all have something special in them.

  • Hi Atish,
    I am new to your site – and found this fantastic post through Adrienne.
    This is just another example of what I have come to love about blogging – the sense of co-operation and community. People genuinely wanting to connect with one another and share ideas.
    We’re all just a rainbow of consciousness expressing itself through different colors – and blogging is a way to create that expression.
    Thanks for the post!
    Dana recently posted…Being the Example – A Way to Save the WorldMy Profile

  • @Atish thanks for sharing this list
    Great job, I came to know about few more Female bloggers in blogosphere

  • Always a pleasure to read posts like this, especially when I know and follow ALL the bloggers mentioned, although sometimes it’s great to discover someone new! I know I work in esteemed company when I read stuff like this though! Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy the journey.


  • well these are thew women which become the inspiration for the other women and children, a great salute to these women for being such inspirational person for others.

  • Hey Atish,

    It’s only fitting to tribute these women since they have made a big impact in the blogging industry. I’m a regular visitor of Ileanne’s and Adrienne’s blog sites and I can see in their sites how dedicated they are in sharing valuable information as well as helping others to promote other blog posts. Beginners can certainly learn a few things from these women.

  • From all of them, Ileane Smith mam is my favorite. Because according to me she is the most helping and inspiring mentor for ANY blogger.

    If I would ever create such a list and add male bloggers too, even then I would Ileane mam at the top!

    Great, great list Atish bhaiya 😀
    Mahaveer Verma recently posted…Question By Every Beginner – What is SEO and How To Do It?My Profile

  • Ileane smith is good blogger and i follow them.their thought is so impresive and she explain every thought very simple style

  • As I am currently looking for female bloggers I find this blog post extremely helpful. I don’t read female bloggers exclusively but I do find that they are often seeing many issues from a feminine point of view. While technology may not seem to have a male or female perspective, it does have a certain point of view. Thanks for your post and I am off to delve into their blogs.

  • Hi Atish.
    I love to read Ileane smith post because i gain more knowledge from her posts and she will respond to our comments.I hope you(atish) in top 10 awesome male bloggers list.

  • This is a great list, I have come across all 5 of these ladies and have been very impressed with their work. It’s always nice to highlight quality blogs because there is a lot to filter through.

  • There are many women in the whole world who write nice and helpful ideas, so let’s thank to all, even if we don’t know them. I think that any blogger in the world helped at least one person with his/her ideas, so, we are all important 🙂

    Thank you for your list…it might help me and some others.

  • Hey Atish, you are right I too have come across these ladies a number of times. I would agree that they are on top of their niche as well as blogging career, and I think they deserve it. The knowledge their posts impart is really worth praising. These women make us proud, thanks for sharing the post Atish.

  • Hey…. Yah Your List of Female Bloggers is Awesome and Ileane Smith I Like the most Because she is a nice lady as well as a awesome blogger 🙂

    Thanks To Atish Bro.

  • Hope Today I will get my comment posted here. Last time I lost my comment with internet connections. 😀

    And I have left nothing more to say about this post. The Female Blogger Rocks and we can see by the share , response on this post 😀
    From my side –
    I pleased to see these all awesome women on a single post Atish bhai. You are really great in posting such great article. I have check the previous articels too that you have mentioned in the begineing.

    Ravi Verma recently posted…Review : Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro I8552My Profile

  • Hi Atish!
    I see why this post went viral. These are a few of my favorite bloggers! I don’t know how Ileane does it – it’s like she’s everywhere at once! 🙂
    Kiesha recently posted…WebHostingBuzz Giveaway: Win a Year of HostingMy Profile

    • I am honored to get your comment on my blog Kiesha. Keep coming. I always read your blog weblogbetter.com. Yes Ileane mam is everywhere and very sweet! ♥

  • Awesome and great list. Nicely presented. Well, all these lady bloggers are indeed motivating and inspiring and bloggers do get to learn useful things from them. I don’t want to mention anyone name, as all of them are great bloggers. Thanks for this excellent list and tweeted it 🙂
    Nizam Khan recently posted…5 Wedding Preparations You Can Make From Your SmartphoneMy Profile

  • I watch Ileans’s videos on YouTube and her voice is so calming!

  • All are best according to their disciplines. obviously this list is very good and I really likes the articles of both Jane Sheeba and Harleena Singh.
    can you make another Post of Female /bloggers according to the different categories and fields about whihc they write?
    merlin recently posted…How to Install TWRP on Galaxy S4 using Goo ManagerMy Profile

  • Great list of great female bloggers. I’m a big fan of Jane Sheeba. Thanks Atish for sharing 🙂
    Bipul Khan recently posted…5 Killer Tips to Choose Your Blog Topic WiselyMy Profile

  • Hello @Atish bro,

    Really wonderful post and they are all my favorite female blogger in this post I got some new name also because I am new to blogging so I know only Ileane Smith, Jane Sheeba, Harleena Singh and ileane and join my favorite blogger I like her blog content it is helpful for me and Harleena she is a great writer and I like her log comment 🙂
    And all of that your post is useful for me

    ~Rahul Kashyap~
    Rahul Kashyap recently posted…Sony Publicly Announced Xperia M and Xperia M dual SmartphonesMy Profile

  • Adrienne and Sue are on my list of Helpers!

