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11 Awesome and Best Uses Of Your Tablet You Probably Didn’t Know

We all have this uncanny assumption somewhere in our subconscious mind that “bigger is always better.” It must be awesome checking your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter and others on a tablet. Yep! Whether these are emails or social media accounts, we all love to check them on a mobile device. A tablet can be more than merely a tablet if you know the probable and varied uses of the device. 

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Before that, we must find out the basic types of tablet we use in our day to day life.      

Types of Tablet PCs

Depending on the functionality and benefits, there are four major types of tablet PCs:

Hybrid Tablet PC:

The basic feature of the hybrid tablet is the easy removability of the touch screen from it. The touch screen can also be flipped around to 360 degrees after detaching the keyboard and can be used as a tab. Usually, Hybrid tablets are larger than traditional tablets.

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Convertible Tablet PC:

Similar to PC, but the convertible tablet pc has a specialized touch screen and can be rotatable to 180 degrees. Generally heavy weighed and comes with a superb operating system, powerful processor and other helpful accessories like a phone tablet stand. Convertible tablets are portable as compared to laptops. Easily accessible, user-friendly are the key features for convertible tabs.

Source:  groupon.com

Slate Tablet Pc:

An ideal traveling tablet which is light in nature, sleek designed and portable is the Slate Tablet PC. It works with a stylus on the touch screen or even with a simple finger touch. Slate Tablets has been easily connected to projectors for any presentation, and it avoids the unnecessary keyboard when it’s not required. The tablet comes with several slots for USBs, external hard drives, mice, etc.

Source:  timesofmalta.com

Rugged Tablet PC:

The Rugged Tablet PC is the hardest and rigid amongst all Tablet PCs and has been designed to operate under unfavorable environmental conditions. Its specialty is the shockproof internal hard drive. The Rugged Tablet Pc is designed with certified safeguarding internal and external components against any conditions like vibration, dust, etc.

Source:  ruggedtabletpc.com

Awesome and Best Uses Of Tablet

There are 11 usages of Tablets that you probably don’t know:

I – Computer And Tablet at the Same Time

Desktops and laptops are heavier in nature and lack portability at times. You can download free software called Splash top Streamer in your tablet. Create an account with your email id, and you can log into both devices at the same time. This way, you can hold your tablet and get the display of your desktop too with instant access.

Source:  techadvisor.co.uk

II – File Transfer

Simple transfer of files wirelessly from tablet to computer can be done quickly. It is a convenient and faster method to transfer data using Bluetooth connection.

III – Convert Tablet Into Remote

There are inbuilt apps with which you can turn your tablet into a TV remote and control the channels. For example: For Apple and Android users, there is a TV side view app, an inbuilt transmitter installed in Galaxy tab converting into a remote. Turning a tab into a TV remote can also be done by purchasing Harmony Hub or Bluemoo and transform into a remote control.

IV – Use As A Phone

You can use tabs as phones by using a free app called Skype. Both Android and Apple devices support Skype, and it makes calls easier. Though Skype is free, there can be minimum rates for international calls that are charged. You can use a phone tablet stand, and connect your tab and make video calls anywhere in the world.

V – E-reader

Tablets can combine all the reading apps like Kindle, and Google-play magazines, etc. into one. This reading inside one feature is a unique feature of a tablet PC. This makes it more reader-friendly.

Source:  hookedtobooks.com

VI – Creative Tool

With the easy portability, ability to copy and share links all across the tablets have proved amazing results in the creative field. May it be music, digital painting, or creative writing, anything related to creativity can be performed via tablets. There are a variety of music apps like Pandora, Spotify with which you can listen to your favorite music and genres. If you are a musician, for example, a guitarist, apps like Chord, Guitar Lesson by Guitar Trick, etc. are available on iPad.

VII – Stress Management

A tablet provides you with peaceful and calming videos on meditation to get better sleep and relieving stress. You may try the app “Meditation Oasis” for Android to get calming videos and audios.

VIII – Pet-Friendly

In tablets, there are few pet-friendly apps available which help your pets to get training and also involves them playing by making different sounds. You and your pet can have an excellent time by clicking pictures together by tapping the screen.

Source:  pcworld.com

IX – For Note Taking

Previously in schools and colleges, laptops and desktops were set in library or classrooms, but now tablets have replaced them. This is because of the flexibility and portability nature. Even the uses of tablet for students is quite nice as well as they find it easier and convenient to take down notes in the flat screen and also can carry it wherever they want as they take less storage space in the bags.

X – Transform Your Tablet Into An Alarm Clock

You can definitely transform a tablet into an HD alarm clock. You can use the Night Clock app in your tab to get time information. Apart from time, your tablet can also provide news information, social media feed or weather updates on its digital screen.

XI – Videos And Photo Sharing

There are various smart TVs available to give you access to YouTube, Flickr, etc. You can simply upload your online content including your videos and watch it after on your TV. A tablet can make your life easier. E.g. There is a feature called Airplay in iPad/Apple TV. This helps to view the tablet’s display on a huge screen.

  • Simply swipe up and scroll on your tablet there will be Airplay icon, click on it to activate.
  • In case you have an Android tablet, you may use an app called All cast. You can connect your Tablet with this app to get services like Amazon TV, Apple TV, etc.

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Various Tablets are available in markets based on their benefits and functionality. Due to easy portability in nature, tablets are more preferred than laptops and desktops. Before purchasing any tablet PC, make sure you compare the online reviews and rates and get the one according to your preference. And, yes, looking at the usage of the tablets, we can say these are why buy a tablet when you have a smartphone.

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