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10 Apps that Help Build Children’s Interest in Science

Now days there are apps for almost everything. Today I am here to present 10 apps that help kids to build more interest in Science Subject.

Lets check out them here:-

1. Moon Globe HD

One app that plays a central role in familiarizing children with the moon’s surface by offering a holistic view about the same is the Moon Globe HD. The best part about this app is that it rightly combines satellite images with data that is presented by the topographic laser altimeter. You can get this app installed by simply shelling out a sum of $ 0.99.

[Available for iOS]

2. SkySafari

Yet another innovative science app presented by iOS is SkySafari. This app comes across as a perfect pick for all the tiny aspiring astronauts out there. SkySafari can be downloaded by you at a meagre price of $ 2.99. On an overall level, this app plays a promising role in taking children through a fulfilling journey across the space among the likes of galaxies, clusters, nebulae and so on and so forth. Both basic as well as pro versions are available in the said app.

[Available for iOS and Android]

3. Cargo-Bot

Gadgets are a hot favorite among individuals of each group. Moreover, it has become essential for us to acquaint ourselves with the so called “gadget language”. The above mentioned requirement can now become a jolly reality all thanks to the Cargo-Bot app. In simple words, this app tries its best to introduce children to the world of programming and coding at large. The good news here is that this app is available absolutely free of cost.

[Available on iPad]


4. Kid Weather

Children can now acquaint themselves with an array of distinct weather conditions and that also with absolute ease and convenience, all thanks to the Kid Weather app. You can now go ahead with the download and installation of the said app by doing away with a mere $ 1.99. This app is designed in such a manner that it ends up presenting safety tips, trivia along with other related formats to children with a touch of fun and frolic loitering around.

[Available for iOS and Android]

5. Video Science

Yet another highly looked upon Science app presented by iOS is the Video Science app. The primary goal of this app is to bring your school’s science laboratory in your very own house. A number of different science experients can now be brought at your finger tips all thanks to the Video Science app. What’s more is the fact that this app is available completely free of cost.

[Available for iOS]

6. Rocket Science 101

If an innovative and colorful science app is what you desire for your children, then in that case there is no thinking twice before settling down for the Rocket Science 101 app. The aim of this app is to bring NASA extremely closer to you. Essentially, this app focuses on highlighting various facts associated with spacecrafts and rocket science in general. You can get your hands on this app without even having to shell out a single penny.

[Available on iOS and Android]

7. 3D Brain

Yet another educational science app presented by iOS is the 3D Brain app. If information is what your children are hungry for, then you should definitely consider introducing this app to them. The cherry on the cake is that this app is available totally free of cost. Basically, this app helps offer children in-depth information about the various sections located in the human brain along with disorders as well as injuries associated with the same.

[Available for iOS and Android]

8. The Elements:A Visual Exploration

Next up in the category of better than the best Science apps for iOS comes The Elements : A Visual Exploration. The main area around which this app is known to revolve is the field of chemistry. This app can be downloaded by you at a nominal sum of $ 13.99. This app will help children understand the importance of chemistry in our day to day lives. Similarly, this app also goes that extra mile to unveil a 3D experience before children.

[Available for iPad]

9. Muscle System Pro III

You can now take your anatomical exploration to an all new level altogether with the Muscle System Pro III app. All the children out there who happen to be die hard fans of the surgical game “Operation”, must definitely avoid giving this app a miss. You can get started with this app by simply shelling out a sum of $ 19.99. The best part about this app is that it offers meaningful theory along with a number of related and relevant images.

[Available for iPad]

10. Pop Science Kids Game

Last up in the category of academic cum fun oriented science apps comes the Pop Science Kids Game. This app is known to be available in both paid as well as unpaid versions. This app rightly introduces a number of vital science topics to children in a simplified game format that primarily makes use of popping bubbles. The paid version ends up offering a broader scientific view to children that includes everything from planets to electronics.

[Available on Android]

!Hope you have enjoyed reading about these apps!

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  • I think that now TTW is getting into the action of helping students.

    Just few days back I read iPad for education post here.

    Hope it would help the students Atish.

    I feel good that technology has been widely used in educational field.

    Keep posting such tech stuffs, expecting more in TTW.

  • Hi Atish Sir,
    Thanks for sharing these android apps to make childrens to learn science. Android apps have everything, but it varies on how we use them. Thanks for brining out all these useful apps for children to draw attention in science. Have a great day.

  • I really enjoyed a lot this article because it was totally different than other blogs , Actually I fed up reading Android game reviews , People find Android games everything . But you did a very informative and research indeed .

  • Yea right there are apps for almost everything now days and these learning apps looks good. Atleast kids can take interest in study with the help of these apps.

  • hi Atish,

    Great post and very nicely written. Such a big list for useful apps for kids but i feel that in your listing most of the apps are paid why you are not adding free apps in your list ?

    and when you are talking about fun oriented apps then whey you have not added “Angry Birds” type game apps which is most popular in apps.

  • Its a great thought to make today`s tech savvy children to generate interest in school subjects like Science, Maths etc. Instead of books they prefer mobile phones, tabs , computers to pass their time.So, its better to bring the subject knowledge to their level, rather than bringing them to the “old age (books)” level (a comment by my lil brother).

    Now a days everything is going digital, and the 2000 onwards born generation prefers it.

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