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5 Best Ethernet Cables for Xbox One

Well, the world belongs to the WiFi network. But if you have been like us who understands the internet in a better manner, you will vouch for the wired connectivity. In fact, if you are looking for faster and reliable internet connectivity, an Ethernet cable connection is what would offer an excellent option. 

And then specifically designed Ethernet cables best suited for gaming would provide excellent efficiency to your gaming schedule. If you have an Xbox One and looking for the best experience with them, you need to look for the best Ethernet cables for Xbox One. We would perhaps be of help to you in your search. 

How to choose the best Ethernet Cables for Xbox One?

Before we can move on to find the best ethernet cables for Xbox One, let us check out a few key parameters you need to look for when buying the best options available. These factors can be helpful as a guide or a checklist to find the right ones for enhancing your gaming experience. 

  • Category

There are several categories among the Ethernet cables. The primary forms of cables would include Cat5 and Cat6. Of course, there are newer standards such as Cat7 and Cat7a have been made available, but they are not yet available so extensively. Cat6 or Cat6a cables would be an excellent option for faster internet connectivity. Since we are checking out the best Ethernet cables for Xbox One and gaming, it would be advisable to prefer a Cat6 or Cat7 cable if available. 

  • Length

Length of the cable would be an important factor for better usability and better connectivity. A longer cable can result in signal loss. Make sure your gaming console and the internet source are quite close to one another. That would help you get the shortest possible cable. 

  • Compatibility 

Make sure the cable you choose is compatible with your Xbox One or for that matter any other gaming console. Each of the gaming consoles has a different port requirement, and it should be extremely important to give a thought to the ports and configurations before you finalise your choice. 

  • Bandwidth

Higher bandwidth will ensure a better network connection. If you do not want your connectivity to be affected by congestion, make sure it has a higher bandwidth. Most of the cables come with a bandwidth of 550 MHz. However, it may be a good idea to check out a cable with a bandwidth between 600 to 1000 MHz. 

  • Network Speed

Higher network speeds will ensure a lower latency. Ideally, an ethernet cable with a network speed of 1000 Mbps should get most of the tasks done, but advanced games may require a network speed of around 10 Gbps.

Best Ethernet Cable for Xbox One – A few good options you can choose

Having understood how to shop for the best Ethernet cables for Xbox one, we will now check out a few great options that can be helpful enough in enjoying the best games on your Xbox device. 

  1. Cable Matters 160021 Ethernet Cable

The Cable Matters 160021 Ethernet Cable can be an excellent option for the best Ethernet cables for Xbox One and has been considered to be the top-performing option ever. It provides a network speed of up to 10 Gbps and a bandwidth of 550 MHz. This can go a long way in ensuring a close to zero latency. 

The pack comes with a set of five cables with cat6 category. The Snagless functionality improves the durability and corrosion resistance. The gold plated connectors would help you get access to secure and clear connectivity. The 14 feet length can be the right option for short or mid-range applications. The flexible and slim design would provide you with a better storage option. 

Pros and Cons of Cable Matters 160021 Ethernet Cable
  • A superior lightning speed. 
  • Snagless construction. 
  • Multiple colour options. 
  • Slightly high priced. 
  1. Vandesail Cat7

Cat7 cables are what would bring the latest technology to your doorstep. That is what should make the Vandesail Cat7 Ethernet cable an excellent option for the best Ethernet cables for Xbox One. You can be assured of a network speed of 10 Gbps. The standard is backwards compatible and works with the devices that support Cat5 or Cat6 cables. 

The cable should be the fastest one for your needs in the best possible connectivity. The data transfer speeds of up to 1000 MHz is yet another huge plus point. In fact, that should be the highest option for any Ethernet cables in 2020. The gold-shielded RJ45 connector ensures no interference from RFI or EMI. The Ethernet cable should be the right choice for a wide range of consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, and PS3.

Pros and Cons of Vandesail Cat7
  • Cat7 specification.
  • The flat cord that improves durability.
  • Gold plated connectors ensure a secure connection.
  • Highly expensive. 
  1. AmazonBasics Cat-6 Ethernet Patch Internet Cable

AmazonBasics has been one of the best options for affordable products. The AmazonBasics Cat-6 Ethernet Patch Internet Cable provides you access to an enhanced experience with respect to your gaming at an affordable price tag. The 1000 Mbps speed can be an excellent option for zero latency gaming on Xbox One. 

Bandwidth may be a concern if you are into resource hungry games as it offers you a bandwidth of around 250 MHz. The RJ45 connector also provides you access to a cross network connectivity. The cable offers you access to an enhanced and uninterrupted data connectivity. You can buy it in five different length options which are yet another added advantage. Get access to a one year warranty on the product. 

Pros and Cons of AmazonBasics Cat-6 Ethernet Patch Internet Cable
  • A faster 1 Gbps network speed. 
  • Highly inexpensive. 
  • On year warranty from Amazon.
  • Bandwidth is inadequate for resource intensive games. 
  1. RiteAV – Cat6 Network Ethernet Cable

The RiteAV – Cat6 Network Ethernet Cable is one of the excellent choices for a low cost option for the best Ethernet cables for Xbox One. It is compatible with almost all major gaming devices and computers. You have access to a 1 Gbps network speed coupled with the Cat6 technology. Of course, it would not offer a blasting performance, but still, you can expect an above average speed and connectivity. 

The cable is available in multiple colors and lengths. It is also compatible with both Cat5 and Cat5e cables. The cable is fluke test certified, which further increases the performance standard. The flat cable design will further would have added more value to it. 

Pros and Cons of RiteAV - Cat6 Network Ethernet Cable
  • Backward compatibility with Cat5 and Cat5e. 
  • Highly affordable pricing. 
  • 1 Gbps speed performance. 
  • Co-axial cable design
  • Lower bandwidth
  1. CableMonsta Cat6 Ethernet Cable

It has been one of the excellent options for use with the fastest connectivity. It is yet another excellent option for an affordable Ethernet cable for enhanced connectivity. In fact, the budget pricing, along with improved performance is what should make it one of the best Ethernet cables for Xbox One. The cable is made of pure copper and provides you access to a 250 MHz bandwidth. 

The Ethernet cable comes with a gold plated RJ45 connector that ensures lesser interference and enhanced quality. The flat design is yet another great option to provide tangle-free and easy storage options. The cable offers you access to a 1000 MBps speed. The 8 core twisted pair structure which will provide it with enhanced performance. The ultra-thin design offers a flexible design. 

Pros and Cons of CableMonsta Cat6 Ethernet Cable
  • Cat6 cable with a 1000 MBps speed. 
  • Gold plated RJ45 connector offers you secure and more comfortable connectivity. 
  • Flat cord improves durability.
  • Lower bandwidth. 
  • It is available in either black or white color.

Well, those were a few exciting choices that should help you gain access to an enhanced experience for your gaming pleasure on Xbox One. Of course, affordability is one of the major concerns for an average consumer, and that is precisely why we have focussed on the budget offerings along with the high-end cables. We assume the best Ethernet cables for Xbox featured here should ideally meet most of your gaming needs.

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