Top 10 Cool fun Gadgets to Buy Under $50 in 2015

With the inception of every New Year, your hopes start springing up for buying some new fun gadgets without creating a hole in your pocket. Nonetheless, the hunt keeps getting difficult as the prices of your desired gadgets keep on increasing unabated. But, here we are making things so much easier for you by letting you choose from some of the best cool gadgets to buy this year. Whether you are a music lover or a smartphone freak, we’ll have you covered in all domains. I have already shared 10 cool gadgets to buy under $25 and now I am sharing top 10 cool and fun gadgets to buy in 2015 under $50:

1. Google Chromecast

 Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast ($35) is a thumb-sized device that easily plugs in to your TV by means of an equipped HDMI port, which enables you to cast your content from your iOS and Android devices. The gadget includes HBO Go, WatchESPN, YouTube, Pandora, and others. In addition, you can continue to utilize your devices that are compatible with Chromecast while casting content, and also you can view websites while utilizing Google Chrome on your Mac or PC. One of the topmost cool gadgets to buy, Google Chromecast lets you mirror the screen of your Android phone to your TV seamlessly.

2. Mota Portable Charger Stick

Mota Portable Charger Stick

Mota Portable Charger Stick (under $30) is one of the best fun gadgets out there, which allows you to easily charge your smartphones fully on the go. The device comes with 2600mAH of power in a highly convenient size of a lipstick, and also possesses adapters for any smartphone out there, such as mini and micro USB, Apple 30-pin, and Apple Lightning. This one is surely an extremely useful gadget to buy, since you can always run of power no matter how big your smartphone’s battery is. Also, this charger stick finds a place in our top 10 cool fun gadgets to buy because it comes in handy to be used as a flashlight when there are power outages.

3. Apple iPod Shuffle

Apple iPod Shuffle

If you are looking for the greatest cool gadgets to buy this year, Apple iPod Shuffle ($50) is worth your consideration. Apple iPod Shuffle clearly remains one of the most appealing music players and therefore one of the most attractive fun gadgets ever on the market. The gadget allows you to shuffle among a number of songs that you have complied into a customized playlist on your own. The iPod comes with polished aluminum design as well as complementary clip that make it extremely appealing as well as practical to use. Moreover, the sound quality that is rendered is of tremendous quality and there is great battery life as well.

4. Sony Extra Bass Earbuds

Sony Extra Bass Earbuds

It is always a great chance that anyone who owns an MP3 player or a smartphone makes use of the earbuds that the person got free with the gadget. And if you are one of such people, then you need to present yourself with Sony Extra Bass Earbuds ($49.99) that are amazing cool gadgets to buy for yourself. Having these fun gadgets will save you from the endurance of low quality and bad sound of your music. The earbuds come with a gold plated conductor, 12 mm drivers, comfortable silicon covers, and integrated mic.

5. Logitech K310 Keyboard

Logitech K310 Keyboard

You might know the amount of ruin that is caused to so many keyboards because of coffee, water, and other non-desirable liquids spilling at the top of these devices. Fortunately, fun gadgets like Logitech K310 Keyboard ($45) are specifically designed for such situations, having waterproof build and UV coated character keys for up to 5 million keystrokes. Moreover, the Windows specific keyboard comes with 12 hot keys that immediately control your music playback or launch your Web browser.

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6. Fitbit Zip

Fitbit Zip

One of the most liked cool gadgets to buy; Fitbit actually lies in the high end range of the gadgets. But, you can still get the device under $50 at many places online. Fitbit Zip is basically a tremendous little activity tracker that is powered with battery and that counts steps once you clip it onto clothing, and it also uploads the data to your PC or smartphone. With the help of Fitbit, you can set specific goals for yourself, track your success, and also share your results with your pals. Also, it is much closer to indestructible.

7. Anker MP141 Bluetooth Speaker

Anker MP141 Bluetooth Speaker

Anker MP141 Bluetooth Speaker ($40) is one of the most reasonable fun gadgets and cool gadgets to buy. It is capable of producing natural and rich sound within a great looking design, and also it can be used as a speaker phone if used in combination with the integrated microphone, which permits you to take calls besides letting you stream your most desired tunes. The device has an unrivaled battery life up to 20 hours and an auto off feature that ceases the power supply to the device after lengthy periods of time.

