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4G vs 3G Connectivity | What Are The Difference Between 4G And 3G?

Today we can enjoy fast and reliable 4G Internet connectivity, mobile based, broadband style. That’s cool. Think about it: you can tap the Internet from anywhere a cell phone signal is available. But it certainly has not always been this way. Although mobile broadband was supposed to be implemented on a wide-scale basis with 3G technologies, that ever happened; not like it is now. Now, 4G LTE Internet connectivity is lighting up the lives of surfers and geeks on a worldwide level. It is amazing.

3G vs 4G

Still, there are multitudes of people out there continuing to work with 3G devices – and they are beginning to suffer in small measures. As new 4G technologies continue to become more and more prominent, 3G technologies will become obsolete (learn more at iiNet). That’s just the basics of technology economics. 4G tech has revolutionized the ways that we do business, create and communicate – and that means that 3G is going bye-bye, soon.

But what are the main differences between 3G and 4G technologies?

3G defined:

3G stands for “3rd Generation”. That means the 3rd generation of mobile (cellular) technologies for communication. The first generation was analog tech cell phones. When cell phones went digital, we called that 2nd generation (2G). 3G promised new highs in mobile tech. For instance, with a 3G-enabled cell phone (smartphone), users could access the Internet, on the move, for the first time. 3G allowed users to download huge bunches of data, straight through their phones. They could watch videos and stream data to other users who were far, far away from them. 3G changed the world.

4G defined:

4G, the fourth generation of mobile data protocol technology zooms where 3G went sort of quick. That’s the main difference: connectivity speed. 4G LTE (long term evolution) is the fastest 4G protocol in existence – and it is where all the major carriers are allocating their R&D funds toward. In fact, within the next 2 years, you will see all voice calls switch over to voice-over-LTE protocol; a 4G-based technology. In a nutshell, you can consider 4G to be about 10X faster than 3G. That’s a rule of thumb as stated by Verizon.

As 4G technologies continue to be implemented on a planetary basis, your 4G-enabled device will also operate on 3G networks, with 3G speed and dependability, wherever there is not yet a 4G network in place. So, if you have a 4G device in an area where only 3G networking in active, then your device will operate as a 3G device, reserving its full-speed capabilities for more suitable, accommodating locations.

The main difference between 3G and 4G is connectivity speed. It’s about 10 times faster, at least according to major carriers like Verizon, AT&T and others. So, if you are a gadget lover, or just one who depends on your electronic gadgets to accommodate the communications you need to conduct your business and personal lives, then you’re going to want to embrace 4G as soon as you can. Technologies will continue to evolve, and people will have to keep upgrading.

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  • Hey zainil Dedhia

    You are really genius. I am from bangladesh before the year I had no knowledge aboout three 3G!! Cause there are no 3G network in our bangladesh! But now I have knowledge about 3G but nothing for 4G!!

    Now I am learn something from your article !!

    Thanks ….

    Carry on

    • Its soo much difficult to hear the fact that there are no 3G networks in my neighboring country and the fact that 4G networks are already launched in India !

  • Hello,
    Nice article,
    I would like to say that 4 G technology is much much better than 3 G. But the fact is, still there is no proper establishment of 3 G technology in India. But how we can expect 4 G to be better than 3 G service.
    Anyways great knowledge about the topic.
    -Rohit Kumar

  • Yes bro in 3g service you can use only app at a time, but in 4g service you can use multiple app downloading, skype, browsing at same time with turbo speed.

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