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3 Signs that Your Computer is infected with Virus

Computing can become a very frustrating experience when problems begin to arise with your device. Some problems could be easily apprehended and cured but when a computer is having a virus on it, you’ll have to take cautions because deleting viruses from a computer may lead to losing your important documents.

Keeping your computer intact and free from spyware should be of grave importance to your. While some may debate the fact that you cannot literarily determine whether a virus is in your computer, it has actually been proven to be practically possible. Some months back, at the start of my weight watchers discount and ediet coupon blog, I had some issues with my computer and I nearly re-formatted it before I noticed it was viruses that were battling with it. Below are ways you can detect that your computer has been in infected with a virus.

Here are those 3 signs which alert that your computer system is infected by Viruses

1. Your computer is becoming unusually slow

One of the major reactions of a computer that has virus in it is slow performance. The computer being slow may not be a result of poor computer components like having a low RAM or random access memory and hard disk.

Viruses are also programs, but are malicious ones, and they take up more space on your computer than any other program would require. Viruses can even upload your files to unknown web directories, which will cause your internet connection to become slow in speed.
When you notice that your computer is becoming unusually slow, you should watch out to make sure there are no viruses in your computer because it may also be an early sign of virus infection.

2. Windows are closing unexpectedly

Another sign of virus infection on your computer is when your windows start closing unexpectedly. When you are operating on your computer and a window suddenly shuts down without your command, there is only one possible guess to it, and that’s the work of a virus. Aside allowing a friend of yours to access your computer remotely, your windows cannot shut down on its own.
If your windows are shutting down unexpectedly, start checking your computer for viruses. Make sure you have a reliable antivirus installed on your computer to help you fish out and delete virus programs that may be hiding in your computer files.

3. Your data plan is being consumed without being used

Viruses are notorious for one thing and that is bandwidth consumption. Viruses send your private and confidential details over the internet to unknown databases, usually the programmers responsible for creating them. This process, being one that requires your internet connection, will reduce the performance of your internet and also that of your computer.

Viruses running on your internet connection are always running without your awareness and so may lead you to diagnosing fake problems for your internet connection.

So when your computer’s internet is becoming slower than you feel it should do, there are chances your computer is having a virus on it. And the only way to bring this problem to a halt is by removing every single virus or spyware that is in your computer through the help of an antivirus program.

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