8. Kobo Mini E-Reader

Kobo Mini E-Reader

Do you love to read? Or you know anyone who does? If yes, then there is one of the finest fun gadgets that will make you want to jump to digital reading right away. And that one of the amazing cool gadgets to buy is Kobo Mini E-Reader ($49.99) that is a great alternative to costly gadgets with the likes of Amazon Kindle E-Reader that cost no less than $59 even if you go for the cheapest (in price) one. With Kobo, you can save yourself from a great amount of hassle of lugging and storing books for reading.

9. Belkin SongStream Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Belkin SongStream Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Now, just as everybody wishes every device on the market to be Bluetooth compatible. Nevertheless, Belkin SongStream Bluetooth Audio Receiver ($40) does help with older or earlier stereo equipment that are compatible with new devices, which would otherwise need a cable. The gadget easily plugs into standalone speaker or home stereo by means of an AUX or RCA cable, permitting you to stream content from your Nexus tablet, iPhone, or any other Bluetooth enabled gadget wirelessly with great ease. This jet black gadget remembers as many as 6 different gadgets at any particular point, which means you can always take turns playing the latest Queen tracks from up to 33 feet away.

10. Hubsan X4 Micro Quad Copter Drone

Hubsan X4 Micro Quad Copter Drone

People who like buying fun gadgets are turning the most to buying drones at present. But, it is not that easy since not everyone can afford $1000 for buying high flying drones with CNN quality aerial video footage. So, an easy and reasonable alternative that comes in extremely handy is the Hubsan X4 Micro Quad Copter Drone (under $50), which can fly up to 300 feet from the receiver and offer a flight of 30 minutes on a charge. The device also has blue LED lights to fly during the night and a six axis control system for flight. In addition, the weight of the drone is just 1.3 ounces, which means nobody will ever get hurt even if it accidentally falls at all.

This completes our top 10 picks for cool gadgets to buy. Pick any of these fun gadgets now!



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  • Really like the look of the Mota Portable Charger Stick, i go camping allot and this would be perfect to keep my phone charged.

  • Nice. i like Anker MP141 Bluetooth Speaker and may be i can buy this and best part about it that its not costally.

  • Hey Atish,

    Great list of some of the very nifty affordable gadgets. Google Chromecast is definitely the gadget to go for. I’m a guy who loves movies a lot, and I’m sure this gadget will help to keep you entertained. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this post 🙂

  • Good collection of economical tech gadgets Atish 🙂

    I’ve heard and aware about most of the devices which you’ve listed here. Quite interesting to read Fitbit Zip and would like to buy it to stay fit 🙂

    Thanks for crafting this useful post Atish, keep listing the valuable stuff 🙂

  • This is amezing list of some of the very nifty affordable gadgets. Google Chromecast is definitely the gadget to go for. I’m a guy who loves movies a lot, and I’m sure this gadget will help to keep you entertained.Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Hi, Atish,

    Wow, I have never heard of the Apple iPod Shuffle, I’ve got to check that out. I love Apple products as they’re top notch in quality, in my opinion.

    Seems like it would make a good gift as well, and I may consider it for my daughter’s birthday coming up.

    Thanks for sharing these tools and gadgets, I love techie stuff.

    Take care and have a wonderful afternoon.


    • Hi Carol,

      Apple products are indeed of top notch quality but aren’t they over priced?

      Glad you liked the list. Advance wishes to your daughter for her upcoming bday!

  • The best of all is Micro Quad Copter Drone and definitely i want to have one. If you could tell me from where to buy it ?

    • If you click that link on the name of this gadget you will be redirected to Amazon. From there you can buy it.

  • Wonderful list boss. Ive wanted the chrome cast but don’t know how to get it down to my country without paying shipping fees.

    Have a nice day bro as I check out if its on free shipping now.

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