Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites

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High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Every blogger wishes to build quality backlinks for their blog. Even I too want to do the same and I am following some strategies to build links. Recently I fetched a list of blog directories to submit your blog to get new visitors and improve backlinks. Here is another list which contains the list of top social bookmarking sites to improve the targeted traffic to your blog.  You might ask me about the basics of social bookmarking sites and so here are the details.

What is social bookmaking?

Social bookmarking has been developed to help the users of internet to consolidate their favourite links online rather than saving them to the computer. As the search engines consider these social bookmarks as backlinks, webmasters are using the top social bookmarking sites to bookmark their blog posts.

social bookmarking sites

What are the benefits of using social bookmarking sites?

Using social bookmarking sites by the webmasters has a lot of benefits and some of them are:-

  1. Improve search engine ranking.
  2. Drive targeted traffic.
  3. Faster index of blog posts by search engines.
  4. Expand online visibility.
  5. Network with other bloggers and to grow reputation.

Top 20 high PR social bookmarking sites to submit your blog posts

1. Stumbleupon   PR 6

Stumbleuopn is a popular social bookmarking website which allows you to share your blog in your network and it is the easiest way to get the new websites, images etc. across the web. It has consistent visitors and so it would be a reliable source of traffic for the bloggers.

2. Reddit  PR 8 

Reddit is one of the top social bookmarking sites where you could submit and share your bookmarks. To get high possible traffic, you need to share the links in the most relevant sub-reddit. It would be good if you involve in other discussions to avoid account interdict.

3. Digg PR 7

To dig up the news, views and reviews on the internet, you could use Digg and it is a safe environment to promote your posts. Voting system is being followed here and you could keep an eye on others of same interest. I would say it is a valiant community for tech, science and political related blogs.

4. Delicious  PR 8

Delicious is the leading social bookmarking service helps you to store, share and discover web bookmarks. Once you have bookmarked 5 links, a “Stack” could be build. If a stack gets published, it could be followed and shared by others. It has more than 12 categories and widely used by the bloggers. 

5. Pinterest PR 9

Pinterest is a visual social bookmarking site where you could share and collect images of your favourite links. Unlike other social bookmarking sites, it is entirely driven by visuals and each bookmark is called “Pin”. If other users share your image, it is called “Repin” and you could drive massive traffic with it. 

[Recommended reading: Pinterest – a great source of traffic]

6. Slashdot PR 7

Slashdot is the popular social news website where you could submit your stories. Editors evaluate the stories and they pick the best stories for the homepage. Links from science and technology blogs gets placed here.

7. Scoop.it  PR 7

Scoop.it is an excellent social bookmarking tool which has clean and well-organized interface. It allows you to “Scoop” your fascinated content and classify it into different topics. You could assign certain keywords to your topics and its functions are mostly similar to stumble upon. It let you to interact with other users through following and commenting.   

8. Newsvine PR 7 

Newsvine is a social news site where you could share your own articles and vote & comment on other articles. Its set up is like a newspaper and you could get involve with a variety of topics by using feed news. If you found an article more interesting, then you could “Seed” that article.

9. Folkd PR 6

It is a simple and nice social bookmarking website which allows you to save and share your fascinated website links. It would help you to drive genuine traffic and quality backlinks to your blog.

10. Fark PR 7

This social community site would allow you to submit and share your favourite news with other users. Administrators would assess the submitted news and they choose the links to appear on homepage.

11. Jumptags PR 7 

Jumptags offers an easiest and productive way of maintaining bookmarks for you. As it uses the Ajax technology, you could build an effective online catalog of your favourite webpages with it.

12. Dzone  PR 6

Dzone follows the voting system and it is exactly meant for website developers and programmers. Submitted stories need 5-15 votes to hit the homepage and you could drive traffic with it. This social bookmarking service has awesome tools and thousands of unique visitors daily. 

13. Bizsugar  PR 5

Bizsugar is a business social bookmarking site where it allows you to share the interesting blog posts. It is specially meant for small business and mid-sized companies and you could get the trendy business tips and news here. Voting system is being followed here and mostly voted posts would hit the homepage. 

14. Plurk PR 7

It is a good social network where you could upload images and content. It is a micro-blogging site like twitter where you could customize the profile. Many bloggers are using it as the links shared here will be indexed quickly by search engines.

15. Diigo  PR 7

Diigo is the finest social bookmarking website which allows you to bookmark and tag the webpages. It also acts as a search tool which has neat and clean interface. Here, you could drive targeted traffic by active participation. 

16. A1-webmarks  PR 4

It helps you to keep your web marks in an organized way to find the favourite sites easily. To spread your story and to get link love, A1-webmarks is the good option. It offers variety of features which offers free online bookmarks at one place.

17. Blogospherenews  PR 4

This social bookmarking site focussing the blogosphere and so it is specifically for bloggers to submit their blog posts. It runs on voting system and you could vote on submitted stories.

