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10 Best Free web hosting service providers

Web Hosting is the chief requirement if you want to make a blog/website.  There are many biggies already doing well such as hostgator, Bluehost, godaddy, One.com etc. but many people are not ready to invest money on hosting until and unless their requirement is very important.

Especially when you are learning or you need some space just for testing purpose then you won’t feel like spending money on buying hosting space. In such case you can opt for free web hosting! Yes, free web hosting. There are many free web hosts available across the web which you can use for your different usage. Many of them provide sub-domain as well to use with hosting. If you already have your own domain(if you don’t have any then book your domain here) then you can simply point your domain to the hosting provider you choose by updating the nameserver of the domain.


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Let’s move on to the list of 10 best free web hosting providers:

1. AwardSpace

This is one of the oldest free webhost I have used. I still remember I have created a site over it and I had a good experience with them. It offers both free and premium hosting services. You sign up as per your requirement. Follow this link to check out the free offer. Space offered: 250 MB with 5GB monthly data transfer.

2. 5GBFree

This is yet another hosting provider which offers 5 GB Free hosting space with Cpanel and 3 MySQL accounts. Follow this link to check out the hosting offer by this company.

3. Hostawesome

They are new but very nice services offered by them. I was given a free account for testing purpose and it was indeed great. I have published a review of this cool hosting provider over TTW few months ago. You can check out hosting offers by following this link. You will get a subdomain as well for free to use with free hosting account. Space offered: 100 MB with 2000 Monthly pageviews.

4. Byethost

This offers free hosting account with 1000 MB space, FTP account, File manager and many other features. Apart from free offer, they offer many offers like dedicated server, reseller hosting, premium hosting, VPS server etc. Click to know the free offer on this page.

5. 1freehosting

With 10 GB Free hosting space and 100 GB monthly data transfer it offers one of the most attracting free offers. The best thing is it is completely ad free. It offers Cpanel as well. Click to know the offer.

6. Xtremehost

It offers 5GB hosting space with 50 GB monthly data transfer it offers one of the nice offers among free hosting services. You cannot host high traffic website over this as it offers less bandwidth but its good for small blogs/sites. Click to know the offer.

7. 50webs

It offers 500 MB free hosting space with 5GB monthly data transfer. You can host 10 domains and get 100 POP3 email accounts. No banner ads. Check the offer here.

8. 0Fees

This is yet another free web host, I have tried making a website in the very beginning and I did make but haven’t used much but you can try it. Check out the details.

9. Freehostia

A well known free web host which offers 0.25 GB hosting space and can handle 6GB of traffic per month. It offers everything you need to make a basic site. Check the details here.

10. Freehostingeu

I have no personal experience with this particular free host but I have heard a lot from my friends that it’s good for testing purpose as it offers only 200 MB space with 4GB monthly data transfer. Check the details here.


Now you have list of 10 best free hosting providers list which you can use to make website/blog or you can use them as your test server to test the websites you are designing or developing. To be honest, I would like to suggest not using free hosting services if you are doing serious business with your website or if you are a professional blogger. For learning, testing and normal hobby blogging they are great. There are many reasons I am suggesting not to use for serious usages because free offers might not give you back up facility, security, Support. Plus if they shut your site you cannot claim anything.

That’s all from my side! I want to hear more from your side now. Thanks for reading the post.

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