    Because both do offer informative and useful information when they post or comment! Their support and interest in their site visitors is upfront and ongoing.

    Ileane, Jane and Harleena are new on my list of people to listen and
    pay attention to if you want to learn to blog with as much help as you can

    Learning from the best is the way to go, better than buying a Guru blogging
    program and flunking out!

    Thanks for the share! It is great to get an affirmation of my own assessment of these
    hard working Bloggers.

  • Commented before…got a parse error code?

    Part of what I said was that I follow Adrienne and Sue already.
    Very smart, generous bloggers that I am definitely learning from….More about blogging
    from them than from any Guru blogging course I’ve bought!

    Left here and signed up on Facebook for Ilene Smiths Facebook because I like the quick interaction on Facebook, plus often someone else asks a question and gets the answer I need.

    Now to continue my quest for Blogging I’ll need to check on Harleen Singh more often…just recently found her…..a different niche but lost of inspiration and now all that is left to do is go get acquainted with Jane Sheeba.

    My theory is that if I follow and implement what I am learning from these Giants, I can’t go wrong.

    Thank you for your sharing and affirmation of my own thoughts about who is a generous and helping blogger!
    Cararta recently posted…SEO Keywords for the Future: Audio not Written TextMy Profile

  • Hi, Atish sir
    Its really great to see the 5 personalities i meet daily, and i appreciate the work Jane Sheeba mam is dooing being a woman, i am a regular reader of all of them, respect for the awesome work they are doing in this world wide web, but one ting i noticed that Aimee man of Simplebites.net is not includes in the list, she is having a page rank of 5, and is really a great blogger though she selected cooking as niche but she is an awesome food blogger. Thanks for sharing these valued knowledge.

  • Great and inspiring list of big milestones of blogging,I heard about all of them,but the like most is MS.Ileane,due to her vast experience in the field of blogging. I do recommend Lisa Irby of blog.2createawebsite.com

  • its really nice Artical on women.

  • I have the pleasure to follow 2 of the wonderful female bloggers here on my social networks. Great post Atish bro. It’s inspiring to see everyone putting their best! 😀
    Aditya Nath Jha recently posted…Blogging tips guide to climb from 0 to 10k impressions a dayMy Profile

  • Ileane Smith is best female bloggers i always read here articles on basic blogtips… hope to get more updates about best bloggers from ur site…
    Monu Alagh recently posted…Top 7 Android Smartphones Under $300(Rs 20,000)My Profile

  • Very nice post about top and best female blogger . i have read and comment on Ileane Smith blog and get more more information . unique, informative and simple writing post it’s very great.for all..

    Thanks for sharing this awesome information …

  • Hey Atish,

    This is such great article about female bloggers. When can also learn a lot from female bloggers.

    From the above five I know Ileane Smith and Harleena Singh.

    Harleena Singh has very good writing skills which I like most. Her explanation method is very good.

    Well, thanks for producing such worthy contents.
    Sajid Hussain recently posted…How to write an About Us page for a website, blog or startup company?My Profile

  • I have two favorite female bloggers, one for my professional life and one for my personal life. For my professional life, my favorite female blogger is Erin Walsh. She writes a lot of tech articles that are really great. Sarah Gibbons is my favorite blogger to read for my personal life. Her blog “Raining Hot Coupons” is really great, and she posts a lot of helpful deals for us Moms on a budget.

  • ilena smith . A splendid blog on blogging. such an impressive site. thanks atish on bringing an inspirations

  • nice list but I guess you forgot Kristi Hines .. I know She is one of the Top Ten Blogger…
    Vishal Verma recently posted…Magazine Style WordPress Theme for 2013My Profile

  • I have been reading these bloggers lately and found Harleena as the best as she writes on the most critical topic “Relationships”

  • Hey bro,

    Nice list of top Female bloggers, A lot of time i visit Harleena mam and Jane Sheeba’s blogs. Both r very creative.
    I love their blog post.
    Rupali Gupta recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Now In India, SpecificationsMy Profile

  • Great ladies they are. Hope I can be as like them, I know it takes a lot of hard work and patience to achieve this level where other people mention your name in his/her blog.

  • Hello Atish

    Nice post and all bloggers are awesome and quine in there filled. After reading comments i don’t know what to write here but it’s nice to read . Thanks for sharing .

  • Hello Atish,

    All are good in their filed and deserves to be here i personally like Ileane Smith . Thanks for sharing such a beautiful article .

  • Its great to see women coming forward with such great blogs. So far i only knew Ileane.
    Thanks for compiling this list, i will surely follow these blogs from now onwards.

  • If I learnt 100 per cent from your blog post then I learnt 1000 per cent from the comments of many many awesome bloggers here. It looks a rendezvous of great bloggers. Thanks Atish this is one of the most interactive posts I ever read

  • We should feel proud to have 2 indian female bloggers in your list. 😉

  • Awesome post… Really women are also going great in this field. I wish more and more women will blog after some time.
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  • I just found this blog and especially this articles, I met most the bloggers are gentle men but this wonderful beautiful ladies and best bloggers. Smith may be the highest interactive in online community !

    Thanks – Brian
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  • Awesome post! Thanks for sharing this post about the 5 Awesome Female Bloggers. This awesome post inspired me and also I got the wonderful idea from here.
    Thank You…..!


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