18. Blinklist  PR 6

Blinklist is an upright social bookmarking website built on Ajax technology which has some excellent features like its attractive button could be added to the browser toolbar which helps for quick bookmarking, and you could highlight some text. This is more suitable for beginners as it is easy to get started. 

19. BlogBookMark  PR 2

Blogbookmark is a modest social bookmarking site which contains various categories to submit your blog posts. Submitting the story is simple here and you could create groups to share their stories with others. It has a steady traffic, so join here to reap its benefits.

20. Buddymarks  PR 4 

It is an incredible place to store all your online bookmarks. Adding and sharing the bookmarks is easy with buddy marks and you could quickly find the pages with title or category.


Giant social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus would help the bloggers to drive traffic, but the top social bookmarking websites would help to improve the PageRank and do follow backlinks. Also, it acts as a great medium for the bloggers to promote their blog posts and connect with like-minded bloggers.

While bookmarking the posts, you need to need to tag them with good descriptions and relevant keyword. Based on the tags, the social bookmarking sites tend to categorise the submitted pages and so the search engines could classify the submitted links with their peers.

I hope the listed top social bookmarking sites are useful for you. What would you like to say about social bookmarking sites? Share your valuable insights about these Top Social Bookmarking Sites in comments.

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46 Responses to "Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites"

  1. Ravi Verma says:

    Wow !!! Such a great List here Atish. I have been using only a few of them. But here you have given a new work to do for me 😀 .

    thanks for this bookmarking list

  2. Hello Atish
    These social bookmarking sites are really useful to get high Quality backlinks.
    if we get high quality backlinks from these social bookmarking sites then we will get Google Page rank.

  3. Nirmala says:

    Great sources for bloggers Atish :)

    I know few social bookmarking sites like Pinterest, Bizsugar, Delicious and Stumbleupon and I have been active there.

    Will check the other bookmarking websites to get the benefits as you specified here.

    Thanks for sharing this list post and hope it would be a beneficial stuff for the bloggers.
    Nirmala recently posted…10 Top Posts Of Mymagicfundas 2013My Profile

  4. Sugandha says:

    Hi Bro,

    Thanks for sharing the valuable list of Top 20 Sites with High PR’s !!
    Indeed ! Great List for Every blogger !! .
    I was Unfamilar from Most of them as Facebook, twitter and G+ works well for me !
    Well, right now I have Bookmarked this post 😛 so that I can check out all list later after my Exams..
    Thanks Again !!

    Sugandha !!
    Sugandha recently posted…Top 10 Best Online Shopping SitesMy Profile

  5. Tharun says:

    Hi Atish Brother,
    You have done great job here. I am very much pleased with all these list of social bookmarking sites. Thanks for sharing. We surely love to take part on all these bookmarking sites. Thanks.
    Tharun recently posted…Karbonn Titanium S5+ (Plus) Specification, Price and ReviewMy Profile

  6. All 20 lists are valuable and inspiring for all unawared people. Your blog is always carries great catchlines and standfirsts for experts even. Keep rocking Atish bro…

  7. Thanks a lot for the list. I’ll use some of them. Scoop.it is my favourite
    kamran khan recently posted…15 Photoshop Like Free Online Photo Editing SitesMy Profile

  8. After the current update, importance on Social Bookmarking site has reduced.
    Abhirath Mahipal recently posted…Vision Without Glasses Review. Scam or Real ? View The E-book Before BuyingMy Profile

  9. Apart from stumbleupon , pinterest , Reddit , Scoop.it . Many of these are new for me . Thanks for this awesome list .

    Atish , Can we say that all these give us dofollow backlinks ?
    Haroon Ansar recently posted…Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery v2.4 Free Download With License Key For FreeMy Profile

    • No, All doesn’t give dofollow link. You can install a nofollow checker extension in your browser and check which are giving dofollow and which are nofollow. Thanks for stopping by Haroon

  10. The public version of jumptags has closed so it wont provide backlinks or traffic to submitters.
    Allshare.in recently posted…Most accurate horoscope for 2014My Profile

  11. Rabbi says:

    Thanks for this post
    I really love this site and we want more and more post for newbie like me.
    Rabbi recently posted…wordpress seo for newbie’s websiteMy Profile

  12. Hi Atish,

    You should add Kingged.com to the list, its PR 5, and free. The moderators are very friendly, and their platform is gong to expand in coming months :)

    Piyush Mathur recently posted…Power UP Your Social Media Interaction with Million Social HelpMy Profile

  13. John says:

    My God! Now days I am noticing that TTW is becoming a complete resource. So many list posts and still counting. Great goings guys. Keep it up. These bookmarking sites must be very useful for Site owners.

  14. Ashish says:

    Nice collection thanks lot. I have one query that Social Bookmarking site yet have value for SEO

  15. Great resource Atish. Bookmarking the web urls is the best way to make them available publicly. I love to read this kind of resource. Keep sharing such posts.

