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4 Pieces of Technology You’ll Want to Take Everywhere

You may have noticed that through the years, technology has gotten smaller and smaller. We’re not only multiplying a machine’s power with each upgrade – we’re making it more portable and more useable in everyday life.

You probably have a slim smartphone that’s you bring everywhere. But do you take advantage of other gadgets on the market today that are just as convenient to carry around? 

Here are 4 pieces of technology you’ll want to take with you everywhere:

1. Charging cases and power banks

Do you find yourself on-the-go, all day, every day? It’s great to be busy, but it can mean your phone battery rapidly depletes throughout the day. Tech leaders met the needs of busy people with the invention of both the charging case and the power bank.

Both of these items will allow you to use your phone on the go and charge it at the same time. The charging case is a great option for those who don’t want to carry an extra accessory around all the time. However, even these are bulkier in size than we would like.  

On the other hand, charging banks are simple and don’t take up any extra pocket space. Some have the capability of charging multiple devices at once. You can always attach a power bank to a phone without sacrificing the cute case you already bought, but if you want to free up the gadgets you carry around, a charging case is your best option. Check out this site for some ideas. 

2. Bluetooth item tracker

We already mentioned gadgets are getting smaller. That means it’s getting easier for your essentials to get lost in your couch cushions. You shouldn’t have to be late to work because you forgot your keys in the morning! That’s where a Bluetooth item tracker comes in.

These small tools easily attach to your belongings, like your keys, phone, or wallet. Once you set up your Bluetooth connection to your things, you’ll be able to track them straight from your phone. Many companies will have an app to download as well as an option to control your tracker remotely.

3. SD Card Reader

Most people agree the SD card is an incredibly convenient invention. We’ve all used it to save data on a computer, or transfer items from different devices. Unfortunately, most computer manufacturers are getting rid of built-in SD card slots from the newest laptop models!

If you use an SD card regularly, it’s important to have an SD card reader on hand. Plug it into a USB, and you’ve got a portable, ready-to-use SD card slot. You can even buy one that accepts both SD and MicroSD cards, so you’ve got all your bases covered.

4. Electric lighter

Got a light? The electric lighter is a great new invention that is portable, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Instead of a flame, these tools use an electric arc to light what you need instead of a flame.

They don’t require any fluid or gases to operate, meaning you don’t have to refill them, or throw away the empty canisters when you’re finished. You’ll be recharging it long after a standard lighter would run out of fluid!

Which Gadget Will You Pick Up First?

For those of us with busy days ahead of us, the 4 gadgets on this list are just what you need for that extra support in your day. You’ll be amazed at how convenient it is to charge your phone all day and find your belongings as soon as you lose them. 

The real question is: which gadget is most essential to you first?

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