Why Does Twitter Shows White Whale Page?

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Why Does Twitter Shows White Whale Page?


What Is Over Capacity?: Are you a twitter enthusiast and tweets often? If so, you could have seen a white whale page occasionally between your daily tweet activity. Technically, the White whale page represents http 503 error code page and refers that twitter server has down or site temporarily unavailable to accept your tweets. The exact message you may encounter as follows ”Twitter is over capacity, “Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again”.

Per most logged issues, this issue may encounter when try to change your account background image, upload profile picture or tweeting at high traffic time. So what is happening at twitter?

Well. We know every site requires maintenance. Similarly social networking platforms also requires adequate maintenance activity since handling ample data volume at every seconds. A week before twitter has celebrated 100 million active users and ranked as planet’s one of the largest virtual data handler spot. Incredible traffic! However, the success has its own cost for its loving micro bloggers community as bundled with this kind of technical overload issues.

Twitter Log Status: Twitter trying to concentrate such issues very keen and upgrade their networking capabilities by several ways to provide enhanced service. Per twitter forum update, most micro blogger’s  happened to come across or have more chances to occur such scenarios frequently of late hours due to severe traffic. If you wish, you can follow twitter status logs too.


Root Cause: Globally, micro blogging becomes life fashion and tweet ratio growing very rapid at every second. Maintaining user accounts, hardware, software, network and server activity become monster and requires enormous technical power. There are occasions like when sensational news outspread across the planet, twitter kind of virtual network become very hot podium to share information. For instance new product launch, weather, tremor, celebrity lurid info and so on. Anything happens interesting globally, first hit will be twitter kind of social network after news channels.

Being said, twitter keep improving their hardware and software networking patterns to minimize their outages, but still overloading is inevitable. Also, Twitters 140 characters restriction per post fueling enough for the increased traffic since tweet passionate community keep tweeting often to flush out their mind and the platform always become more hot.

How to Handle White Whale? What should you do if you happened to come across white whale page? Simple. Just close the browser for 10 minute and concentrate on other activities. I mean to point, we have nothing to do with this outages since related to twitter network. The great thing is, the outage may sustain only for few minutes and twitter returns to normal. I would suggest, When you get stumble similar situations, just empty your browser cache if it consumes more downtime to reload the page. Just have a try.

 After internet evolution, web user community has growing very rapidly and every system requires enough maintenance and consequent upgrade to keep it alive and more users friendly. I am confident twitter can easily over come such issues down the road.

Manickam Vijayabanu, an IT professional and Blogger from Baltimore.USA. MediaCrayon is all about interesting articles and contents from diversified fields were I love to discuss anything about Technology and Creativity. Please connect me on Twitter:- http://twitter.com/#!/mediacrayon

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28 Responses to "Why Does Twitter Shows White Whale Page?"

  1. I also use twiiter to share content with other bloggers. It is my no.5 source of traffic after Facebook :)
    Naser @ Tech Blog recently posted…Nokia C2-03: Price In India, Touch and Type, Dual SIM, 2MP Camera, Nokia Maps.My Profile

  2. Twitter Status is good source. Thanks Manickam Vijayabanu and atish for knowledge about Twitter… :)

  3. Aanchal @ Website Design India says:

    I usually see white whale and had no option left except wait for few minutes and try again.
    Aanchal @ Website Design India recently posted…Website Design in IndiaMy Profile

  4. Praveen Rajarao says:

    Awesome post, thanks for sharing the info Mani.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted…iPhone5 Design LeakedMy Profile

  5. Twitter is one of source for getting Traffic though everything depend on Google Search

  6. Priyangshu@Make Money Online says:

    Nice post dude ! This is really an informative post for the Twitter users !

  7. Debbyq,
    thanks for your visit and comments.

  8. It is a bit surprising to me that twitter still gets these “whale fails”, although I must admit they have gotten alot better, and are happening alot less frequently. Although the background of whats happening may be different, you cant but give a big pat on the pat for facebook, I rarely recall any downtime whenever I am using facebook, it seems to happen alot more frequently on Twitter. I understand they are both two different platforms though but perhaps Twitter could learn a little bit from facebook?


    • Jean,
      Happy to see you here and thanks a lot for your comments.

      Technically speaking, FB or Twitter both are monsters when consider the virtual data volume. The concern for twitter is, the short note driven tweets makes more traffic across the web. Since 140 char per tweet limitation haul enough people to hang around and keep the I/O operation very busy.

      If we try to compare FB with twitter, the Inbound and outbound operation related to frequency for twitter is higher, though FB holds more accounts than twitter. As the article describes, software, hardware and network maintenance is always a big threat for these giants since everything occurs over web.

      Per statistics, most business communities prefer to use twitter as common podium rather FB due its healthy traffic.

      As you have pointed twitter trying to over come the issue by applying many techniques and should be better real soon. Thanks again for your visit
      MANICKAM VIJAYABANU recently posted…NASA’s Kepler Discovery-A New Planet Orbits Two StarsMy Profile

  9. i have observed that many bloggers start spaming twitter in hope that they can get a traffic. i don’t think that one should depend on twitter in terms of traffic. best way to get traffic is from google organic or fb or referral.
    Ritesh @ TechSpacia recently posted…Windows 8 Developer Preview (pre-beta release)My Profile

  10. Twitter should really do something to overcome these downtimes, It really sucks. It always shows that whale thing while I am trying to do something there. I mean I have never seen that issue with FB or any other SN or MBN.
    Jawed@make money online recently posted…The Most Effective Ways of Using Twitter!My Profile

  11. When you post too many tweets, twitter shows this page which indicates that website temporarily not able to accept your tweets. The massage appears for a few minutes, so visit another website or do something else and then after 15 minutes try to load twitter again. It returns to normal mode. I think this is a good idea to handle this error.
    web design la recently posted…Managing The Web Design Team-Gears And WaysMy Profile

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