Top 10 Worst Spam Countries

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Spam is the current buzz mishap that happens to every Email account in the present times. What is a spam? A spam is basically a junk mail wherein a single message is annoyingly transmitted to several recipients. If by mistake you tend to click on these spams, you have just invited some malware into your PC. Some spam can also cause a virus to enter your PC. Your Email is basically spammed by advertisers or the get rich scheming people. The person sending in the spam mail hardly pays a penny while you as a recipient would end up paying a huge sum of money.

Spam travels from across continents spreading their messages in bulk. Of the countries that spam continuously there are a few that are ranked as heavy spammers.


Top Spamming Countries:- 

1. The United States

The highest number of spams is located from this country. The spam total at present is somewhere close to 3154.

2. China

Right from population to spamming, China has topped the charts in all. With a total of 1294 spam issues in the country, China ranks second in the list of spammers. The count is less than 50% of US. China still has a long way to go.

3. Russian Federation

A country known for the spamming gangs, it ranks third in the chart. A record of 1024 spams has been obtained from this country. The most famous spammers from this country include Peter Severa, Leo Kuvayev etc.

4. United Kingdom

It is because of the inputs obtained from Scotland, England, Wales and Great Britain, that UK has been ranked among the top spammers of the world. A total of 587 live spams have been recorded in this country.

5. Ukraine

It is a slight wonder that this country has fallen in this category. But the numbers 476 live spams is high enough for this country to fall in this category.

6. Japan

A country best known for its technology, it is not very surprising that it is under the banner of top spammers. A total of 463 live spams have been recorded from this country.

7. Brazil

Coffee and Brazil are almost synonymous. With the count of live spams reaching 393, very soon spamming and Brazil would also become synonymous.

8. France

A country known to be the fashion capital of the world, France has recorded close to 389 live spams.

9. India

A country rich in population, India ranks 9th in terms of spamming! A count of 361 live spams is recorded here.  

10. Netherlands

The tenth in the list Netherlands has recorded close to 328 spams

There are ways to prevent your Emails from getting spammed. Stop sharing your Email ID on unknown public forums and websites. You could even try to avoid the use of certain software. There is a report spam button on every mail. Feel free to use it and report the mail as a spam. You could even try and use the spam blocking tools.

Don’t get irritated with the spams just use your energy in preventing it. 

[Data: Spamhaus]

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15 Responses to "Top 10 Worst Spam Countries"

  1. Emailtor says:

    Nice list Atish and we can confirm by our email verification service lately with the influx of new clients trying to remove spam addresses from their email lists. Nice write up and we’re sharing this article with our users.
    Emailtor recently posted…Email Verifier By EmailtorMy Profile

  2. Hi Atish,

    Thanks for the information. I was thinking that India will be no. 1 in spamming as we got many errors like “Registration is not opened for spammers.” Its good that we are not at number 1. :-p

  3. Very nice post bro, Everybody hates spam emails to avoid it we have to use our email ID carefully.

  4. Very nice and informative post abut spamming. Most of the world suffers from the spam problem. and I agree, the fines are pointless if they don’t get paid and the perps skip the country.

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Priya Sharma says:

    As we know about the spamming and firstly i must say whenever if you doing Email Marketing then you should know that you are doing which country that is most important thing for email marketing and if we will target these countries then sure we will get positive response …

    Thanks for sharing

  6. vicky says:

    I had thought India would be at the second or third place. Interesting post. I am also thinking of using spam blocking tools, they get so irritating.
    vicky recently posted…Samsung Rex 90 Price And SpecificationsMy Profile

  7. Jgar says:

    no doubt with money comes the spammers… US traffic is highest paid so is the spammer… i am not sure why china is number two.. it should be one of the European country…

  8. Mohammed Abdullah Khan says:

    I never thought INDIA will be added into spamming list. However I must agree that Indian people are getting more knowledge about internet and getting rich online, so may be they are trying to spam.

    Every day I receive almost 50 spam emails :/ (man I hate it)
    Mohammed Abdullah Khan recently posted…Top 5 Web Development Tools for Advanced WebmastersMy Profile

  9. Wilma says:

    I still don’t know from where the spammers got my email address… My yahoo mail is full of spam mails from US or European countries, but my gmail is relatively clean.

  10. shivam says:

    It seems that whether its the data about something good or bad, India is always there……….!!

  11. Gautam says:

    awesome Post On Spamming and It’s Bad To See India Here :(
    Gautam recently posted…Top 5 Free Best Antivirus For AndroidMy Profile

  12. Hey India is also here, so sad to know that India also spams here. Anyway nice post.

  13. I’m surprised there aren’t much third world countries in the list considering that a lot of people pay them to spam for cheap labor. I may be wrong though

  14. Feeling good to see India at the 9th position (and not in #1). I do not exactly understand why people spam. I hardly open any of the spam mails and I trash them without even checking.
    Sanjib Saha recently posted…5 Things to Keep in Mind While Building Your SLAMy Profile

  15. Andrew says:

    hi atish really say you done good job, informative post but India is also here, so sad to know that India also spams here.

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