  16. Zeeshan says:

    Hi Atish,
    You Have Done a Great Job. Above List Will Really Help To Get Quality Backlinks and to Drive Targeted Traffic. It Will Also Helps to Improve Page Rank :)
    Zeeshan recently posted…SEO Myths, Misnomers, and Mistakes Part 1My Profile

  17. Aalia Babe says:

    Hello Atish,
    You have share high PR Social Bookmarking sites that improve our search engine ranking status and Page Rank. I use StumbleUpon, Delicious, Diigo, Reddit, Pinterest but Now you expand my social booking sites.

  18. Sadek says:

    Digg died, and submitting articles there is just waste of time.
    Better you remove digg from your list.
    Sadek recently posted…Top Ten Devastating Computer VirusesMy Profile

  19. Hi Atish, Your have great potential to write such a celebrated post on SB. I believe every new website can get better result using above Social Bookmarking. Your effort seems in your post, keep going. Thank you mate!

  20. Swapnil says:

    Hello Atish,
    Thanks for this informative article I was Unfamilar from Most of them.
    Stumbleupon and Reddit are awesome.
    Swapnil recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro TabletMy Profile

  21. Sunita Sharma says:

    Hello Atish Great Article this is Here
    i used only 5 or 6 out of these.. now to work more to get more traffic from these Bookmarking Sites.. :)

  22. Stephan says:

    Very nice article Atish,
    I think those PR Social Bookmarking sites can help bloggers to increase their Page rank and their follow also. Now i’m using Reddit, Pinterest but i can’t wait to try all of this list.
    thanks for your sharing.


  23. Esha Gupta says:

    Hello Atish,

    Great list out of 20 i only used 11 and 9 are really new for me . All site are great for increase traffic and some of them are very use full to spared our link and business. Thanks for sharing.

  24. The submitting of my article to all of them will definately increase my traffic and ranking too.Thanks for posting the same…Loved Pinterest and Technorati
    Kedar Lasane recently posted…Unforgettable Five Trends From CES’14My Profile

  25. This is a useful list any blogger who is not using more than 101% of them is on a long thing 😀
    This is one of the secret of getting referral traffic to one site.
    Thanks for sharing.

  26. Hello Atish,

    All the sites are good for better result and some of this are very new for me . I think Stumbleupon is the king of social bookmarking site and is very use full traffic and spread links.

  27. Great list all of them are deserved to be here and they are beneficial in traffic and businesses also . Thanks for Sharing such a great list.

  28. Thanks Atish, what a huge list! I never seem to have any joy with these bookmarking sites so hopefully i will give this list ago and do better :)

  29. Dk Patel says:

    Hi Atish,
    Social bookmarking is a great way to get traffic for their blog or website and in this era it is also necessary to choose right platform since there is thousand of site like that is out there.
    You can also mention some great services like :- kingged.com,bloggengage,dosplash and all that.
    BTW that’s a great list.

  30. Qasim says:

    Hi Atish,

    I do agree with you on the importance of social bookmarking sites, It’s important for your website SEO. In terms of traffic it’s a little but harder to get traffic from unless your posts submission becomes popular and then you will get traffic that your hosting is not ready for.

    I experienced this with Stumbleupon and I was able to generate a 45K views to a single post, this is more than what I got for all other posts that I stumbled.

    Thank you so much for sharing this list, StumleUpon, Pintetest, Scoopit and Reddit are the top ones that are must use.

  31. rahul says:

    Thanks for sharing these high page ranking websites. Hope I will create some quality backlinks.

  32. Great job Atish, I personally check all the sites indicated above. All sites are useful and your all information are right. Add more in this list, I think we all waiting for this…..

  33. Great post, I’m already using all mentioned social bookmarking sites, really wonderful sites for getting better result in Google search result and also generate more traffic to website. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  34. The 20 bookmarking websites that you have listed are just amazing and one can get quality backlinks for there website. I have question regarding those bookmarking website which expires very soon, although there page rank is high like 3,4,5 or even 6. Should we do bookmarking on those website or it will have negative impact on our website.

  35. Hi Atish,
    Social Boomarking and Social Sharing helps in increasing search engine ranking of your articles and blog. Already using few of social bookmarking sites and going to join the others as well.
    Aqib Shahzad recently posted…Top Best 5 Free Calling Android AppsMy Profile

  36. VijayRaj says:

    The positive effects of social bookmarking for publishers of news sites, blogs, and other web sites is outstanding. Social bookmarking can introduce sites to others with relevant tastes, drive traffic to your site, and valuable backlinks.

  37. amarthakur says:

    all social bookmarking sites are the best ones
    thanks for sharing :)

  38. Paul says:

    Thanks for the list, i love pinterest! if you have lots of cool images on your site i highly recommend it!

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