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5 Common Issues That You Might Face With Your iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X is undoubtedly an incredible smartphone but it’s also one of the most fragile ones in the market out there. From hardware faults to software issues, a number of problems can arise in your device that can affect its performance and result in a poor experience. Under such circumstances, you should have the fault repaired so that you can enjoy the same performance as guaranteed by Apple.

However, iPhone X is quite expensive itself and having any repair done through the official Apple Store can cost you a lot of fortune. Moreover, it can also take around 9 to 15 days to get your device back, meaning that your life will essentially come to a standstill in the meanwhile. You can instead opt for a reliable iPhone repairing service such as Break Fix Now to get all your repairs done in an affordable and timely manner. Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the common problems of an iPhone X that may need repairing.

iPhone X Screen Repair

Believe it or not, broken screens are one of the most common woes of most iPhone users and things are no different in iPhone X. The said model is the first one in the entire iPhone range to flaunt an impressive OLED display that offers the perfect balance of color, contrast, and sharpness in every image. However, this display is also susceptible to damage in case of high impact, although Apple markets it to be extremely powerful and strong. Other than a broken screen, problems like screen freezing, image persistence and appearance of red and green lines are also reported in iPhone X. 

Other than the front screen, the glass back of the iPhone X is highly susceptible to scratches and cracks if the device is dropped. It is made of tough Gorilla Glass which, although is extremely gorgeous, is extremely vulnerable to falls and drops. 

iPhone X Battery Repair

One of the persistent issues in all iPhones is that of battery and although Apple has taken several measures to mitigate these problems, battery life, performance, and capacity are still a major concern in iPhone X. The batteries used in iPhone X are based on lithium-ion technology which is much newer as compared to the other type of batteries. Not only that, lithium-ion batteries are highly efficient and have a greater energy density as compared to lead-acid batteries, making them ideal for use in smartphones as their thinness becomes increasingly important. Nonetheless, just like every other battery type, lithium-ion batteries degrade after a certain period of use so they would need to be replaced. 

iPhone X Camera Repair

A fully functioning smartphone is essential for us to survive through our daily life and without the camera working at its best, you may end up feeling frustrated and annoyed. While iPhone X has an amazing camera that captures close-to-reality shots with perfection, any hardware or even software fault can render the camera useless at times. Hence, if you’re having trouble with the rear or front camera of your iPhone, having it inspected by a professional is a good idea. Let us also mention that the Face ID does not seem to work right or even work at all in some iPhone X models. If you face such an issue, the entire camera unit may need to be replaced. 

iPhone Power Button Repair

Another thing that may need repairing in your iPhone X is the power button as problems with it can stop you from taking screenshots, putting the device to sleep or turning it off. Before you take your device for repair, it’s essential to rule out that the problem is not caused by a dead battery. For that, leave your iPhone X to get charged over the night and try turning on the phone. If it does not power up, then the issue lies in the power button instead of the battery. You can also try fixing the power button yourself using DIY repair kits. This will save you some cash but keep in mind that your device may be at risk of further damage.

iPhone X Water Damage Repair

Have you accidentally dropped your beloved iPhone X in the swimming pool or a bucket full of water and feared about the consequences. Even the thought of this happening may send shivers down your spine but in case it does happen, you don’t need to worry as it is possible to repair any damage that occurs due to water entering the device. In fact, we suggest that you take your water-damaged iPhone X to the repair shop at your earliest without trying to revert the damage yourself as you may end up doing more harm to the device. 

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  • Hi Shelly,
    Thanks for sharing some problems of Iphone x. At first I was not impressed with the device after knowing its price. It was the first iphone that touched $1000 price tag. I don’t think beside software and camera, anything is so much impressive about the device. It doesn’t provide price to performance ratio.

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